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As you may know from previous posts, just over two weeks ago me and my husband moved back to Kentucky, from Florida, to be closer to Lucy and our friends. Well after seeing Lucy's new apartment and really liking it, we were lucky enough to get the apartment below her. With already knowing the set up, I was busy planning how I was going to decorate weeks before we actually got here.
Apart from being beyond excited about having a built in bookshelf, the room I was most excited about was the dining room. For a long time now I have wanted to have a 50's style diner, in past apartments I have settled with putting a few of my tin signs on the wall in the kitchen, but with this new apartment having its own dining room, I was able to get more creative.
An extra bonus was that I had my dad with me the week we moved in and I owe my love of the 50's style and classic cars to him, as for as long as we can remember we've been going to classic American car shows with him.
Anywho, without further ado, I give you my 50's/classic car inspired dining area...

I will start with my dining table, I knew what table I wanted from the minute we moved into our first unfurnished apartment two years ago. I did quite a bit of research as they can get very expensive but this one I found on Amazon here(mine wasn't that expensive for shipping though, not sure why it's gone up!) and was a great deal as it came with the four chairs too. It has survived three moves and is sturdy and easy to put together.

It was kind of hard to take a picture of the clock so you could see how it fit in with the room, as our light hangs really low for some reason, but the clock on the back wall I have also had for about two years and is the back end of a 57 chevy, I love it! You may notice that the napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers are also a nice 57 chevy theme and I  have a paper towel holder in the kitchen with the same car too. I got those and my clock from Retro Gifts from Retro Planet. Be warned, you can and will spend hours on this site if you love vintage things like me! :) 

My tin signs!!! I am terrible for buying these, every time I find a cool store that happens to have some, I can't help but look. I love the ones I have though as they all have a special meaning to me. The one on the far left in the arrow shape is a Route 66 diner sign which my little sister got me while we were on Route 66, same goes for the Steak n Shake one next to it that I picked up while travelling the mother road too. This one I loved because my Dad has the same picture at home. The first Mel's Drive in sign, my Dad got me from a car show years ago and the second he got me from a shop in Oldtown, Kissimmee, Florida, when he visited before we moved. They make me smile because they are from one of his favourite movies, American Graffiti. The one next to that, (you can see better on the very first picture at the top of the page) has a turquoise 59 corvette on it which is my dream car. The final one that says homemade cake I originally got for my wedding! So there's the lowdown on my signs, if you are wondering what the picture of the coke bottles is, it's a canvas of my wedding favours which were mini coke bottles. :) 

My new favourite thing that I love!!! You know when you have an image of something in your head and get excited because when you actually do it, it ends up being like the image you had, well this was one of those rare moments and it made me so happy. I had a few things like the soda glasses, red food baskets and mustard and ketchup bottles that I bought from Retro Gifts from Retro Planet  that I just had in the kitchen cupboards that I really wanted to use more often, so I thought a little cart that I could put in the dining room would be quite cute and add to the theme. I found this one here

Last but not least and something I was very excited about, and thought I was genius for thinking of, are my placemats. In the last few apartments we've had I have had different themed table cloths (thanksgiving, Christmas, summer etc) covering my white table and my husband kept asking me "why?" as it meant you obviously couldn't see the actual style of the table underneath. My reason was that I am so protective over it that I hated the thought of it getting marked or scratched. Alas, I decided that when we moved here I would find placemats and just tell everyone to be extremely careful, then proceed to watch anyone going near it like a hawk! :p I couldn't find any placemats that I liked but then one day I thought "hey I could use pictures of our Route 66 trip as that goes with the theme and would look really cool" so my awesome Dad printed off double sided pictures that I chose from our trip last summer and laminated them and voila!! They make me happy because I get to look at great memories everyday and I think they make the room more personal! :)

So that's it folks, my 50's style American diner! I hope you like it. It is my favourite room in the apartment. If you like any of the things I have in it, here are the links!

The clock you can find Chevy Bel Air Wall Clock
The Napin holder and salt and pepper shakers you can find 57 Chevy Tableware Set
The tin signs you can find Homemade Cake Tin Sign
The soda glasses you can find Soda Fountain Glasses
The condiment and basket set you can find Deli Baskets Condiment Squeeze Bottles
The table you can get here!

Until next time, keep smiling!

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  1. I love the design! 50s Diners are always so awesome looking, and to bring it home is pretty awesome too!!
    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. It looks so cute! And it's awesome that you guys live in the same building now :D