All you need is LOVE! :)

I'm not one to be super girlie, day dream of receiving flowers or think about taking long romantic walks on the beach. I'm not really into being whisked away to some surprise getaway and wish to have rose petals scattered around my bedroom, I just never really think about those kind of things or think that guys should do that. I know, I know, that probably sounds crazy, as if you follow my blog you know that I read nothing but romantic novels, constantly get all mushy and soppy when talking about my husband and I'm the first to admit that I love, LOVE,'s true. I swear! :p

Valentines Day was always fun growing up. Mum would write me and my sister cards and actually have them mailed to the house, pretending they were from a real Valentine. We cottoned on as we got older as she would alternate her writing style, my card would be written in small handwriting and Kelly's in big handwriting and then it would swap the next year. It always made us smile though as our Mum is the sweetest and we thought it was very thoughtful of her. Besides that, Valentines Day was never a big deal, I think I remember one year in Primary school getting a real one and that was from a friend and rather cute, but other than that, I never gave it too much thought. Fast forward to getting older and boyfriends and again I never really got too in to it. I mean I did the whole card thing and on the odd occasion got excited about picking out cute little gifts, but that was about it. I am one of those people that believe in telling the people you love that you love them every day but all in all I did think the concept of Valentines day was rather sweet and simply put...nice. :)

But if I'm honest, and going back to my first point, all the hype over chocolates and flowers and stuffed animals was never my thing. Hands up if you walked past the giant bears in Kroger, Walmart, Clinton cards or Tesco and muttered any of the following...

"Now how is that practical?"
"Don't ever get me one of them." (to husband, boyfriend, partner)
"Really? Who needs a bear that big?"
"What exactly is the point of that?"
"What would you do with it exactly?"
"Really, you don't need to buy me something like that."

Both my hands are up! :p

Last Valentines Day, my husband bought me a beautiful card, Tangled on DVD and some yummy cupcake Goldfish and I was ecstatic. I wasn't expecting anything and I thought it was the most perfect and sweetest gift ever, still do! :) We exchanged cards and gifts and off he went to work. This year I had picked up a DVD he'd been looking at, a goofy SpongeBob Squarepants chocolate box and written a handmade card for him, I just thought it would be a nice little token for all the wonderful things he does. And again, I wasn't expecting anything in return. Needless to say my husband, being the amazing and awesome husband that he is, completely outdid himself and surprised me throughout the day. It was the most traditional Valentines Day I have ever had, waking up to Nutella pancakes, a box of chocolates, pink roses, being surprised with a bubble bath, tea lights lighting up the bathroom, cuddles by the fire, champagne, a gorgeous card, yummy dinner and yep, you guessed it... very own big bear! :p You can bet the minute I walked into my office and saw this guy on my desk, I squealed and thought it was the best thing on the planet. Not so impractical and useless anymore, it has received many cuddles and squishes and has become Nobby's best friend. My husband's reason for purchasing it "You now have your own brown grizzly bear." Yes, I have always wanted a pet grizzly bear and now I have him! :p Any ideas for a name? :)

Yesterday I felt an overwhelming burst of love for my husband. It actually brought me to tears. It's not so much the gifts and treats that he bought for me, it's that he put all this effort into surprising me with these little things and above all else believing I deserved to be somewhat showered with all these tokens of love. In sharing this with you I wanted to say that though many think Valentines day is corny (I admit to thinking this in the past too) and many people associate it with lots of negative energy, be it about the cost of cards, expensive dinners or being single. I feel that what my husband showed me yesterday can be passed on and maybe next Valentine's day, instead of thinking negative thoughts, we can choose to spend the day making someone feel special, be it a friend, family member, partner, or child, the world simply needs more love. I've learnt my lesson: love that is thought of as being corny is, no matter how you look at it, still love. :)

In addition, to those girls (and guys) who think they know what they want, call themselves Miss/Mr Independent and like to tell people what they want in a guy, (or girl) I'm talking about the influx of the era of "I don't need a man" etc. and teaching little girls that they shouldn't look for Prince Charming and the what not, (slightly different topic but one that I find very frustrating, see for a little more detail) please take a step back and let your guard down a little. From my experience, no one knows what they want, or need, till it hits them. You can miss out on so many wonderful things in life if you put ideals into your head, go with the flow and follow your heart, (yes there will be ups and downs, but it will work out and make you appreciate things all the more) and in the end there might be a giant, cuddly, cute as a button, impractical and ridiculously expensive but oh so perfect and I love him, teddy bear in it for you! :p

What did you get up to for Valentines Day?

Have a blessed Sunday!
Love Lulu xx


  1. What a beautiful and lovely post! Your husband sure is a sweetheart! :)

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww thank you very much Angie! He is pretty awesome! I am a very lucky girl! :) xx