Wedding bells are ringing! :) Part two!

Ok so I have tried to write this blog three times and I just can't seem to get all my thoughts on to this page exactly how they are in my head. You see I loved my wedding day, it was perfect and I would like to think that everyone comes away from their big day feeling the same way. Yes they aren't without their stresses, but I promise you, you will get through those worries and on the day you won't even think about them, because the only thing that will truly matter will be marrying the man/woman that you love, surrounded by all your friends and family. 
I wasn't the type who dreamed about her special day since childhood or someone who wanted a huge extravagant wedding, I just wanted things that I liked, a theme that fit and both me and my then fiancé agreed on and for it to be colourful. So with all that being said here are a few of my little tips:
* Don't focus so much on one theme if you love lots of different things!
We all probably have a Pinterest dream wedding board and we know how amazing and creative the weddings you find on there can be, but don't worry if you don't know how you could ever make one of those happen and don't start getting stressed if you can't decide between themes or what you like best or if one thing doesn't fit etc. I had a 50's theme in my head and while some of the ones I looked up were amazing, think Juke boxes, checkered floors, soda fountains and what not, I knew I wasn't going to be able to do everything I saw in the pictures, plus the Classic Car I would have had for awesome 50's pictures, was at home in England...oh well! I literally just chose things that to me were inspired by my love of diners, for example, we had old fashioned cake stands with cupcakes on instead of a usual cupcake tier. I had some tin signs dotted about, along with balloons, and my dress was a shorter than your regular/typical wedding dress. In actual fact writing that down, that's not an awful lot to make it sound 50's but you know what? with those tin signs and cake stands, it still felt like it to me. The colours were random because I love yellow and to be fair, I let my husband pick a colour and he chose blue, but they were bright and colourful and made us happy. Furthermore, a few days before the wedding I realized it was Easter the day after and I love Easter time and I LOVE mini eggs, so Mum bought some from home and I got two soda cups that I had been thinking of using for decoration and Lucy made a Mr and Mrs sign, we filled the soda cups with the mini eggs and strung the sign between the cups for the middle of our table. It was slightly 50's and I got to have mini eggs on the spur of the moment! :p The table names and pictures were all DisneyWorld or Harry Potter places because we were going to Disney and Universal on honeymoon. So you see not exactly one theme to our wedding but I loved it, not everything had to match or fit one idea, at the end of the day the things they all fit most was us! :)
* Go with your instincts!
I planned a lot of my wedding from 4000 miles away in England, so I didn't get to see the venue or meet people until a month before my wedding day. So, when planning I just went with my initial instincts and how I felt towards something right away. There were a few places that I emailed a once or twice then changed my mind, there were a few that never got back to me, but ultimately I went with my gut and didn't try to waste time fretting. I sorted flowers out with one phone call. I told them what I liked and they came up with something sweet. My bouquet was actually nicer than what we discussed on the phone, as originally they talked about a white flower that I agreed to, but then wasn't so sure about, then on the day something must have changed as the white they went with turned in to Daisies, so in the end it worked out perfectly. I also went with my gut with my photographer and dress. I hit the jackpot with our photographer and do you know what made me choose her and made me know I wanted her? The picture on her biography page of her website!! :p she's since updated it and changed the pictures but they are still just as gorgeous, and yes she is as lovely and as down to earth as she looks! I loved her. My wedding album is my favourite, I can look at it over and over. She took awesome shots, some I asked for, some I didn't, but all amazing that I am so grateful for. She captured the day perfectly, stayed till the very end and I would recommend her to EVERYONE!! Now for my dress. I got my dress back home and it comes with a funny story, as when I say to people "My mum chose my wedding dress" they look at me like I must be crazy, but the thing is, she really did. Me and my mum are very similar and she knows me extremely well (obviously) and both times I went to the wedding shop I kept trying on dresses that in my head were what you were supposed to try on when you are getting married, the long, flowing at the bottom, tight top ones that I thought would make me look more sophisticated and look older. Well after not having much look with them, my mum pulls out a short dress, that just so happened to look more 50's, and said I should try it, at first I didn't want to but as soon as I did I knew it was the one for me. It felt more like me.. I still worried slightly that it didn't make me look older but my instincts, and Mum's, were right and I love it and felt perfect in it on the day. 
* Don't sweat the small stuff!
It will all work out on the day trust me and if things don't go perfectly trust me that you won't think about them. It will be a waste of energy to worry about things on your actual day, you just have to go with the flow. Case in point, I ordered Cupcakes from Georgetown cupcakes (DC Cupcakes for anyone who watches the show) they arrived the day before the wedding, I didn't see them as I had the best lady organizing everything, she made my tables perfect and look amazing, but I laugh looking back now as all the cupcakes had little white sticks in them that at first I thought looked cute, like a little straw, it wasn't until later that I realized they were there to protect the cupcakes from getting squished in travel. All the pictures of the tables or the cupcakes have them in but it doesn't bother me that they were probably supposed to be taken out. I even have a canvas of them in my diner. No biggie, it added an extra cute touch. We also had a few hiccups with the music, it stopped working every so often and wasn't as smooth as I would have liked as far as one song after another, but I got to dance to The Overtones and One Direction and that was all that mattered to me! My make up also wasn't really what I wanted and that was one of the only things I was a little disappointed in, but again I didn't let it get me down. I wanted a little bit more to make me feel a bit older as I felt, and still feel, in my pictures I look too young but the ladies weren't as over friendly or chatty as I would have liked so my make up was on the light and minimal side. Alas looking back, I am who I am and I still looked like me. Most important, in the pictures I am smiling and happy so what more could you want?
They are pretty much my biggest tips, I hope they help if you are currently planning a wedding. They probably all link and are very similar but I think it's just because my overall piece of advice is just be you, make it you and enjoy it and be happy. I love looking at my pictures, so again a big thank you to the gorgeous Ashley Glasco The feel of the day and the look was bright and cheerful and in the end we may have had a few different themes but they were all us and that's what your wedding day is all about! You and him/her! :)

Happy Planning/Happy wedding day! :)


  1. As someone who used to bake for a living, and yes that did include making cupcakes for weddings, I was surprised to read there was sticks in them. While I understand it would help prevent damage, if they packaged it properly, it would budge or get hit, especially considering even when removed, it damages the look.

    However, the wedding looked absolutely beautiful! Must have been stressful organizing it mile from home.

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. I hadn't thought about Angie! Maybe it was because of the distance they were travelling, I'm not sure!?
    Thank you for the kind words, it was a little stressful but I loved the way it turned out so can't complain! :)
    Happy Sunday!