Jerry Seinfeld Live!

I had been waiting for yesterday since my birthday (back in Feb), when if you remember, my wonderful, amazing, kick ass, husband bought us tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld Live in Louisville. I was super excited and counting down the hours till work finished so we could get on our way. Now I'm someone that doesn't like being late, and of course when it's for a show or something that I'm looking forward to seeing, I get anxious about missing the beginning or you know walking into a room when every ones already sat down! :p

What a day Jerry picked to be in Louisville!! :p Apparently Obama was in town and with storm warnings too, traffic was terrible and I think we got every red light possible, but we kept in positive spirits and when we arrived at The Palace Theatre and finally managed to park, we rushed in to find that Jerry wasn't on yet. We got drinks and made it to our seats just as the opening act ran off and Jerry ran on! :) At that point I said "Thank you God", got comfy and was most definitely ready for the show! :) My husband just said to me, after reading this post, that I failed to mention spilling beer all over him as we sat down. I was somewhat oblivious to how much I had actually spilt over him as I was too giddy when I saw Jerry. So while I was all relaxed and comfy he apparently had a lap full of beer!! Oopsy! He really is the best! :)

Jerry Seinfeld was FANTASTIC!!! I literally laughed at everything he said, as did the rest of the audience. I don't even know what else to say!! :p He was simply brilliant. I loved every single minute of it. He was so fun and energetic and very animated and kept the audience engaged the whole entire hour he was on stage. One of the reasons I adore him is that his kind of comedy is perfect for me, he's very lighthearted and talks about things that I can relate to. Last night he did a bit about going out and how once you are out you just want to go back home and I couldn't stop laughing. Him talking about food and the Pop tart had me in hysterics and when he started talking about marriage and his wife and kids I was in tears of laughter! :) It was a thoroughly enjoyable hour of entertainment and I couldn't quite believe he was in front of us and we were actually getting to see Jerry Seinfeld live!! Ooh and I have to say, every time he did his high voice that we all know and love from Seinfeld, it just made me smile so big! :) At the end of his set he even took time to talk a little with the audience and have us ask him questions and he was just delightful!

It was an awesome night and I would definitely jump at the chance to see him again in future. I think Kelly would love him too!

Thank you to my lovely husband for getting us tickets, I love all our little adventures together and can't wait till the next one! :)

Hope everyone has a great Friday night!

Love Lulu. xx


  1. That is so awesome, I have always loved Jerry Seinfeld! Seinfeld will forever be one of those shows that I can watch over and over and never get sick of!

    1. Meg I am the same!!! :) Chris only introduced me to it, I think, last year and we have since watched all 9 seasons and they are on constant repeat in our house! :p He was awesome live, no one stopped laughing the whole time. I hope he tours and comes near you so you can go see him! :) xx

  2. Sounds like you had such a fabulous time!
    Also you spilled Beer in Chris!? Too funny!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog