A Healthy way to start the day!

I know everyone has differing opinions on New Years Resolutions but I have to say that I think dreaming and setting goals can only be a good thing. Even if a New Years Resolution is something simple and just a bit of fun, like trying out a new sport or wanting to get better at dressing a bit more stylish, and you only end up doing it for a week or even a few days because, one: while you might enjoy the sport, you simply don't enjoy it that much, and two: while you really did feel slightly more grown up dressing the part, it's just not you and you are quite happy the way you are, I still think there's always something to be said for trying. :)

I love to try things and I love to dream about being able to do anything and everything and be good at it. For instance, over the Christmas period I did so much crafting and learnt how to make lots of different things. Every time I seemed to look around Michaels craft store, I saw something new I wanted to make. I enjoyed learning how to stitch felt together and sew a pair of pajama pants together for my sister. I had a blast gluing buttons to canvas's and making chalkboard plates. It was just so much fun gaining knowledge of things I hadn't used or done before.

Now I have to admit, I have been like this for pretty much my entire life. I have bounced around from phase to phase, idea to idea, loving everything with my whole heart. I've had dreams of being in a band, (don't we all? :p) being in the X Games (seriously I couldn't even Ollie a tiny curb. :p) being a Teacher, Wrestler, Author, Craft person, Business women, Makeup artist, Chef, I wanted to experience it all. I'm happy to say that a lot of those things I accomplished but there's also a skateboard tucked away in the garage, a guitar that my brother can now lay claim to, a sewing machine you might have to blow dust off and a pile of felt that I really must do something with.! :p
But my point is, you never know what's out there or what you are capable of or what you are even going to fall in love with if you don't try.

With that being said, I know a popular resolution, and one that a lot of people shake their heads at, is "I'm going to start a diet in the New Year" or even "I'm going to hit the gym in the New Year" Over the past 9 years of wrestling, you can bet that I went through every phase possible when it comes to 'Diets' and 'Workouts' and you know what, looking back, I'm happy that I tried things and wanted to work hard and push myself, no matter how long they may have lasted. Not everyone is going to find their niche in the gym right away, it might take a little getting used to, or they might decide they'd rather do yoga, or go running outdoors, hiking up a hill or swimming. But I say good on them for giving something a try!!! :)

This brings me to another of my little resolutions this year!

Breakfast!! :)

I really wish to get back to starting the day in a healthy manner. Some days I want to write so much that I end up sitting at the computer with my coffee and not realizing where the time has gone, it gets to lunch time and I'm suddenly hungry and want to eat everything. I really wanted to start the year a little healthier and get back to the gym too. I keep active (dancing to the Tangled soundtrack is a workout...don't judge! :p) and I eat pretty healthy, as I love to cook, but I admit I need to eat more and drink more water and such. So to all of you who might share this same resolution, I say lets kick some butt. Let's not think about how long this will last, or what others will think, lets focus and live in the moment and surpass our best efforts and be ourselves, do it for ourselves and have some fun. :)

I thought I would share a yummy breakfast if you needed any ideas as well as a very simple drink that always makes me feel brighter, healthier and happier! :)

When I want to be healthy this is my go to drink, I often change it up and mix it round. I like it because it helps me to get a little more water in my days too.
Simply boil some water in the kettle and pour it into a mug.
Add a wedge of lemon and a teaspoon of honey.
Enjoy! :) (Told you it was simple. :p)
Sometimes I even add an English tea bag and that makes it rather scrumptious.
I even like to drink just boiling water and lemon.
Try it in different ways and see which you like best! :)

My Mum and brother are the best at whipping up delicious scrambled eggs, so when I was home over Christmas, I got used to making their yummy scrambles for my husband and I started to crave them myself. (I go on and off with eggs) By just adding a few more nutritious ingredients it can taste really different and mean you feel like you're eating something new each morning.
Pictured above is
Oven roasted deli chicken
Sprinkle of real cheddar cheese.  
Simply let these cook for a few minutes with a drop of oil and then add your beaten eggs. Mix together until the eggs are cooked.

And there you have it. You can make it different every morning from changing the Chicken to Ham or Turkey and adding some onions and peppers. Ooh one of my favourite scrambles of all time is when my Nanna makes the eggs with Asparagus. Perfection! :)
I hope you enjoy these recipes and that you get to try them out! If you do or if you have any other healthy and yummy recipes please share them in the comments below! :)
Here's to phases and never failing to try! :)
Love Lulu. xx


  1. I often create goals and just don't bother to follow through, we all do, but hopefully we can all fix that in this new year!

    That looks delicious by the way!

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. I'm the same Angie, I try my best but with food and working out but it's super tricky to stick to! Working on it though and just making sure to be healthy but happy! :)

      It is really good and you can change it to suit what veg and things you like! :) xxx