Current Skincare Favourites! :)

Last year I found that I really enjoyed learning more about makeup, playing with it, finding out about different brands, watching beauty gurus on YouTube, and discovering what my favourite go to products are, blush and lipsticks for the win. :p However, as January was approaching my brain seemed to switch gears a little and I started thinking more about skincare and getting excited about trying new products that would look after my skin, protect it and make it glow. I grew up watching my Mum applying moisturizer and she always encouraged my sisters and I to do the same to keep our skin nice and healthy. Mum never wore makeup and still doesn't, and she is the most beautiful women I know. Her face most definitely glows! :)
With Mum's guidance I always like to use a face cream, face wash and body moisturizer, I have experimented with quite a few over the years, as I like to make sure I use these types of skincare products every day. Mum's Oil of Olay is still probably my favourite face cream but over the past year, with learning what my skin likes and doesn't like, I've found a few new products that I truly love and feel that they work wonders with my skin! :)
So let's jump right in: 

Top left:

Fresh cream body lotion from Philosophy.

This I simply couldn't resist. Jaclyn Hill mentioned it in one of her videos and after smelling it in Sephora I really wanted to try it. I wouldn't usually spend $17 on a body lotion but I treated myself for winter as I knew I would be in need of a good moisturizer. The thing I love about this cream is that because I adore the smell, I always remember to put it on and I actually want to put it on. Sometimes I admit, that if it's cold and I'm being lazy, when I get out of the shower I just want to jump straight into my pajamas, but now I reach straight for this bottle. It smells divine and feels so luxuries that it's like I have to put it on before bed to feel extra relaxed and cozy. I definitely feel like I got my moneys worth. I am currently squeezing the bottle I have to death to make sure I get every last bit out of it. :p I highly recommend this body lotion. Thank you Jaclyn Hill! :)

Top row middle:

Josie Maran 100% pure Argan Oil, Light.

I bought this little bottle a while ago, again after Jaclyn Hill had recommended it and I used it constantly. It felt really good on my skin and I really liked it, but then I kind of just stopped applying it. When I flew back from England over the Christmas holiday, I had come home and you know when you just feel all icky after spending a whole day travelling and flying? well I washed my face and my skin felt really dry, I didn't want to put on my thick day moisturizer so I reached for this bottle. Instantly my face felt lovely and refreshed and then when I woke up in the morning my skin felt so soft and looked brighter and glowing that I now make sure it's part of my night time routine! :) Are there any night creams/oils that you recommend or can't be without?

Top row right:

Fresh cream Fragrance

I know this isn't a skincare product but I just wanted to mention it anyway as my husband bought it me for Christmas and it is my favourite ever. I've never had my own scent or really bothered with perfumes. I'd use body sprays but perfume was never really my thing. I remember Christmas 2013 my husband had walked me round the Fragrance counters so I could pick something out, but I didn't like anything other than Chanel Number 5, which is my Mum's scent and the only thing that I loved because it made me feel comforted and smelled like her. :) But this scent smells sweet but isn't too over powering and it doesn't have that 'I'm a perfume' smell that gives me a headache. Chris knew I loved the Fresh cream lotion, so thought this would be perfect for my first bottle of perfume! He was right, I adore it! :) It simply makes you smell nice and fresh and sweet! :p

Bottom left:

Sephora Rose Mask

Every now and again I like to try a mask and see if it actually does anything for me. I'm always skeptical and think 'can you even see or feel a difference', but Nicole Guerriero had talked about these ones being good for hydration and I felt that that was something my skin could do with, as during the cold months my face does get very dry. I have to say that I really loved this mask. It's simple to use, with it being like a cloth that you just rest over your face, so you don't have to deal with all of the goop and trying to spread mud round your face. It felt so incredibly refreshing when on and once I took it off my face felt considerably light and fresh. The packet states that you don't need to rinse off once you remove the cloth, they say you can gently rub the remaining moisture into your skin. I did this and I was really pleased with the results. It gave my skin tons of moisture and made me feel awake and very refreshed. (How many times can I use the word fresh and refreshed? :p) They have a range of these masks, all to help with different things, like toning, blemishes, brightening, and mattifying, I'm eager to try more! :)

Body row middle:

St Ives face scrub

This has to be my favourite brand for face washes. When I lived at home Mum used to buy different ones for us to try and it would be whatever caught her fancy when shopping or maybe a brand that she saw in a magazine or that was on special offer. Sometimes the ones that suited her and my little sister would always make my skin feel tight and dry, but she hit a home run when she found this one. Thank you Mum. :) I've tried a few of the different types that St Ives has, like the apricot scrubs, and I just think they are awesome. I don't suffer from sensitive skin but I've used brands like Garnier and Simple before, and as I mentioned above, my skin feels a little irritated and dry afterwards. But the St Ives feels so gentle, even the ones with the little beads and exfoliators, and after my skin feels clean, soft and smooth and seems to look brighter and healthier too. :)

Bottom right:

Yes to Blueberries facial wipes.

I like to use makeup wipes to take off eye makeup and for when I'm really tired and want to climb into bed without having to go through lots of different lotions and potions to wipe away the days dirt in order to let my skin breathe. I've yet to find the absolute perfect wipes that make me feel like I've accomplished getting rid of all my foundation and such, but these ones do come pretty darn close. They smell like a spa and are extremely moisturizing and do get rid of  90% of my makeup. The only thing that I don't like about them is that on occasion my face feels slightly tingly and sensitive after. I've resorted to being very light handed when using them and for now it seems to do the trick. Pictured above is the limited edition Ingrid Nilsen packet. Ingrid is another of my favourite YouTubers hence me trying these out! :p  

I hope you enjoy some of my skincare favourites, if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments below! I'm in search of a good eye cream! :)

Have a lovely evening!

Love Lulu. xx


  1. oooh! I wanted to try the Fresh Cream by Philosophy, now even more so than ever!!

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. Angie, it's the best! I'm all out of the body lotion now and I'm getting through the fragrance real quick! It just smells delicious I'm like just one more spritz! :p xx

  2. i love the yes to cucumber wipes, i'll have to try blueberry!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. Ooh I'll have to try the cucumber ones next Danielle! :) x