My favourite little spot! :)

I have been wanting to do this post for the longest time now but I had to be patient and wait to get all my little bits and pieces organized and for things to arrive before it was all fully finished and ready for pictures. Plus it has been a busy week at work with starting a new schedule and having my sister Kelly starting working with me and showing her the ropes. It has been so much fun though and we are enjoying working with kids, working together and thinking of lots of activities for them when we get home, I just haven't had a minute to sit down and blog. Alas, here I am! :)

When my husband and I moved to a new apartment about a month ago, I got really excited about the fact that we would have a spare room. We of course needed to put a nice cozy sofa bed in there for guests (my family, his family) but I knew I wanted to make a little office space for myself and my Chris. With Chris working a bunch and hosting his own podcast, he needed space where everything could stay set up and where he could just go and actually sit and have room for guests too, and as for me, since I started blogging and writing more last year, I have dreamed about having my own space and pretty desk area where I can relax and focus and write away, as I had just been sitting on the couch with my laptop on my knee. If you follow me on Pinterest (LucyOsterfeld) you will have probably seen me on an office d├ęcor pinning frenzy. I adored the look of everything white with hints of gold, as it just looked so fresh and bright and I felt that that would be perfect for helping me feel calm and focused. :)

So over the past month I have had so much fun getting together my little trinkets and putting things in place to get my desk area how I had envisioned. I laughed to myself when it didn't quite turn out exactly as elegant and sophisticated as all the pictures I had been looking at, but I love it because it is me through and through and I LOVE sitting down to write in my new favourite little spot!! :)

Here you have my cozy corner! :) As you may know from previous posts, I love scrapbooking and pictures, so naturally I had to have a bunch above my desk.
The Instagram frame came from Archivers about two years ago and it's my favourite. :) You can check out to see if they have them available online, I had purchased this one in store, as with the turquoise/mint frame.
The picture to the left is courtesy of my friend Jimmy (@paredysexoxo ) and I adore it. He drew me and it's simply awesome!! :) I love his artwork and treasure this piece.
Then of course I have my Chuck Poster available here.
The beautiful table is from Ikea. I had seen these tables in many of the beauty blogger videos I watch and thought they looked so pretty and the price was right. The cabinet unit also came from Ikea. I had been looking at the Alex drawers as they looked nice and neat and pretty and I had heard lots of good things about them, but I ended up going with this cabinet, as with shipping this was cheaper and I didn't want to go overboard and spend too much! :)
I got a tad obsessed with the Ikea website and couldn't resist this chair too. It fit being white, and after looking and searching for office chairs everywhere, the price was right with this one. And I have to say it is so comfy, I love it. :)
This gorgeous cushion came from World Market I had my eye on it for a while and when my Mom in law came to visit, she spoilt me and treated me to it! Thank you Mom. I adore it! :)
On top of my cabinet I have this square shelf unit which was a birthday present from my Mom last year. It's so handy for all my scrapbooking paper and notebooks. I think it came from Michaels Craft store. On top of that I have my little makeup collection. I simply love looking at all the pretty colours and keeping it in this room keeps the bathroom sink area tidier. :) I also have my favourite Bath and Body Works candle 'Twisted Peppermint' and a mug I got from my beautiful friend Negin, that has a picture of me and my sisters on it. So cute and thoughtful! Thank you Negin!! :)
You can see how I made the tassels and the gold mason jar here:
 Last but not least, to the right side of my desk I have this craft organizer which was again a birthday present from my Mom last year. It keeps all my craft goodies at arms reach and is cute and convenient. I also keep my Rapunzel pencil tin and my Bride tumbler I had on my wedding day in front of me! :) Ooh and a picture of Hilary Duff for motivation! I love her! :)
I hope you like this little tour of my desk area. It makes me smile when I walk into the room and see it all bright and colourful. It makes me want to sit and write and inspires me and I'm so grateful I am able to have this little corner to call my own. :) I included links of where you can purchase some of the items just in case you liked them too and were interested in checking things out yourself. 
Have a wonderful Saturday and if you have any DIY projects and ideas, I'd love to read about them in the comments below! :)
Love Lulu. xx


  1. How delightful! I love the pillow and the craft corner. I seriously need a section like this, but it would only work when my kids are sleeping or hubby is watching them.

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww thank you Angie! I hope you get to have one for yourself soon! :) It's my favourite! xxx