My home away from home! :)

Around 7 years ago, in August 2008, my sister and I travelled to Louisville KY to spend a week at Ohio Valley Wrestling. (Thank you Nick Dinsmore, we are forever grateful!!) We loved it so much that a year later we were back for our first 3 month stint, along with our friend Dave. Those first 3 months were an adjustment with being so far away from home, but at 21 years old, we quickly adapted to our new lifestyle of training, wrestling, hanging out, trying new food places, training, wrestling, hanging out, trying new food places, repeat, repeat, you get the picture. :p We loved having our independence and making new friends and we were having a blast at OVW, as well as experiencing all Louisville had to offer. Following that first 3 months, we would come back to Louisville for months at a time over the next 2 years. That brought tons more experiences, lots of growing up and again, lots of new developments in finding the fun spots to go in The Ville. With the friends that we made and all the exciting differences between Stockport and Louisville, we easily found our home away from home. The food was a huge deal to us, we tried and tested so many of the cool places we didn't have back in the UK, Steak n Shake, IHop, Buffalo Wild Wings, and we loved doing our own grocery shop. The foodies in us really came out. :)

Over the past few months I have been very up and down about life in Louisville, 7 years later and I very much miss little old Stockport. And when Kelly and Chris moved to Florida and with no longer wrestling, I felt like I just wanted to pack up and go somewhere else. Virginia to be with family, Florida to be with Kelly and Chris, home, anywhere but KY. I felt like I wanted a fresh start and that Louisville had run it's course. I no longer felt the same about Louisville being my home away from home. As you know from previous blogs, I was finding it hard to balance missing family and at times just didn't know what to do with myself. I was trying to teach myself to focus on the now and everything I had in front of me and not all the things I was missing. My husband is beyond wonderful and helps me a lot with these things and over the course of the last few weeks, moving apartments, finding a job that I love and concentrating on breathing and making things happen, I started to smile.

Louisville isn't this horrible bad place that keeps me from my family. Louisville isn't this bad place where wrestling became a nightmare and not my dream. Louisville isn't this negative spot that doesn't begin to compare to Stockport. No, Louisville is special. Louisville is the place where I fell in love with wrestling more than I ever thought I could. Louisville is the place that I met the most amazing and incredible people that I now call family. Louisville is the place that I met my soul mate and husband. Louisville is full of so many happy memories and I think I just needed to take a step back and remember some of those memories, change shades and really see what was in front of me and appreciate all that Louisville has to offer. Even simply reminding myself of the joys that came from trying all those food places made me remember how fun and special to me Louisville is.

And with that slightly random introduction, I bring you today's topic...Food! :p (It does make sense I swear. :p)

One thing I love about different places is happening upon spots that are unique to a certain town or city. For example, I love going to Virginia and going for a walk in Carrytown and seeing all the cool little shops, cafe's and restaurants  that you can't find anywhere else. In Louisville we have  Bardstown road, which is another lovely place to take a stroll, hang out, shop and eat some delicious food, that can only be found there.

My husband and I came across El Caminos, last year just before Christmas, and we have since frequented the hotspot. I adore the look and style of this restaurant. They have cute and cozy booths, fire places built in the walls, with fire pits outside too in the center of the tables, gorgeous colours that make the walls pop, as well as the pretty stars that you see in the picture below, I am obsessed with them, they remind me of Tangled, and I LOVE Tangled! :p They even have Mexican wrestling masks and posters dotted around, which gives it extra bonus points. In addition, every time my husband and I go to eat there, we end up talking about how cool it would be to have a bar like this in our future house! :p

Naturally upon our first visit we both ordered Tacos. Who doesn't love tacos? We ordered the Barbacoa and De Panza from the Dinner Menu. Oh my gosh... they were unbelievable. We couldn't stop raving about them, especially the De Panza, a pork belly taco. It was just super yummy, with so much flavor. My husband, who has previously been a Chef and Sous Chef in many dining establishments, was pretty excited and eager to try everything on the menu after that. :) Furthermore, I thought that that taco was my new favourite food, until we visited again and I had the Black Bean and Kale taco... put it this way, I could live off that one! :p

The Black Bean and Kale taco is on the left, so scrumptious, they cook the Kale absolutely perfect, I could of eaten a huge bowl of just that! :) Here you can also see the Ceviche I tried too. I had wanted something a little light and fresh and was in the mood for fish so I chose to get this and again, it did not disappoint. It had avocado and cucumber and I can't quite remember what the pink bits were but they were delicious too! :p I think this meal above would be my go to. It was simply delightful, ooh and topped off with a Grapefruit Mimosa, heaven!! :)

This was Chris's meal when we last visited, he got his usual De Panza and Barbacoa tacos, but with a side of rice and refried beans with Pork chorizo. I ended up finishing off the refried beans and pork chorizo, I know, I know, I was full from my Ceviche and Taco but I couldn't help it. I'm running out of ways to describe how good the food is... but it was delicious, scrumptious, amazing, yummy, all of the above. :) When Mom and Dad visited a few months ago, we took them to eat here and they gave it a big thumbs up too and next time my sister and her Chris are in town, you can bet we are making a visit to El Camino's! :)

So, if you live in Louisville or you are visiting, make sure to take a stroll down Bardstown Road and go eat at El Camino's. It's definitely one of the things on my list as to what makes Louisville so unique and special. :)

Have you been before? What's your favourite thing off the menu?

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Have a great day!

Love Lulu. xx

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  1. The food look amazing! I am totally craving that now...sadly we are chicken for dinner with a side salad.... :/

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