Guest Post...Disney Dining! :)

Hey Everyone,
It's Kelly here, time for another little guest blog while I had some fun things in mind.
As you know myself and my Husband moved to Florida just over six months ago. Once we got settled we knew it was only a matter of time before we were going to go for it and get Annual Disney Passes. It took about a month but boy are we glad we did it. I don't know about everyone, but from our experiences so far, they are definitely worth every penny!
As you can imagine we have been to Disney a lot since we got them and the place never gets old. We love being able to go to a park just for a few hours, or even just to walk round without going on any rides, or my personal favorite popping in simply for dinner or lunch. I love the atmosphere and the fact that it can cheer you up no matter what kind of mood you're in. So in the spirit of all things Disney, I thought I would tell you my top five Disney restaurants, so you can keep note for your next trip, holiday, or if you're a pass-holder like me, just the next time you're in the park! :) In no particular order...

1- O'HANA - Polynesian Village Resort

This restaurant we booked while we were at Disney for our one year wedding anniversary and I would love to go again soon. It was absolutely perfect for me, in the way in which they served the food as I will explain in a minute, but for some reason at the time I couldn't eat very much which kind of spoilt it. Once you sit down they bring you a salad followed by a plate to share with noodles, broccoli, wings and pot stickers. I would have been happy with just this as I love wings and noodles. Can you say heaven?!! :) I guess these things are just to accompany the rest of the food though, as for the rest of the night someone walks round with shrimp, beef, chicken, pork, you name it on a stick and if you want some you just say the magic words and onto your plate it's that simple. I did think this was quite a cool idea plus I adore grilled food and everything they gave us was delicious, I'm drooling just thinking about it. Like I said I definitely need to go back and this time I will make sure I eat everything in sight. To top off the gorgeous meal, we had a huge chunk of, I believe, a pineapple and coconut cake with vanilla ice cream, (forgive me for not remembering exactly) but whatever it was all you need to know is that it was *insert Emma Stone eating lobster in "Easy A face"*...YUM! :) For menus and prices, click here:

2- Be Our Guest Restaurant - Magic Kingdom

Again this place we were lucky enough to go to on our anniversary, as we received an invite via email. This was great as usually you can't get anywhere near it because it's so busy. The food was amazing. My husband and I got a beef casserole dish followed by a lemon cupcake (me) and a chocolate cupcake (him) but whilst the meal was really good it's more of the way they set out this restaurant that I think is really cool. They give you three dining room choices, you can either sit in the ball room, the dining room or the Beast's study, which is a dark room covered in ripped drapes with the rose in a corner! Talk about creating atmosphere!! :) If you want to enjoy this dining experience I would highly recommend booking way in advance. For further information, click here:

3- Sci Fi Diner - Hollywood studios

This restaurant is set out like a drive in theater...just try and keep me away!! :p I've always wanted to go and see a drive in movie but have yet to find one, so this was the next best thing. Anytime I see a classic car, it makes me smile and think of my Dad and in this diner they have plenty. It looks awesome. It's quite a big room with a huge screen at the front and lots of classic car/tables facing it. It was a little dark and I got a little chilly as it had decided to do the Florida rain storm thing earlier in the day, something I'm now accustomed too, but the overall feel and experience I really enjoyed and would love to take my Dad to when he visits. For those wondering, I had ribs. I love me some ribs and these did not disappoint! :) If you are a fan of classic 50's diners, then definitely give this one a visit!

4- Yak and Yeti Restaurant - Animal Kingdom

This was a much needed food haven for us, as we were in need of warmth, shelter and something good to eat after being soaked to the bone (not kidding) after yet another Florida downpour. I love Chinese food and this certainly hit the spot, plus I got my own little cute Chinese pot of tea to warm me up. The ultimate *insert Emma Stone eating lobster in "Easy A" face*... YUM here goes to the dessert though...fried cheesecake with strawberries and ice cream....I'll let that sink in! I was already full from my main course but boy if I didn't try and eat every last bit on that plate. :)

5- Hollywood Brown Derby - Dinner with an Imagineer - Hollywood studios.

Now if I had to pick I would probably go ahead and say that this is probably my favorite meal and experience that we have had so far. From the food, to the service, to the company it was just wonderful. If you get the opportunity then I would definitely say do it and you won't regret it. This was actually a birthday present for my husband and I have to admit I was a little nervous at first thinking about having dinner with ten other people, but once we got there and sat down it was actually rather pleasant. We got name badges and menus and our own little souvenir plate signed by David our Imagineer, who was lovely, as well as a picture of us all with a bio of David. While he answered our questions and chatted to us about his job, we were served a three course meal that was just heavenly. Again I could have kicked myself for getting full so quick, but it really was amazing. We started with their famous cobb salad followed by (for me) Orzo pasta with mussels and prawns in a tomato sauce, then to top it off we had a little trio of creme brulee, chocolate cake and their famous grapefruit cake. Delightful! :)

There you have it, my 5 favorite Disney Restaurants/dining experiences. I'm not going to lie, I pretty much love all food and am easily pleased, but I honestly can not say that I have had a bad Disney dining experience. It has all been wonderful and I can not wait to try more!

Let me know if you've enjoyed similar experiences or which places you think we should try next!
Hope you've enjoyed my little guest appearance.

Until next time, keep smiling!

P.s For those wondering what on earth I was on about with my *insert Emma Stone eating lobster in "Easy A" face* I thought I would leave you with a little GIF... she is awesome!


  1. They all sound so delicious!
    And that Emma Stone moment, so true! I definitely would have felt like that with that cake. Heck, it sounds so yummy!

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog ~

  2. OMG I want to move to Florida so I can have access to Disney food whenever I want it! These all look so amazing, I especially love the sound of the O'Hana restaurant! Thanks for sharing, Kelly :)
    Steph x.

    1. We were very lucky when we lived here last time, being so close to Disney. The food is delicious! No matter where you go, they are always spot on. :) xx