Our top 5 Disney Movies!! :)

After curling up last Friday night and watching 'Wreck it Ralph' and forgetting how utterly adorable and awesome the movie is, Kelly and I thought it would be fun to do a Disney post together. As you may know from previous guest posts, Kelly and her husband are huge Disney fans and while I may not have honeymooned at Disney or frequented the parks as often as them, I do love it too and always enjoy seeing pictures and hearing Kelly's stories about all things Disney. So today we wanted to share with you our Top 5 Disney movies. We are going to start by doing separate lists...as we like being individual...though I know we might as well just write one as I already know our top 2 will be the same! :p But never mind, we will just see what happens...we may surprise each other. :p

Kelly's Top 5!!

Five: Pirates of the Caribbean (Curse of the Black Pearl)...I have to say this one as I can remember as clear as day the first time we watched it. Me and Lucy were sat in Lucy's bedroom, at home in England, having our usual twin chat and our family was downstairs getting ready to watch it, they kept shouting up "Girls come and watch this movie with us" but we were both like "we're not in the mood" Really we were not interested because we were scared of the skeletons on the DVD cover. :p Well we finally relented and went down to watch it and of course we were so happy we did. It was hilarious and started our love affair with Johnny Depp which lasted quite some time and saw us collecting and watching the majority of his movies in a short space of time. He's still one of our favourites now!

Four: Man of the house...I haven't seen this movie in years but it has to go down as one of my favourites, as we loved it growing up. We were huge fans of Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Anyone else's first crush?) as we watched Home Improvement as a family every week. I even remember the first time we went to New York, when we were about 9/10, making our cousin rent it from the movie store because we were so excited we actually found it there. I still need to get the DVD for my movie collection!!!

Three: The Santa Clause...Do I need to explain why?? Christmas, Tim Allen (again love Home Improvement) Santa Clause, Hot chocolate, Snow, Christmas, Elves, Lights, did I say Christmas? :p It's my favourite time of year and it wouldn't be the same without watching this movie.

Two: Beauty and the Beast...My all time favourite Disney Classic, I just adore it. The songs, the story and the fact that Belle loves books and is such a sweet person! It made me smile every time I walked through the Beauty and the Beast area at Disneyworld, when we lived in Florida, especially when I heard kids singing the songs too. Can't wait to watch it with my future kids!! That's what I love so much about Disney, they are just classic movies that are timeless.

One: Tangled...My absolute favourite for a number of reasons!! One: Zachary Levi as Flynn Ryder...perfect!! I must point out though that I loved the movie before I knew it was his voice, so when I found out it just made it ten times better!! :) Two: I also love Mandy Moore. Three: the songs are awesome. Four: It's hilarious, Five: It's the cutest. Six: It's just the best ever!!! We get to listen to the soundtrack at work because the kids love it, and who are we to deny them Zachary Levi's gorgeous voice?? It sure does make work days fun watching them dance as we sing a long and listen!! :)

Ok, so after reading Kelly's top 5 and discussing all the old Disney movies we haven't seen in a long while, like 'Man of the house,' there was no point in writing my own individual list!! I failed at coming up with my own and being different! :p We kept the list to top 5 but while talking we remembered so many awesome Disney movies that played a big part in our childhood. For example, 'Cadet Kelly' naturally I love this movie with Hilary Duff being in it. 'Heavyweights', we must have watched this movie on repeat when we were younger, we adored it. Ooh and 'I'll be home for Christmas' Jonathan Taylor Thomas, enough said! :p

I agree with Kelly in that Belle is one of my favourite characters due to her love of books and simply being a sweet person with a wonderful heart. I love what the Beauty and the Beast movie stands for and represents. Furthermore, 'Pirates of the Caribbean' is just absolutely awesome in everyway and Johnny Depp created a character that will never be forgotten. The movie simply never gets old and is perfect for everyone. And without a shadow of a doubt, the top of my list too would be 'Tangled' it is my most beloved and favourite ever. I think the movie is beautiful. I love, love, love Rapunzel and Flynn. I adore who they are and how they interact with each other, to me it's an adorable mix of friendship and soul mates and being goofy with each other and every time I watch it I smile so big. And even though Kelly mentioned it above, you know I'm going to have to write about Zachary Levi too! :p Yes, I can watch this movie over and over again and yes his voice has a lot to do with that. He is just the best and he is absolutely perfect in this role! :)

We hope you enjoy our Disney list! What are some of your favourites?

Love Lucy and Kelly. xx


  1. I'm a huge Disney fan & I'll list my top 5 animated Disney movies.
    5. Snow White - I must include the original Disney movie!
    4. Frozen - The music is amazing & it's the 1st princess movie to have a sister's love save the day instead of a prince & I liked that. It's also super funny & sweet.
    3. Peter Pan - I've loved Tinkerbell since I was a kid, before she was everywhere & easy to find.
    2. Aladdin - I've listened to that soundtrack more than any other Disney movie & A Whole New World was one of the first songs I ever saw signed & it blew my mind
    1. Beauty & the Beast - the music, the story, & memories I have of seeing my friend's high school recreate it :)

    We are headed to Disneyland in August & I can't wait! Great post!

    1. Aww yay, thank you so much for sharing your list, I loved reading it! :) We do love Frozen too and all the originals are hard to beat. Aladdin is a wonderful one too! Aww that is going to be amazing, I think Kelly will want to jump in your suitcases and go with you, she's having a little Disney withdrawal! :p

  2. I couldn't possibly pick 5, this task it too difficult. They are all awesome! However if I did do a top 5, I think Pinocchio would be in there! Greta x

    1. Aww well yes, as that is Grandad's favourite, we do love that one too! :) And The lion King! Greta!! xxx

  3. I love all the music from Disney Films! I love the stories each song tells. My top disney film has got to be Beauty and the Beast, only because Belle will always be my favourite princess! Good choices and a great post!

    Row Bow
    What Row Chose...

    1. Thank you very much! :) We couldn't agree more, the stories are so beautiful and we adore Belle too, we think her and Rapunzel take joint first for us! :) Thank you for reading! xx