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This past week I was able to get a little caught up on reading some of my favourite blogs and introducing them to Kelly too. We came across a blog called Underland to Wonderland a few months back and immediately loved Danielle, as she is a fellow Disnerd like us and always has fun things to read.
You can check her blog out and where we got this lovely Travel Tag from here: Thank you Danielle! :)

1. What was the last country you visited?

Lucy: That would be England last Christmas. :) I was there for two weeks and it was the best. It still feels strange saying that I visited England as I still consider it home.

Kelly: Same for me! I was lucky enough to go home for 6 weeks before Christmas, it was so nice being there for that long as I got to see loads of family and friends and spent practically everyday with my Nanna and Grandad too! :)

2. How many countries have you visited?

Lucy: I think 6! Italy, France, America, Portugal, Scotland and Wales. We have been lucky enough to visit many States in America though too! :)

Kelly: 6 countries but we've visited most of those more than once. We've been lucky enough to have been to Portugal twice as that was a family holiday we liked growing up, and then Italy on 3 separate occasions to visit family!  
3. What is your favourite place on the planet, that you have been to?

Lucy: This is a tricky one for me to just pick one place, as of course, I adore Italy. Praiano is probably one of my ultimate favourite places in this world. It is simply beautiful and just perfect, in addition to being home to many members of my family. However, St Pete beach has become a most treasured place in my heart and when I dream about the Loews Hotel and my wedding day, it makes my heart flutter and I look forward to when my husband and I will next visit. :)
Kelly: I would definitely have to say Italy because of our family ties as well as it being beautiful and home to the best food in the world. I do really want to visit there again soon, as we were quite young on our previous visits so I feel there is so much more I have yet to do, see and appreciate. I do have to say also that I really enjoyed my 8 months in Florida, can't go wrong with being 15 minutes away from Disney World.
4. Favourite place in your home country?

Lucy: My house and my Nanna and Grandad's house. Even though I know technically that's not what this question means... :p there's no place I'd rather be when I go home than Heaton Mersey! :)

Kelly: I would have to agree with Luc on this. England is a great place with lots to do and see but there is no place I love more than being at Nanna and Grandads house. It's cozy, comforting and there is always the best food in the kitchen! :) Oh and the Harry Potter studio tour in London would probably be up there too...if you live in England and haven't been there yet, what are you waiting for??
5. If you could board a plane now, where would you go?

Lucy: You probably know what's coming... are you bored yet? :p Of course and with no shadow of a doubt, if I could get on a plane now I would go home! :p

Kelly: DITTO!! There's no place like home!! :)

6. What's your cup of tea - Tropical island getaway, snowy ski break, or city exploring trips?

Lucy: Ooh, I think it depends. I love exploring places and experiencing different cultures and cities but after our wedding and spending a few days in St Pete and then again for our anniversary, I do enjoy relaxing and reading books on the beach or by the pool. I like this too because I get to see my husband relax and not worry about work. :) I admit sometimes I get a little restless sitting by a pool for too many hours, but then I also have lazy moments when it comes to wandering around for too long! :p However, I would love to go to New York again with my husband, as the two days we spent there two Christmas's ago, were perfect for exploring the city and it was just magical. And meeting Zachary Levi sure did add the magic too, if you were wondering! :p So yay for exploring cities.
Kelly: Hmm this is a hard one, I like sunshine but if I'm honest after my time spent in Florida I realized I'm not a beach person...think Miranda Hart explaining what it's like. I don't like getting too hot and sweaty or getting sand everywhere and I'm not really keen on swimming in the ocean either, sharks and thank you. I love exploring but if I'm completely honest I think my perfect holiday would be a food related holiday, going somewhere to just try the food. I would also love to experience a snowy break, not necessarily to ski but more so to sit in a log cabin (I LOVE log cabins) by a roaring fire with a cup of coffee and a book or Harry Potter on a big TV! :)
7. What are your top 3 hand luggage must-haves?

Lucy: First and foremost my most precious possession, Nobby, oh yes, he has to travel in my hand luggage because then he can be with me at all times and I don't have to worry about losing my luggage. If I'm staying over night anywhere he always comes with me...much to my husbands delight! :p Hmm, then I would say a book, if I'm travelling I like to read and then I would say lip balm/hand cream! That's 4 but they are my check my bag over and over for.

Kelly: Surprise, surprise I have the same answer, Mandy (my teddy) has to go in my hand luggage, no getting lost or going under the plane for her. Must have a book of course and definitely need my blistease (Blistex) or a lip balm.

8. Any travel tips to share?

Lucy: Hmm Kelly is way more organized than me. I feel I have become a little more last minute with everything these days as I am used to travelling a lot. When it comes to going back home to the UK, I procrastinate so much because I know if I forget anything I have clothes and a bedroom full of stuff there! So I'm not certain I am best to give tips.  :p In saying that, I would say knowing where important travel documents and passports are, are key! :p Ooh and bring little snacks with you so you don't have to spend money in the airport, as airports can get very expensive.

Kelly: My husband taught me this and it worked for when I went on Route 66, I didn't want to take a huge suitcase because I wanted to take my bags on as hand luggage, but I had two weeks to pack for, so I rolled all my clothes instead of folding them and I fit more stuff in!

9. Most embarrassing moment abroad.

Lucy: I've probably, most definitely had embarrassing moments abroad but non that really jump out at me. Hmmm, I will have to think on that one.

Kelly: Same here, I can't actually think of one right now...but now I'm going to have one pop into my head at some random time of day!

10. Biggest disappointment.

Lucy: I remember when we went to Portugal for the second time when we were younger, we went to find our Villa and pulled up to a house that was dark and had construction all around it. Inside all the curtains were closed and everything was dirty and damp. Now my parents are really good with stuff like this, they are amazing people and don't like to get mad or be rude to people, but I can remember them trying to get switched to a new place and I think we got taken to another one that was the same until we got to a nice place. My Mum and Dad were being so patient and calm but I could tell with four small kids in tow they were tired and really disappointed with it all.

Kelly: That was so long ago but now Luc mentions it, I remember that too. Other than that we've been very lucky with places we've been to! Ooh actually when we were on Route 66, we stayed in the famous Wigwam motel in Arizona, where you sleep in a room that is built like a wigwam. Well driving through the town and on initial arrival to the motel, myself, my sisters and our Dad were like "ok this is very different to what we were expecting" there was nothing to do in the town and the Wigwams looked very old and a little scary at first. So initially we were a little disappointed but in the end it was a fun experience!

 11. Nicest surprise.

Lucy: I'd have to say that everything about the Loews Don Cesar in St Pete surprised me and I fell in love with the place. Chris and I had no idea of the grandeur of the place when we were planning our wedding and then once we visited it took our breaths away. One of the reasons I adore the place too, is that for all it's grandness and regal presence, everyone that works there is wonderful and down to earth and I never feel out of place when I go. It still has such an element of homely and cozy. :) The last time Chris and I went for our 1 year wedding anniversary, they even surprised us with chocolate covered strawberries and Champagne. :)

Kelly: Both times my husband and I have been to Disney hotels, we have been surprised by the utter scale and detail of them. We had seen pictures and Disney videos online, but actually being there in person is something else. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside for our honeymoon and The Animal Kingdom lodge for our one year anniversary and both places were amazing. It's quite something to wake up at three in the morning to nip to the bathroom and seeing three giraffes out of your hotel window. Definitely a place I would recommend!

12. Three places at the top of the travel bucket list.

Lucy: I really want to visit San Francisco with my husband, so we can visit the Beat Museum, I've been wanting to go for the longest time to see the original script of Jack Kerouac's On The Road. Another place I've always liked the idea of visiting is New Orleans, it looks so pretty and rather fascinating. Then I would have to say everywhere in Italy! :)

Kelly: I would love to travel all around Italy so that's my top one. We've only ever visited the smaller towns but have never been to Rome or Milan so that would be fun to tick off the list. I also like the idea of Colorado, every time I see a picture of the ski resorts at night with the snow and twinkly lights it makes me smile. For my last one I'm going to say San Diego for a Nerd HQ...its a must for me and my sisters! 

13. Favourite food discovery. 

Lucy: So I LOVE everything and anything you can get from Italy, Italian food is my absolute favourite but if we are talking about a discovery I'm going to go with trying Churros for the first time when we were little and went to Florida! :) They are the best things ever!

Kelly: Ooh tricky, it's hard to remember all the food we've eaten over the years, I mean we've been to Italy three times!! With that being said I am going to pick something we ate years ago when we visited our Auntie Guiseppina in Padova Italy, she made artichoke risotto and it was delicious. We still remember it to this day and are yet to try making it ourselves ,but it was so good!! I'm also going to mention here, discovering the lemon trees in Italy...Sorrento lemons are HUGE!!

14. Why do you travel?

Lucy: I have to admit that as I have gotten older I have become more of a homebody. I do love the idea of travelling and seeing the world but when it actually comes down to it I love being curled up with my family. In saying that though, I know I am incredibly fortunate to have been to all the places I have been already and for that I am very grateful. When I do travel though and the reason I do enjoy it, is because of the sense of adventure and learning and experiencing new places.

Kelly: Right now, we travel to visit home but I do enjoy traveling to experience new places, see the world and also to spend quality time with the people we travel with. It's fun to share new experiences with friends and family!


15. What 3 things would you take on holiday/going travelling if you could?

Lucy: Hmm, not really sure about this one. I guess I would say that I would very much love to take my Nanna and Grandad to the likes of New York so my Nanna could see her sister and see where she has lived for the past how many years, as my Nanna has never been to America. But alas, they are older now and can't fly. I wish I could take my Grandad to Italy again too but I know he's a little too old for that now. Without getting too emotional, that would have to be my answer. I don't have pets and there's nothing material that I feel I need or can't travel without...expect Nobby! :p

Kelly: Aww to Luc's answer. I get that too, I would love to be able to show Nanna and Grandad where we live here and what we get up to. Other than that I don't think there's anything else I would need that I couldn't already take!

16. Have you picked up any phrases from travelling?

Lucy: I can't think of any off the top of my head, though I try and pick up little bits when we go to Italy and I try and talk to my family and use what I know, even if it's just "Ciao, Come' Stai?" :)

Kelly: Not really. We've always had our mum and grandad in Italy for when we don't understand our relatives. I am hoping that after doing Rosetta Stone, I can pick up more things and speak for myself next time we go back though!

 17. What two places would you not go back to and why?

Lucy: I really don't want to be mean about a place, as everyone will have a different experience to someone else, but we went to Paris a few years back and I can't say that I have any desire to go back. I wasn't really keen on the place at all.

Kelly: Like Luc said, each to their own. I don't wish to be mean about a place someone else loves but Las Vegas and New Mexico weren't really my cup of tea!

18. Your dream travel companion.

Lucy: My husband!! :) I love going on adventures with him. I also love visiting places with my Dad and sisters, and Mum and brother too when they come along. :) All of whom have different personalities that definitely make travelling with an experience! :p

Kelly: My family are my favourite travel companions and I wouldn't really want to go anywhere without them. Like if I say a dream someone, where would we be going and how long would the trip be?? I  mean I have lots of "famous" people I love who I would love to sit and talk to for a long time, but actually going on a whole trip with them, I'm not sure. Saying that if Chris Evans, Rupert Grint or Zachary Levi fancy a road trip, I'm on board!

19. Most surreal travel moment.

Lucy: For this I will send you (again, how many times will I link this post :p) to a previous post... New York, Broadway, The Rockefeller Tree at Christmas time and Zachary Levi...need I say more??! :p

Kelly: ^^^^^^^Rub it in why don't you...WE GET IT, HE IS AWESOME...YOU ARE WELCOME!!!! :)
20. Three people you would like to see do this tag - (#tmitraveltag responses on twitter)

Our lovely friends Angie from Chocolate and Lipstick and Meg from She puts her makeup on and YOU! :)
Hope you all have a wonderful week! :)
Lucy and Kelly xx


  1. Oh I loved reading this! Its always so interesting to hear about peoples adventures.
    And thank you so much for such kind words about me.

    Yay for itallian food!


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  3. 1. What was the last country you visited?
    Last country I visited was America. Had such a fantastic time for Wrestlemania. Started off in San Francisco for 5 days, moved over to San Jose for all the Mania stuff, onto Vegas for a couple of days then back to San Fran for a day <3

    2. How many countries have you visited?
    7 not including airport changeovers. Scotland, Wales, France, Holland, Kuwait and America.

    3. What is your favourite place on the planet, that you have been to?
    New Orleans, I have only visited once which was for Wrestlemania 30 but what an incredible experience, you know when you just go somewhere and everything just feels right. The nightlife was wonderful, not like the mass of generic nightclubs in England, the whole place had this really chilled out vibe even when going out at night but at the same time had a very upbeat positiveness about it. There's a really strong sense of community about the place. A day or 2 there is enough to see why it has the nickname 'The Big Easy'. I would move there tommorow if I could.

    4. Favourite place in your home country?
    I would have to say Newquay. Again there's a real community feel to it and I love how peaceful it is there. Although I'm not one for sitting on the beach all day it's still lovely to walk along the many beaches there and just watch/listen to the sea. Big fan of seafood too :) Went about 5 Summers in a row but havn't been for a couple of years so must rectify that soon.

    5. If you could board a plane now, where would you go?
    New Orleans, have thought about the place every single day since I left and as weird as it may sound sometimes I feel like the universe is telling me that's where I'm supposed to be. Feel so drawn to it.

    6. What's your cup of tea - Tropical island getaway, snowy ski break, or city exploring trips?
    If I had to pick one right now city exploring trip, I just love to see different cultures and all the random things they may have there. Definitely one for walking around a city rather than taxiing. San Fran was great, some really nice spots to just sit and think about life or think about nothing at all :) Took a very long walk down to the house from the Mrs Doubtfire film while I was there :)

    7. What are your top 3 hand luggage must-haves?
    I think the only things I really put in my hand luggage are a book and my kindle with some stuff to watch downloaded on. Although I always end up not using either. Only started really doing long distance flights the last year and a half or so thus am still fascinated with the tv's on the back of seats so I can watch all those films I never got round to.

    8. Any travel tips to share?
    Maybe a bit of an obvious one but finding a good place where you're staying to hide money, never take it all out with you in case of pickpockets. Walk as much as you can so you're not flying past in a bus or taxi and missing stuff. Try not to eat at too many places that you have back home, try something new.

    9. Most embarrassing moment abroad.
    Probably a night out in Malta, I don't drink often but it was late at night I was very drunk and my friends had disappeared into a club. I knew I had to leave before passing out so hopped in a cab and realised not too far away from our apartment I'd given one of my friends my wallet to look after (oooops). I also didn't have a key with me.

    10. Biggest disappointment.
    San Jose I thought wasn't a fun city at all, just didn't seem to have any character to it. I enjoyed the few days there as we had a billion wrestling things lined up to do there but the city itself is somewhere I likely won't go again.

  4. 11. Nicest surprise.
    I think how friendly New Orleans was, granted there were wrestling fans from all over the world there but the friendliness of Americans really blew me away. They sure do like our accents over there ;)
    12. Three places at the top of the travel bucket list.
    Oooooh tough, hmmmmm
    1. Nashville - I'm a huge music fan and it's just such a musical city.
    2. New York - I've always wanted go to travelling in America but I think NY would be a separate trip due to the size of it and I would want to do literally everything, shows, museums, sports all of it :)
    3.Vancouver - I have friends moving there soon (free accomodation YAY) and the way they describe it sounds amazing, very hippyish and relaxed vibe which is a huge love of mine when I go somewhere new.

    13. Favourite food discovery.
    I would say Gumbo. You know when you've had a big lunch for example and can't manage something huge but a good Gumbo is just right :).Gutted I didn't get round to trying Crawfish but next time for sure, if it's around at whatever time of year I go back

    14. Why do you travel?
    I have to say the only time I feel really settled ironically is when I'm travelling now, there's a whole world out there I want to see and it bothers me sitting in an office for so long doing a job I don't think I'll be doing in say 5 years. Havn't felt right at all since I came back from America and want nothing more than to be off on my next trip. When I'm not travelling or don't have a trip to look forward to I feel kinda trapped.

    15. What 3 things would you take on holiday/going travelling if you could?
    My closest friends, it's them/my 4 young Nieces I'd miss most if gone for an extended period. My wardrobe would be great, I despise packing with a passion and always leave it till the last second. I've never not still been packing on the day I go :p Nando's as well ha.

    16. Have you picked up any phrases from travelling?
    'Who Dat?' from New Orleans I like, don't really know what it means but I keep saying it haha. I've learnt a few Maltese phrases as I loved my holiday there and one of my closest friends is from there. Love the language, mixture of Italian, English and Arabic. Kif inti for how are you, or just Bongu for good morning I like.

    17. What two places would you not go back to and why?
    San Jose, as mentioned above somewhere I just didn't think there was really anything going on there. Can't really think of anywhere else I wouldn't really wanna go back to. Guess I've been quite lucky

    18. Your dream travel companion.
    Any of my closest friends really, although I could be happy in alot of places by myself as well I think. Celebrity wise (not including you two of course as that'd be obvious right) I would go for Emily Kinney (Played Beth on the Walking Dead), seems like a super cool chick to go do some travelling with. She's a wonderful musician too.

    19. Most surreal travel moment.
    Honestly I think it was just walking around New Orleans on the first day. Had wanted to go to America my whole life so to finally be there and in New Orleans of all places, what a place to start ey? Just happened to bump into Jimmy Hart on our first little wander too :)

    1. LOVED reading your answers Craig, you've definitely bumped New Orleans to the top of my list. It sounds incredible. Vancouver too. My husband really enjoyed Canada when he went so I really want to visit. :) You will most definitely love Nashville if you're a big music fan and New York is simply magical, if you go at Christmas, it's extra pretty too. I'm glad you had such an awesome time on your America trip and at WrestleMania and I hope it's not too long till you get to travel again! :)

      Again thank you for reading and joining in! :) xxx

    2. Yeah New York at Christmas time is a must at some point, I do get a good Christmas break at my current job. Envious that you have gotten to experience that :) xxx