Keep calm and have a cuppa! :)

I'm currently wrapped up cozy and warm in my apartment, as the snow has taken over again here in The Ville and I experience my 3rd snow day ever. It's been a crazy week since I last posted and after a nasty bout with a stomach bug last week, I am now nursing a full on cold, not pretty and not fun! :p But alas, I am one very, very lucky and happy girl! :)
My sister (and regular guest blogger) and my brother in law moved back to Kentucky on Saturday, after a few months in Orlando Florida, and to say I am elated would be an understatement. I am extremely proud of them for chasing their dreams and experiencing a new place, but ultimately being around family won out and having my other half back is simply the BEST THING!!! :) If that wasn't wonderful enough, my Dad and younger sister spent a week in Florida with them, doing Disney and, of course, Universal and Harry Potter, before driving back with them and coming to stay with little old me! :)

What can I say? It was Christmas that I last saw them and though that doesn't seem like that long ago (2 months when I'm used to 3- 6 plus) over the years it has gotten harder leaving them and being away from them, so having them here was my favourite. As they have been to Louisville many times over the years, there was no rush to go anywhere or see anything. We just got to spend time at home and enjoy family time, in addition to helping Kelly and Chris move in to their new apartment.

Here are a few things I learnt this past week and from their visit:

1) Us British people LOVE tea! :p Having Jen and Dad here meant that the kettle was always on. I have never washed so many mugs!

2) My husband is the sweetest and dancing baby Groots are perfect for cheering someone up when they are ill! :p He left this on my desk one morning. Who else adores Guardians of the Galaxy?

3) Mother knows best!

4) Nothing beats English treats!

5) Family is the best motivation! Kelly and I have lots lined up for the blog, as well as some other projects my sisters and I are working on! :)

6) Tortoise's are incredibly cute when they eat! (Kelly and her Chris have a pet Tortoise)

7) Working within a childcare setting in the USA means my Briticisms are now more prominent again... Pacifier/Dummy anyone? Diaper/Nappy? Bin/Trash?

8) My Mother is AWESOME!! Yes, these goodies are all mine! :p Needless to say Dad and Jen had rather heavy suitcases, as yes, there was double of everything you see here for Kelly of course! :p What's your favourite Biscuit?

9) Jigsaw's are pretty relaxing and are a new favourite thing to do during family time! :)

10) No matter how old we get, writing goofy notes and receiving them never gets old for my sisters and I! :) It's so much fun writing them and leaving them in fun places. It's comforting and makes us smile!

I hope you like these little updates and I hope you are all keeping warm with the snow! I'm hoping to get the blog back to regular speed this coming week, I have a long list so get ready! :p

Love Lulu. xx


  1. Oh goodness, snow still?!
    Family is everything, I'm so happy for you having your sister back living close by. :)

    I think this pet tortoise requires it's own blog post ;) haha Oh my gosh, Mini Eggs! My favourite biscuits change all the time haha. But I'm partial to a regular chocolate digestive and Kit Kat Chunkys!


    1. Danielle, the snow is just now melting! :p Aww thank you so much, it really is the best thing and makes everything feel right again! :)

      Haha, Kelly will have to get to work on that one! :p Ooh you can bet Mum put in the chocolate digestives, I've been eating them all week! And Kit Kat Chunkys, yes please, I haven't had one in years, but I love them! :) xx