It takes two!! :)

I remember back when Kelly, my twin sister, and I were 18, we were fresh out of college in the July and stepping into our first proper jobs in the September, Kelly as a learning support assistant at Tithe Barn Primary School and me as a Nursery Nurse at Freshfield Nursery School. As February 18th the following year drew closer, we talked about how funny it was going to be having to spend 7 hours a part from each other on our birthday. Yes, at this point we hadn't spent many hours away from each other. Getting our first grown up jobs in different places was a big step. :p Needless to say, we got through those 7 hours and had a lovely evening with our family opening cards and gifts and having a yummy dinner together. :)

Today it makes me laugh to think back to our 18th birthday, because I still remember the feeling. I didn't want to celebrate without her or be away from her that day, so it didn't really feel like our birthday until we got back from work. That might sound silly to some but after 18 years of:

"Don't tell me what it is."
"Which one should we open first."
"I'm opening this one."
"Oh you spoilt it for me."
"Keg, I hadn't opened that one yet."
"Nooo, don't tell me."
"I think this one might be yours."
"Ok go."
"Lucy wait for Kelly."
"Kelly wait for Lucy."
"You open it from that side."
"That's ok, you can open that one."

and so forth, it's simply not right any other way and traditions become traditions! Our birthdays were never simply pick a present/card and open it, no they had to be thought out, they required patience, sharing, in some cases will power and us being together! :p

9 years later and today is the first birthday in our 27 years of existence that Kelly and I will actually spend a part. Not just 7 hours but the whole entire day! :p It actually made me tear up just writing that, meanwhile I know Kelly will probably be having a blast galloping around Disney World with her birthday badge later. :p

I have written plenty of twin posts, here and here and she has even written one too, here, so there's no need for me to ramble on too much. But as it's our birthday, I did just want to say that I am one very very lucky girl to have Kelly for a twin sister. She is my absolute everything and my most favourite person in the history of the world. :) My Kelly is grounded and always keep me in check and she is one of the sweetest people I know. She very much takes after our Mum and is caring, loving, as kind as can be and extremely stubborn to boot! :p As we've gotten older she tends to not let me get away with as much as she used too, due to the aforementioned stubbornness but I still love her to pieces. ;)All the things we have accomplished together fill me with so much pride and I know I couldn't have done any of it without her. :)

We've experienced being a part for the past 8 months and while yes I know we have survived and got through it, I have to say that life's better when she's with me. She just makes life brighter and more fun, gives it more meaning and I don't feel so much like I am waiting for something. Our Grandad puts it perfectly when he says we are one half of a whole, he couldn't be more right! :)
So today is going to be a little different, but I'm going to smile really big, as even though we are spending the day a part, I am still incredibly happy that I get to share my birthday with her, and I'm pretty sure we will have Skype set up so that we don't miss our usual, "Wait, open this one first." "No, don't tell me, I haven't opened that one yet." :p
I feel that over this past year we have done a lot of growing and learning and experiencing different things. We have found ourselves individually and even began new dreams that were different to the other. However, looking to this next year I am so very excited for all the things we have planned together and how everything seemed to work itself out to bring us back together. I am proud to be Kelly's twin sister and in turning 27 I feel more content than ever to say that no amount of growing up or finding myself is going to change that. Being Kelly's twin is a huge, huge part of who I am and each and every year it happens to be the best birthday present I ever received!!!. :)
Wishing everyone a wonderful day! :)
Keep smiling and have a piece of cake!
Love Lulu. xx


  1. Happiest of birthday to you and your sister! It's so sad you spent time away from her, and it can be gut wrenching, but on the plus side, just 9 days to go, right!?

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog