Christmas Blogger Tag part two! :)

I'm currently sat watching 'Walking on Sunshine' with my Mum and sisters, we're having a girlie night while the boys are out on the town in Manchester, as a pajama night and a romantic girlie movie together has been long overdue and I've very much missed nights like these. I have to say 'Walking on Sunshine' is pretty cheesy but we all have a soft spot for Italian boys, so it get's a thumbs up from all of us and we are happily singing along, just think 'Mamma Mia' but the Italian version. :)

I've been enjoying spending lots of time with my family so I haven't had chance to get on here and post, but when I saw Angie from Chocolate and Lipstick had tagged me in this little Christmas Tag I couldn't resist! I know I have previously done a Christmas tag but this had a few more questions and with Christmas being only a few days away I thought it would be nice to do another one for that extra bit of festive fun. :) So I hope you enjoy and please feel free to take part too! :) And thank you Angie for tagging me, you are awesome and I loved reading yours! :)

1: Favourite Festive Food.
I know I answered this one in my previous Christmas Tag, but I will say it again, Mince pies with brandy sauce. I say this because it is truly the one thing on Christmas day that I eat, that I don't have at any other time of year. It is delicious and as soon as I see Mince pies in the store I feel all giddy and in the Christmas spirit, and as soon as I smell the brandy sauce being warmed up, I want to jump straight to dessert.

2: Favourite Reindeer.
I have to go with Comet as he was really cute in The Santa Clause 2! :)

3: Favourite Day of Christmas.
I do love the days leading up to Christmas, from the Christmas shopping days to the days spent decorating, but I think Christmas day is my favourite. There's just something special about Christmas morning when you come downstairs and the house feels so cozy and dark and the Christmas tree is all lit up and you're waiting to see if Santa has been. :)

4: Favourite Christmas Song.
That would be Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas' followed by 'Never had a dream come true' by S Club 7. But I pretty much love all the old classic British Christmas songs.

5: Favourite Christmas Present
See my previous post for this one, all I will say here is that it involves New York City and Zachary Levi!!!! :)

6: Favourite Festive Film
'The Santa Clause' and 'The Holiday', they both make me feel so happy inside and ready for the Christmas season.

7: Favourite Cracker Toy.
We always have crackers on Christmas day and New years day and its so much fun sharing them with each other and trying to win. My family likes to wear our paper hats and tell the jokes and laugh about how bad they are and how goofy the toys are. The ones my Mum gets usually have toys like marbles, tweezers, a mini sewing kit, clippers, magic tricks and paperclips in them.

8:  Favourite Cracker Joke.
"Why does the golfer have two pairs of trousers?"....
"In case he gets a hole in one." :p

9: Favourite Christmas Decoration.
Christmas trees!! :) I adore my childhood Christmas tree with all its colour and sentimental ornaments, I could sit by it and stare at it all day long. I get so giddy when it's time to put it up. And this year I absolutely LOVE the new tree that my husband and I got, its the prettiest thing and it is definitely one of my new favourite things about Christmas.

10: Favourite Christmas Candle Scent.
I haven't tried too many different Christmas candle scents as I tend to drift towards anything vanilla or cookie, so I seem to always have a Christmas cookie candle around at this time. I would love to try some of the Bath and Body works candles though as some of their Christmas ones do smell rather yummy. I especially liked their peppermint one this year. :)

11: Favourite Christmas Advert
I smiled so big when I first saw the Samsung advert with Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell, it is the most adorable advert ever and so so cute, I could just watch it over and over again.
Also, when I came home my sisters showed me the Sainsburys advert and I do have to say that that bought a tear to my eye and I thought it was rather beautiful and is definitely up there too in being a favourite.

12: Favourite Festive Tradition
Our whole Christmas day is like a tradition really as we do the same routine every year and us kids don't like it to be changed. :p But in the past two years I have really enjoyed doing stockings with my husband and his family and joining in in their tradition with that. Its become one of my favourites that I can't wait to continue with my kids! :)

13: Favourite Place to Spend Christmas
At home with my family. I kept Angie's answer here as I couldn't have put it better myself. :)

14: Favourite Christmas Fact.
Hmmm i'm not sure I know any Christmas facts or at least not any that I can think of right now! :p (Italian men are distracting me! :p)

15: Favourite Snowman Accessory.
The buttons or coal for his eyes and smiley face. :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful lead up to Christmas, I am loving every minute of being home with my family, it's simply the best! I'm taking lots of pictures so I will be sure to blog about the trip soon! :)

Be sure to share your posts below and go and watch 'Walking on Sunshine' too! :)

Love Lulu xx


  1. Going to put some on, not all.

    Favourite Festive Food: Turkey, always think of Turkey when I think of Christmas dinner. And leftover for Sandwich.

    Favourite Christmas Song: Christmas Singles by Spitting Image it was a song from tv show called Spitting Images, 1980-1997, it catchy and funny, never stop listening to it ( . Also Christmas Time by The Darkness.

    Favourite Festive Film: Home Alone 2, that all I can't think of and like. It also wanted me to go to New York. Don't know, Disney's Forzen.

    Favourite Christmas Decoration: Christmas Tree, an icon of Christmas. Wanted one when I was young but my dad don't want any of it. Now I got a small Christmas Tree in my room, like it small.

    Favourite Christmas Advert: McVitie’s Victoria Christmas-where babt animals include kittens, puppies, baby duck and even Narwhanl singing (

    Favourite Place to Spend Christmas: At home.

    Sorry these are the questions I can answered.

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas.

    1. Thanks for sharing Adam, I enjoyed reading yours! :) I watched Frozen twice this Christmas with my sister! :) Hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas! xx

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