My big surprise! :)

I have been away from my blog for a few days now due to getting ready to move and actually moving apartments this past Saturday, as mentioned in my last post, and I have really missed sitting down and writing and have been eager to share my excitement from over the past couple days with you. :)

On Thursday I had been at my most frazzled, staring at all the boxes in my living room and feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff Chris and I still had left to pack. I couldn't help thinking that if my Kelly was with me this would all be a lot less stressful, as she is a whiz at organizing things and me! :p My Mum and younger sister rang in the afternoon and I got to enjoy being on the phone and chatting to everyone back home while they had dinner. It was really nice as I love these phone calls from home, they make me feel calmer and as usual I was missing them all bunches and happy to hear everyone's voices. After about half an hour though, I said to my younger sister that I would let them go so they could enjoy their evening, but my Mum said it's ok, she still wanted to talk to me. I smiled thinking that that was very sweet of her to want to keep me company. The next second there was a knock at my door, I'm rushing to answer it as I'm saying to my Mum who could that possibly be? Post had already been and I wasn't expecting anyone. Now it had been about 5 weeks since I saw my twin sister Kelly over Christmas, and we talk every second of the day, every day through Voxer, Phone calls, texts, Skype etc. but when I saw her and my brother in law standing at my door, my emotions got the best of me. I screamed, I cried and my neighbor ran out to check if I was ok! :p Needless to say, I was shocked and beyond happy to see my Kelly and Chris. They had flown in from Florida to help us move. :) Yes...I really do have the most amazing family.

So, you can imagine that my weekend was a lot less stressful and pretty darn wonderful! :) I got to spend time hanging out and doing errands with my Kelly and Chris on the Friday and on Saturday we got most things moved and settled into the new apartment rather quickly that evening. We had a few moments where it felt a little overwhelming and my Husband Chris has put me on a photo frame ban and himself on a T-shirt ban, due to the amount of said items that we have accumulated. :p Sunday was another busy day, clearing up the last bits and pieces out of the old apartment and running round, but we worked fast and efficiently and were able to curl up by the fire and enjoy the Super bowl half time show and a bit of "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" while drinking hot chocolate and eating donuts, that evening! :)

Here are a few pictures from my weekend and some sneak peeks of the new place. :)

With my Kelly and her Chris! We love our Starbucks and Target days and I hope to have more of these days together in the near future! ;)
Kelly and I getting excited at half price books. We needed this book to add to our collections and they had two in store! :) We <3 Kristan Higgins. Stay tuned to our Book club page as we will be talking about some of her books soon! :)
For some reason I have been craving donuts for what seems like a year, I'm not even kidding! :p I just haven't had one in forever and have been saying to my Chris for the longest time, can we get donuts today? And we always forgot to pick some up when grocery shopping. So with my Kelly with me and celebrating moving in to our new apartment, we made sure to pick up donuts for a Sunday treat and they were delicious! Craving...satisfied! :p
This has to be one of my favourite things about our new place...a built in bookshelf! :) Can you tell which is my side and which is Chris's side? :p
Who feels all grown up? We do! :p It was so lovely coming home from work yesterday and curling up by the fire with a yummy dinner courtesy of my Chris, it just felt so relaxing! We are definitely already loving our new place! :)
I hope you all had an awesome weekend and a great start to the week! :) Are you doing any DIY or redecorating? If so, I'd love to read about them in the comments below! I'm thinking our place needs a sprinkle of fairy lights here and there! :p
Thank you to everyone who helped us move and get organized. Thank you Kelly and Chris for the best surprise and all your help, we couldn't have done it without you both. And thank you to my amazing husband for being simply incredible in every way! :)
Have a blessed day!
Love Lulu xx

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