April Showers! Activities! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
This week, I thought I would have some fun and show any fellow teachers or Mums and Dads out there a few fun little activities I have done with the children I work with over the past few weeks. I work with 3 and 4 year olds but I'm sure with a little extra help you could do these with 2 year olds as well. I love my classroom when it is bright and colourful, and therefore try to get the childrens's work up on the walls each week before they take them home. 
The first picture here is of our circle time area and I love it. Before I go into the activities, here's some info on the area itself...Myself and Lucy got some Frozen wall decals from Target to make the room a little more interactive for our kids, because boy do they LOVE Frozen!! Disney hit the jackpot with that one I tell you! We also made a Frozen book corner with the stickers we had leftover. To the left of our whiteboard is our ice cream sticker chart that Lucy made, it's working very well, all the kids have grasped trying their hardest to reach their sprinkles by the end of the week, so they can take something home from the treasure chest. To the right we have our calendar and underneath, the days of the week. We moved these from the top of the wall so the children could see them better, it can get a little tiring constantly putting the days of week back in the right places or picking them up off the floor, but I think it's good for them to be able to see them and it also makes for an educational activity as we learn the days of the week! Ok, so that pretty much sums up our circle time area, I hope you like it. Now onto our little activities.

1. April shower clouds! 

You will need:
Blue paper
Cotton wool balls
School glue
plates/bowls for glue

This is probably the quickest and most simple. I cut out blue cloud shapes (I used blue so the cotton wool would stand out) sat the children all round the table with some cotton wool balls and plates with white glue, back home we call it PVA glue (Art Attack anyone? Please comment if you know that show!) it's like the mod podge or school glue. I showed them how to break apart the cotton wool, so they would have more to cover their clouds, and dip it into the glue before placing it on their paper. They all did a great job and I think they turned out really cute. To make this activity for older kids, you could have them cut out their own cloud shapes. 

2. Paper plate suns!
You will need:
Paper plates
spare plates/bowls for glue
school glue
strips of yellow paper
yellow tissue paper
googly eyes

I loved how these turned out and again the children did great. They really benefit from me showing them what to do first or looking at one already made, but then it's awesome to see their take on what they see and how theirs end up unique to them. I set each of them up with a plate of glue or one to share between two. A piece of tissue paper for them to rip up, some of the younger ones may need guiding with this as I've found they tend to just want to stick the whole piece on. Some strips of yellow paper and I kept the googly eyes till last. I had them stick the strips around the outside of the plate and the tissue paper in the middle of the plate. Once they were happy with their sun, I gave them the googly eyes. This was just to make them look fun and different. This was another little activity that I think made a wonderful addition to our wall! 

3. April Shower umbrellas!

You will need:
Cute cupcakes cases.
Pipe cleaners
Blue paper
Blue crayons
White glue or glue sticks.
Pencil for making a hole in the cases.

This activity was a little trickier and looking back I probably would have done it with each child individually but you live and learn. I poked a hole in the middle of each cupcake case and showed them how to fold them in half. Once they had done that we bent the pipe cleaners to make the Umbrella handles, I guided them if they asked for help but also wanted them do it by themselves. Next, I helped put the pipe cleaner through the hole in the cupcake case and then held the case still so they could glue one side to stick them on the paper. You may need to bend a little of the pipe cleaner at the top so they don't fall out when you pick them or hang them up. For the final touch, get them to draw little raindrops around the umbrellas with the crayons. I really liked the way they turned out, like I said, you may need to help a bit more with this one especially for the younger ones but the older ones should be ok. My 4 year old of the group did it all by herself! :)

So that's it for my little April Showers activities. Most of which I got from, or were inspired by ideas I saw on, Pinterest. As a teacher, I've forgotten how I came up with activities before it. (Pinterest) I pretty much look at it for all my art activity planning unless I have things I've already done before. I love it though as people are so clever and creative, it's nice to see! :)

Hope you liked them and if you do them with your kids at home or at school or daycare, I'd love to see them and read any tips or advice you may have or learnt a long the way! :)

Until next time, keep smiling!


  1. This is such a cute little project! I used to teach english at pre-schools in Berlin and really miss doing fun crafting projects with the kids.

    Rae | love from berlin

  2. What great idea's! Some times I lack ideas for the kids to play with. These are fab!
    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

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  4. Nice activity. While all children like swings and playthings, sometimes it’s fun to do something different. Every Daycare for infants and toddlers should organize such activities to keep them entertained and help them learn & explore their interests.