Happily ever after! :) Part one!

When talking about some of the topics we wanted to cover this week on the blog, we started discussing our weddings and thinking about advice and tips for making your wedding day magical. That might seem a little random, but every now and again we like to sit and go through our wedding albums and reminisce about our big days. Furthermore, Kelly and her Chris recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary and so we decided it would be fun to share our wedding day experiences with you. If you are getting married soon or in future, then huge Congratulations and we hope some of these tid bits may help you, or at the very least just make you smile in thinking of your upcoming nuptials. If you already had your special day, we hope this post brings you joy and you can reminisce about your day along with us. For those not getting married yet but hope to one day, it's always fun to plan, and for those of you who may not have marriage on the brain at all, we hope you simply enjoy the DIYS, pretty pictures and possible ideas for vacation/party spots! :)

Lucy's Top Tips!
Chris and I planned our wedding in about 4 months, so I didn't really have too much time to stress, worry and be indecisive. And since Kelly got married first and planned her wedding for a year, you can bet I was looking up stuff and had flicked through Pinterest a couple of times to see what I would do if I was getting married. Therefore, by the time I got engaged, I already had the dream wedding Pinterest board going and had ideas as to what I wanted. :p

Now, I like to do things myself if I want it done a certain way, but I also know that my husband and I are very similar and he has awesome ideas too! ;) This brings us to my first piece of advice:

* Don't feel like you have to do it all/compromise!! Let your future husband help and listen to his ideas too. There is always a lot of emphasis on it being the women's big day but I believe in it being about the man too. I had originally thought about having our wedding in a barn, as I just loved the idea and feel of it being rustic and cozy. However, Chris's one wish was that he wanted it on a beach and so after a little searching and him loving St Pete beach, we settled on a beach wedding. Moreover, he also sorted out all the invitations too. I had started to overthink everything from colours and fonts, to the way in which I wanted the whole design of the invitations to look, so Chris took over, kept it simple and after realizing that he knew what he was doing, I took a deep breath and let it go and they turned out perfect. I loved them! :)

Don't get so focused on an image or theme!! I admit that with Pinterest it was so easy to get pictures engraved into my brain and feel like things had to look a certain way. I had planned on a cute little vintage suitcase for cards, the centers of the table to look all pretty and rustic, we had wanted an old guitar for people to sign, and after looking at pictures of beautiful long mermaid waves, I had really wanted my hair to look flowing and beachy long. In actuality, the card/signing table didn't turn out as planned. The little suitcase didn't stay propped up and I hadn't managed to make a cute sign saying cards. With it being a destination wedding, we tried to find a cheap guitar in St Pete and didn't have any luck, so I was really sad that we didn't have anything for guests to sign. I did get lucky though, as my wonderful mother in law had made a framed picture of us for people to sign, that I didn't realize till after the wedding, I now have it on our bedroom wall and it is beautiful. (Thank you Mom :) ) Things have a way of working out. The tables I didn't get to set up, so my image of all my little trinkets grouped together didn't happen and the centerpieces looked rather simple, but guess what?? On the day it didn't matter, simple was perfect! :) Ooh and lets just say, my hair is my hair, my makeup artist was awesome but the fact of the matter is, no matter how much I willed my hair to grow, it was not going to be flowing down my back just for my wedding day! :p

* DIYS's are fun and can help save money!! I loved doing DIYS for my wedding. It made everything feel more personal too. My brother in law made our table settings on his phone and I adored the way they turned out. They all had a picture of mine and Chris's favourite people with quotes and lyrics. Here we had Ray Lamontagne and a quote from "Hold you in my arms." We also had Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth with "Match made in Heaven" :) I also made the burlap wrapped mason jars, along with the sand and shell filled mini fish bowls. Most of these little things, flowers included, came from Michaels craft store and they always have coupons available! :) I had candle too but it's somewhere in the background! :p  

* Don't lose track on what's important!!! As much as it was fun to plan, pick out colour schemes, food and of course, the dress, I can't get over the fact that on the day the only thing I cared about was being with my Chris. All morning while getting ready, and as I was in the room with my Dad waiting for my turn to walk down to the ceremony, I felt really anxious and simply just wanted to see Chris. Everything sort of went out the window and I was like, I haven't seen my Chris all day, as soon as he held my hands under our little arch, it felt like I was just going with the flow and what would be, would be, if that makes sense?! :)
Little side note: That wonderful lady in the background is Grace Felice and she is amazing. We hit the jackpot when we came across her. She spoke to us on the phone for an hour one day and I had emailed back and forth with her a little bit before the wedding, but when it came to the day, she simply blew me away. Everything she said was perfect and so personal to Chris and I and who we are. In addition, as I sit here with the Macho Man Randy Savage dvd playing in the background, I get goose bumps, as a few emails in she had asked me about wrestling and told me that one of her favourite clients was a professional wrestler. When I asked who, she sent me a picture and I proceeded to smile so big. She had officiated Randy Savage and his wife's wedding a few years prior and said he was just wonderful. With Macho Man having been my husbands absolute favourite since he was three and one of mine too, and wrestling having bought Chris and I together, it felt like it was meant to be and is something that made our day so extra special! :)
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As this post has become very long, we have decided to split it up! :p So Kelly will be with you for part two in the coming days! :)
Hope you enjoyed these little wedding tips and have a magical day!
Love Lucy. xx


  1. great post! I love the advice, but 4 months is soooo much longer than I had. P and I decided to finally get married, and then we found out I was pregnant, and suddenly we moved back to the UK with a fiancee visa. Since we wanted to get married on a special day, it left us only 5 week total to organize, and then most of the time it was spent settling back in and finding a place to live. I never got the wedding I always dreamed of, but the compromise meant we were back to where I feel like we belonged.

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww, wow Angie, that is a short amount of time. I'm so happy It all worked out though! :) I always tell Chris that we should get married all over again as I just want to put on my dress and dance around, he says we should do it every year! :p You and P should do that too, then every year you can add a little something you dreamed of! (Sidenote: I don't mean like the whole wedding, maybe like a little party ;p ) xxx

      Lucy xx