Twin Tag with my Keg! :)

So it's been a few days since I sat down to blog and to get caught up and back into the swing of things I thought I would do a little fun tag with my twin sister Kelly! :) Without further ado...

1. Who's the oldest ?
Lucy: I'm the oldest by one minute. You wouldn't think that would really make a difference but it surprisingly does and it's funny when people can guess that I'm older too.

2. Can you show an old photo?
Lucy: Don't ask us which one is which as we couldn't tell you.
Kelly:  I don't even think our mum and dad know which one is which in most of our baby photos, how they managed in real life back then I don't know.

3. Favourite memory together is?
Lucy: I know this will sound corny but really the past 27 years of our lives and having her by my side through it all have truly been amazing. There are far too many random adventures and priceless moments we have had together that I feel incredibly grateful for.
Kelly: We were fortunate enough to live our dream for 9 years which I definitely wouldn't have been able to do without her. We did so many awesome things through wrestling, like appearing on one of our favourite tv shows "A League of their own" back home, which was just the coolest thing ever. I would have to say though that surprising our family last year by going home is up there as one of the best things we've done, their faces were priceless and it's a memory we will treasure forever.

4. Each others dream job?
Lucy: I'd guess that Kelly would still love to experience working in Disney someday or have something to do with Disney as both her and her husband adore all things Disney. Ooh or I would say that a dream of hers would be if her, myself and our younger sister moved to London and worked at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour. :)
Kelly: Lucy would be pretty spot on with that answer. :) I would say for her that she would love to be a writer full time either with her blog or short stories or children's books, basically anything where she just gets to sit and write.

5. Who takes longer to get ready?
Lucy: I'd say me as I enjoy doing my makeup! :)
Kelly: Definitely Lucy, it's not that I don't like to dress up it's just I'm not that great at it and quickly get into a "this will do" mind frame.

6. Do you have anything matching ?
Lucy: I don't think we do anymore, well except for our old wrestling gear.
Kelly: That's a no. Mum used to love dressing us the same when we were younger and I didn't mind that at all, we also had "I'm the big sister" etc. jumpers. Now we have our own styles and like to be different.

7. Did you ever dress alike?
Lucy: Our Mum used to dress us a like when we were babies but I think by the time we were toddlers she would put us in outfits that said "I'm the big sister" "I'm the little sister", technically they were still both jumpers but they said different things. :p
Kelly: oops answered that all ready! :p

8. Do you finish each others sentences?
Lucy: We do sometimes. We tend to talk over and butt in to each others sentences more though, just ask our family and friends, I'm sure they must go away with headaches after chatting with the both of us.
Kelly: Sometimes, but you know the annoying thing? We always seem to do it when we are meeting people for the first time, it's that awkward if they ask a question and you don't want to not say anything incase Lucy doesn't answer, so we both speak and then they laugh because its a "oh haha your twins and you speak at the same time" moment. So stereotypical! :p

9. Do you have a most treasured possession?
Lucy: Yep. My teddy bear Nobby who I have mentioned in previous posts! :) He is my everything!
Kelly: Yes! Apart from all our photos and scrapbooks we both have teddies that I believe we got when we were 2 years old from our Nanna and Grandads next door neighbor. We have had them for 25 years and if anything happened to them we wouldn't know what to do. Mine is called Mandy and is a little dog. She goes with me everywhere.

Lucy: Sidenote: Nobby and Mandy used to look exactly the same but I took Nobby EVERYWHERE with me, ie, Nursery, gymnastics, etc and he got a bit beat up but is the cutest ever because of it! :)
10. One thing that you can do well that the other can't ?
Lucy: Hmm, this ones hard. When we used to wrestle I was a little more capable in the highflying department than Kelly and I liked the gym and squatting whereas Kelly wasn't always as good at that! :p
Kelly: Speak/understand Italian....only because I'm currently doing Rosetta Stone!

11. Do you have the same personalities ?
Lucy: We definitely share a lot of the same traits, like things we get from our Mum and Dad, but I think our personalities are quite different.
 Kelly: Once you get to know us, you can definitely tell the difference. I think we both come across very different unless it's something to do with confidence, as we both tend to be a little shy and anxious in similar situations.

12. Silliest question about being twins ?
Lucy: I can't think of one about being a twin but we get asked all the time if are husbands can tell us apart or if they have ever got us mixed up.
 Kelly: We get asked a lot of the same questions over and over but it's not exactly like they are silly, it's just funny how many people want to know the same things.

13. Describe each other in one word ?
Lucy: She's AWESOME! (Just like Captain Awesome...sorry couldn't resist! :p)
Kelly: She's Stubborn...haha no she's wonderful and is definitely my big sister and always looks after me, I'd be lost without her.

14.  One thing that annoys you about each other ?
Lucy: There's nothing about her that annoys me. But it's funny when we are mad at each other and we are both being stubborn we will get annoyed at each other for being mad at each other...if that makes sense?! :p
 Kelly: She has her own way of organizing stuff and I'm a lot more OCD with things. Sometimes she drives me mad if she mentions not being able to find something or remembering stuff and I'm like "Lucy come on, you have to be on that" Other than that, I agree with her, some days we are just off with each other and can get peeved by the littlest thing.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why ?
Lucy: ITALY!!! :) We both very much want to go back to Italy with our Mum and our little sister for a girlie vacation and we also want to take our husbands one day and just go with our whole families too! :) If  I'm being really specific, we both want to visit a cafĂ© in Amalfi that our Grandad used to buy cakes from and bring home to us. :)
 Kelly: Ditto, we both want to go back to Italy so bad, hence me learning Italian as some of our Aunties there don't speak English. Besides home and our Nanna and Grandad's house, it's probably my favourite place ever.
16. Nicknames you have for each other ?
Lucy: I call her Keg. People always laugh when they hear it and wonder what on earth I am saying but when I was little we couldn't say our L's so she became Keggy, as we got older it just stuck, though I rarely say Keggy and it somehow just became Keg. :)
 Kelly: Growing up she was "ucy" again with the L's but now she's simply Luc! I rarely call her Lucy.

17. What do you order at fast food restaurants ?
 Lucy: We don't frequent fast food places often anymore, in fact it's incredibly rare that we go, but we don't usually order the same things as we can then try each others, but it does depend on where we are. On the occasion waiters have smiled at us when we order the exact same thing. :p
 Kelly: If we had to pick some of our favourite places we've tried over the years though, especially with being in America, we like Steak n Shake, Qdoba and most recently Canes.

18. Favourite thing about each other ?
Lucy: Everything! :) I love that she puts up with me and is always there for me and will listen to me till the cows come home! (Haven't used that British phrase in a while! :p)
 Kelly: Her heart is always in the right place and no one takes care of me or knows me the same as she does. (Besides my little sister, she's good at that too) She's my best friend and life is a lot more fun with her by my side. I also like that she helps me with make up as I'm hopeless on my own.

19. Favourite inside joke ?
Lucy: I don't think we have too many inside jokes really. Along with our little sister, Jen, we are always quoting our favourite lines from 'Chuck' or different movies we like.
 Kelly: I was going to say that too, most of our jokes we share with our other siblings, they maybe goofy pictures or lines from our favourite shows or movies. We can pretty much turn anything into a song or quote especially when our little sister is around.
20. Are you indentical ?
Lucy: Nope! :)
 Kelly: Nope! :p

Hope you enjoyed reading our answers, we had fun doing this together! :)

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. I will try and get back to posting regularly soon! :)

Love Luc and Keg. xx 


  1. Such a wonderful tag! I'd love to have a twin sister, but I'm also glad my sister is older than me she's truly delightful :) x

    1. Aww thank you Rebecca and thank you for reading! :) That made me smile, i'm happy you treasure your sister and she makes an awesome big sister, they make the bestest friends! :) x

  2. I absolutely loved reading this tag! Also, I just knew that was why you called her Keg, it just made so much sense to me. hehe!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww that's awesome Angie! You're the best! :) xxx