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I know I have written quite a few skincare and makeup posts recently but I simply had to write about my updated skincare routine. You see I had been getting pretty fed up with my skin, I felt like a had terrible dark circles round my eyes, it kept feeling really tight and dry and I kept getting little bumps on my forehead. My skin is usually a tad oily in my T zone, but I don't often break out, so the bumps on my forehead were starting to really bother me and I would get so upset putting makeup on as I felt it made it worse. A few posts back I mentioned that I had purchased the Origins Eye Cream, well now after having used it for a few months, I have to say that I love it. On really tired days you can still see my dark circles, it's not like the cream has made them disappear or anything, but it really makes my under eyes feel looked after and refreshed and brighter. When my Mom in law came to visit I was telling her about this cream and she said that my sister in law swears by Origins and has been using it for years. That made me happy and gave me all the confidence to want to try their face creams. I had been using a Ponds face cream for about a year but it felt so oily and like it just wasn't benefiting my skin at all. My Mom in law being my Mom in law, which means she is awesome in every way, spoilt me and purchased a little treat bag of Origins goodies for me to try. Thank you Mom! :) I have been using them now for about a month and I adore them! :)

Top to bottom:
The GinZing refreshing eye cream I mentioned above so I won't ramble, but it's wonderful! :p
The High Potency Night a mins night time cream...uh!!! :p I love, love, love this. At night time when I washed my face and it felt really dry and dehydrated, I would just put some more of my heavy Ponds moisturizer on, well not anymore, this cream smells scrumptious and is so light on the skin. It's perfect for night time. It absorbs into my skin quickly and doesn't leave my face feeling oily one little bit. And the best thing is that when I wake up in the morning my skin feels lovely and smooth and extremely refreshed. :)
The GinZing energy boosting moisturizer This cream is divine. It smells citrusy and fresh and feels so incredibly refreshing on my skin in the mornings. In addition, in sinks into my skin within minutes leaving it feeling hydrated and ready for makeup. (On days I'm going out)
I can't say enough great things about these products, they are the best! :)
So, to the right of the picture you may have noticed I have the Cera Ve renewing SA cleanser, this has become my number one face wash, I love it! :) I had been talking to my friend Angie... from Chocolate and Lipstick...(she's wonderful and always listens to my many rambles! :p) and I asked her if she could recommend anything for the bumps on my head and she suggested something with Salicylic acid in it, this is what I found. I'm always skeptical in trying products that people rave about or even products that are supposed to work wonders, if I'm honest, I just never believe it and think that a cream or face wash couldn't possible do what it says it 's going to do!! :p This however, is a game changer. My skin is clearer, it doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry after using it and my face is left feeling so fresh and smooth. It truly works! :) I bought mine at Target, it's a little pricey for what I'd usually like to spend on a face wash, I think it was around $11 compared to my $3 for my St Ives scrub, but it was so worth it! :)
Of course when talking about skincare and in realizing why my skin wasn't as bright and healthy looking as it once was, I owned up to the fact that I wasn't drinking near enough water per day. I can wake up and have my coffee and get to lunch time and realize that I haven't had anything to hydrate myself all morning. I blame this on the fact that I lost my Thor water bottle a few months back...genuinely gutted with that! :( but also the fact that I would just sit and write and get distracted or with work I would forget to bring a bottle with me. Not anymore!! After receiving lots of lovely Starbucks gift cards for my birthday I thought I would put them to use and get myself a cute new water bottle. I have been making myself drink the entire bottle each day, in addition to glasses of water I now have throughout the day too...perfect!! :) I have to say that I know water is an obvious one when it comes to keeping skin looking healthy, but it is so easy to forget to drink it and not get in your daily amount. I have been trying to so hard to stick with it this time as I all round just feel better, inside and out! :)
Do you have a skincare routine? What are some products you can't live without? Do you have any DIY scrubs or treatments that work for you? Let me know in the comments below!! :)
Have a wonderful evening!
Love Lulu xx

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  1. Great Post, Lucy! SO glad it had cleared your skin! :DDD
    OMG! That Starbucks water bottle is so nice! I want one! Hehe :D

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog