Happy Easter! :)

I have to say that I love Easter. :) This time of year just feels so full of new beginnings and fresh starts. I adore the pastel colours everywhere, I smile every time I see Daffodils blooming and it simply makes me think of family. I grew up going to church every Easter Sunday, I grew up taking part in Lent and having our Nanna bless us with Holy water before our Easter lunch, they are memories I will never forget and I treasure them. However, over the years I don't frequent church like I did when I was little and Easter isn't so much Religious, though I do believe in things in my own way and give thanks for my blessings, I just don't follow the religious side to Easter as much anymore. In saying that though, that doesn't mean i'm all about chocolate and the Easter bunny, as with my up bringing I feel fortunate that these holidays always bought with them family values, we sit around the table and all have our big meal together and spend time together. When home in the UK, we do this every night but on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, birthdays, Mothers/Fathers day etc, it's extra special. :) So with that being said, I look forward to Easter because I can't wait to cook and bust out all the Italian deserts imaginable. I take time to pray for my family, wish everyone a happy and healthy Spring and take a deep breath and learn to love and live for every new day and be sure to count every single blessing that I have around me!!

I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope you have a wonderful and blessed day! As I am spending another Easter away from my family in the UK, I thought I would share with you some fun little Easter treats that are a must for my sister and I to make us feel at home, and a small DIY that I made, just to make the apartment a bit more cozy. :)

I wanted to do a little Easter DIY but just something a little simple and pretty for the apartment. I saw lots of fun Pinterest Easter crafts using jellybeans and glass jars and I immediately wanted to do this for a cute Easter/Spring centerpiece. I already had a glass bowl and I simply placed one of my Bath and Body works candles in the center and filled it with pastel coloured jelly beans. :) 

Look how cute it looks on my desk! :) It brightens up the room and makes me feel all Springy and happy. I got these pastel coloured jelly beans from Target for $1.97 and used two bags. 
As far as Easter treats go, I always think Italian. Colomba is an Italian tradition and it has been a staple on our Easter dessert table since I can remember. I remember when we first moved to Kentucky, Nanna and Grandad would try and make us pack the big ones in our suitcases. Oh how I love them! :) When we found them in World Market, Kelly and I were as giddy as can be and have purchased them every Easter we've spent away from home, this year being no different. We always take pictures to show Nanna and Grandad so they know we have one here to enjoy too while they have one at home. This year we also picked up an Italian hazelnut roll because we haven't tried it before but we love all Balconi products we have had and therefore couldn't resist this one. And with Baci currently on sale at World Market for 99c, we had to stock up. :)
So this delicious treat is called Pastiera, another Italian Easter tradition and something we have made every Easter with our Grandad for quite some time. Our younger sister, Jen, has become the expert as she has been holding down the fort and making them with him while we have been away, but this year after a few Easters without this delight, Kelly and I thought, 'Hang on a second, we know how to make it, let's show Grandad what we are capable of and just how much he has taught us.' :) So last week, we set about making our own Pastiera, we got our barley and ricotta and all our ingredients ready, except we could not find the key piece, being candied peel, and we didn't have our Nanna to sneakily add in half a bottle of Sambuca. Instead we settled on chocolate chips and no alcohol...boooo! :p Alas, we were happy with the way our Pastiera turned out, though not nearly as scrumptious as Grandad's, we felt we did a great job in making a chocolate version but are going to keep practicing for next year! :)

I hope you enjoyed this little look into my Easter, of course Kelly and I have already eaten the bags of British Mini Eggs Mum and my friend Shelley sent over, thank you Mum and thank you Shelley! :) I have to admit, I do miss seeing all the British Easter treats in Tesco, it's just not the same here! :p

Wishing you a lovely day spent with your loved ones! :)

Love Lulu. xx


  1. That dessert looks amazing! So nice to have recipes passed down from family!
    Hope you had a fab easter, my love!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww thank you Angie! :) Yes that is our absolute favourite thing ever, we have so many! :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter too! Miss you! xxx