Friday's been a while! :)

It's been a while since I have sat and written a Friday Favourites/Favourites, and this week I have had so many things to smile about that I thought it was about time to start them up again. I love to talk about things that make me happy, I like to share the love in hopes that it may put a smile on your face too. Whether it be a TV show, song, book, day out or family moment, life is so much nicer when we simply:

So first up on my favourites list this week:
Birthday fun! :)
I was overwhelmed by the amount of birthday messages I received on Wednesday, be it through cards, texts, twitter, Facebook, I felt so very loved and it meant the absolute world to me. I'm always touched when people I haven't spoken to in ages or since school, stop by and wish me a Happy Birthday, I think it's a wonderful positive to social media. :) Thank you all very much for making my day! :) These are just a few of the cards I got, I love cards and they were all so cute. The one with the monkey on...yep that one was from my husband. :p In addition to the beautiful bridge one too. :) The adorable little pug is a pad I got from my little sister, I love him, he is just too much! Thank you Jenfer! :) I received so many lovely little treats and gift cards that I really can't thank every one enough for their thoughtfulness and kindness. I have the most amazing family and friends!

Handmade with Love!
I had to single this card out as just look at it!!! :) How totally awesome is this card??? My little sister hand crafted this and I absolutely adore it. It has the little Nerd Herd running man, the awesome computer message and even Pineapple washi tape... it's perfect! Even you non fans of the show should all know by now what the Nerd Herd is if you follow my blog! :p Yes, of course, it's from 'Chuck' :p My little sister is a genius! :)
Jerry Seinfeld!!
In keeping with the birthday favourites theme! :p One of the most awesome birthday gifts ever, my husband out did himself and got us tickets to go and see Jerry Seinfeld Live at The Palace Theatre, here in Louisville, on April 2nd. Who has been doing a happy dance for the past few days? Me that's who! :) I can not wait and keep squealing with glee!! I am so unbelievably excited for this I can't tell you. I love going to concerts and events with Chris. We have been so fortunate to see some of our favourite artists, like Ray LaMontagne and Augustana and see things like 'First Date' on Broadway and meet Zachary Levi. (forever indebted to my sisters for that one) We have experienced so many of our favourite things together and now this will kick off our 2015 events, I am beyond giddy. Chris introduced me to the show 'Seinfeld' last year and since then we have watched all 9 seasons and still curl up and watch them over and over again because it's just so good. To actually get to see Jerry Seinfeld live, well, I'm rambling now so you know I'm still in dream state! :p A big, big thank you to my husband! :)

Snow days! :)
I've never experienced a snow day until this past week. My schools have always been a 5 minute walk round the corner, so it was never like buses were cancelled and we couldn't make it in. In addition to the fact that I can't remember the last time we really truly got a bunch of snow in the UK. I know that snow can cause trouble, slow things down and cause accidents, but I have to admit that I love it when it snows, and to see this much snow, snow that you can actually play in, and where your feet sink in, to me it was rather exciting. Outside looked like a winter wonderland and that always puts a smile on my face. :) Did you get snow?
Home! :)
Chris and I already feel so at home and cozy in our new apartment. We are especially loving our little fireplace. It is definitely one of my new favourite things. I got to curl up this week and drink my hot cocoa by it and it was delightful! :) It's a place where I can sit and relax and take in everything around me. I have so many things to be grateful for and have had so many blessings this week that I hope you didn't mind me sharing them with you. :)
What has been making you smile this week? Have you got any favourites that have been making you smile? I'd love to read about them! :)
Have a wonderful Friday!
Love Lulu. xx



  1. What a great post Lucy!
    Since I am from Canada, I have had a lot of snow days through the years, even a few here in London, because, well, London is so woefully prepared for any snow whatsoever. lol

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww thank you Angie! :) Haha, that's true! :p We have another snow day here today, I can't quite believe it as it literally just cleared up yesterday and you could see the grass and now its covered again! :p xx