Christmas = Hot Cocoa! :)

I have to admit that I'm not usually one for Hot Chocolate. If I was to ever drink it, I would have one of those Dairy Milk Sachets. (Sashaying over to the Sachet's...sorry I can't say that word without turning into Miranda Hart. :p ) No matter if I mixed them with milk or water, I could never finish a mug. Over the years I have tried the different brands, like the Malteaser ones, the white chocolate ones, I'm pretty sure I've even tried Wispa packets, for those of you who don't know what a Wispa is, you poor things you have been missing out :p, it's a British Chocolate bar, rather plain and simple but oh so delicious, but I still didn't really like it or enjoy it all that much. For some reason though, and especially at this time of year, that does not stop me craving Hot Chocolate.

Some one just has to mention Hot Cocoa on a Christmassy Winter night, or Hot Cocoa curled up by the tree and fire place and I'm like..."Yes Please" :p

So, this year I set about searching for some recipes on Pinterest for that rich, gooey, smooth and creamy Hot Chocolate, not the watery packet kind. I found one and was really excited to experiment. My husband is not a Hot Chocolate drinker either but he LOVED it and kept talking about how good it was. It definitely gets a thumbs up from us. :)

What you will need:
8 cups of milk
1 cup of heavy cream
1- 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk
1 tbsp. vanilla
2 cups of chocolate chips.
Cool Whip
Simply place all ingredients in the crockpot on low for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. You will start to smell the melted chocolate as it starts to combine!! :) I left it on low for a while longer and then turned it to warm as I was waiting for my husband to get home, it didn't burn at all or spoil it, it just made the apartment smell of chocolate. :)
Once my husband was home, I poured some in to two mugs, placed Cool Whip on the top, added  mini marshmallows and chocolate shavings and...Yum.
You can use whipped cream or add any other toppings that you like. I will say that this recipe is delicious, however, it is definitely for those of you who have a sweet tooth. I think I'm going to try experimenting without the condensed milk next time and see how it turns out. I might even melt Wisps into it instead of the chocolate chips! :p I'll keep you posted.
Enjoy! :)
These adorable little mugs came from Michaels craft store! :)
Have a wonderful day!
Love Lulu xx
P.S. I have to add that I just went to the fridge to heat up a little hot chocolate and if you have it without the added sweetness of the marshmallows and cool whip, it is amazing. Some of the chocolate had gone a little solid again with being in the fridge but once melted down again, it's so good. It seems to be even better than before. You can really taste the chocolate and it's so creamy. It might sound strange but with the different milks in the mix, it kind of reminds me of a chocolate rice pudding and I adore rice pudding. :) Very much looking forward to experimenting with melting other chocolates in to future recipes! :) 



  1. Ooh yum I will have to try this too! :) should get mum a slow cooker! Xxx

    1. We should try other versions when I get home! :) She wouldn't use it, it would have to be a big one for the food she makes! :p xxx