Colours that Pop!! :)

Over the past few months I think I have watched pretty much all my favourite Beauty Gurus talk about this brand, naturally I was intrigued and put it on my wish list! :p I liked the sound of all their stuff and I adored the look of everything. ColourPop cosmetics is everything for my love of all things white, cute and pretty at the moment. :) I waited for their blushes to launch before purchasing, as I knew I would use blushes and the lippiestix over the eye shadow, however the eye shadows do look gorgeous.

My goodies came with these fun little tips and fact cards and a personalized hand written note, which I thought was really sweet! :)

The colours I chose from the blush selection were Fox and Thumper. I thought Fox looked a bit like Nars's Orgasm, as it has that peachy, coral tone to it, and since my Nars blush is coming to an end I thought I would try and find one similar. Thumper is a really lovely baby pink and I simply wanted to try something a tad girlie and bright and different to what I usually wear. 

Here you have Fox on the left and Thumper on the right. This was just one stroke. They are beautifully pigmented and incredibly smooth. I am super excited to try them out. :) I will keep you posted.
Of course I had to try the ColourPop lippiestix, they just look too darn cute. :p I wanted to get a shade that I knew I would wear and after Jaclyn Hill used the shade Bound in her Valentines tutorial I knew that I would love it and it would be my favourite. The other shade I bought is a little out there for me as i'm not usually a big fan of red on me, but I saw this in Kathleen Lights lippiestix swatch video and loved it. I loved that it was matte and had a slight orange to it, but at the same time it's a very vibrant bright red that made me think of Spring. I'm going to try and step out of my comfort zone and experiment with this one.

Look at those pretty colours! I've already worn the shade Bound and it is beautiful, very girly and just so pretty, it's perfect for an everyday shade, especially for Spring!! :)
I hope you liked this mini ColourPop haul. I have to say I adore their products and think for the price you can't beat them. The lippiestix are $5 and the blushes $8. I'm excited to see how their brand expands! :)
Check out their website here: 
Hope you all have a wonderful and bright weekend! :)
Love Lulu xx

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  1. Those lippie sticks and the blushes make my eyes sparkle with desire! haha. I love them! Great post, Lucy!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog