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I have posted a few times about what it's like being a twin but recently my Twin sister Kelly decided to write a piece on her take on being a Twin. I thought it would be fun to post it and share it with you, so now you get both sides of the story as it were! :p Kelly and I write quite differently and she always suggests that I edit things for her before I put it on here, however, when I read this I was laughing and crying all at the same time and didn't want to change a thing. This is Kelly through and through, her humor, her airy fairyness and my most treasured other half! :)
Have a lovely Sunday. For those across the pond, I will be joining you in remembering on this Remembrance Sunday! British and proud!! :)

Love Lulu. xx

Hi Everyone, 
It's the other one here today, after doing my little book reviews I just had a topic I felt like writing about, so thought I would send it to my "editor" (Lucy) and see if she liked it! :)
As most of you may know, me and Lucy are currently living in different states after 26 years of always being together. This has taught me a few things, but mainly,
1) Being apart sucks and
2) I LOVE being a twin.
The latter is my topic today. You see, all our lives we have been asked lots of questions and also been told various statements related to us being twins, well now I would like to answer them for you, here goes:
Ooh first I will add, these are all my opinions and thoughts, I don't wish to cause offence or anything of that nature...its my sister's blog so I don't want to get her in trouble...she is my twin though so same thoughts and what not...I kidd, I kidd!!! 

1) What's it like being a Twin?
Now this is probably the most common question we get asked, besides the obvious are you twins? or who's older?, and here's the thing, it can be answered with a question, what's it like not being a twin? Yes I know I could answer with lots of nice things (and there are plenty) about how it feels being a twin, I will mention those things later, but the simple fact of the matter is, we don't know any other way. We don't know the feeling of being on our own or not having someone else to think about, it just doesn't exist. For example you know when people have been married for years and years and feel lost when their partner is no longer with them? Well I guess you could say being a twin is like a marriage, we are used to having someone there 24/7 and it feels strange when they aren't around, the only difference is, there was never a before being a twin part of our lives, so you see we really don't know the alone feeling. Does this make any sense? :p

2) Don't you think you should do separate things so you can gain independence from each other and make your own friends?
Simple answer no I do not! :p My sister and I have literally done everything together since day one, same classes at school, same clubs, same sports. We had the same likes growing up and even wanted the same careers. But we always had a group of friends and never felt we missed out. I understand the worry that some parents may have about wanting their twins to socialize and be their own people but personally I feel that its like you are then trying to take away something that makes them special, they are twins, by no means does it have to define them but that is what they are. They will make their own choices and even if it takes time, it will happen, they will make their own friends because as they get older they will be drawn to different people. If you worry they will become too dependent on each other, don't, because I guarantee they will be ok. I hate being away from Lucy like you wouldn't believe and I know people have had their concerns in the past that we have formed our own little twosome, which leads us to push people away and rely on each other too much. But here's the thing, I'm writing this from Florida where, I have my own job and where most people there don't know I have a twin, but I am surviving. I have my friends that I connect with different to Lucy and I don't feel like I push people away or have missed out on being my own independent person leading my own independent life. I was born with a built in best friend who I share a special bond with like no one else, why would I want to change that or go against it? I only hope the twins whose parents choose to separate them will always know that they have a special bond, one that should be nurtured and protected. 

3) What would you say or do if we said we only wanted one of you or chose one of you?
This question came to light during our wrestling careers when we were competing on TNA's British Boot camp. We usually sat there and said "oh we would be happy for each other", "we don't get jealous so if she did better, then fair enough" and all that jazz. And although those things are both very true, like Lucy mentioned in her blog.......... you know when you come up with a comeback way too late? Well, I would say to that question now..."if you only wanted one of us then that would make you stupid, because if you only needed one person then you could go and look at a million other girls and choose ONE of them, but you have TWO of us and especially in wrestling that is how we come. We have something different that currently there are only three pairs of in this business so why in the blue hell would you choose to make us like everybody else?" This question seriously does baffle me and I only mentioned it again because it came up again with another set of twins in wrestling recently and only then did it really hit me how stupid it sounds. To me its like being given a Tiger but deciding you want it to be a dog because everyone else has one and you think the tiger is too different or shouldn't be made to feel special. It is a Tiger damn it, it is special and it is different, it shouldn't be made to feel like it was supposed to be a dog or that something is wrong with it.

That may seem like a really bizarre way to answer to that question, I am currently trying to get my head round it myself but do you get what I mean?
Being a Twin is awesome and I wouldn't change it for the world. Yes it may make me slightly (ok, very) self-conscious in public on my own, yes I may get strange looks when I use "we" when clearly talking about myself to random customers or people who don't know I'm a twin, yes I may have grown up wearing matching outfits that some people may see as wrong for some unbeknownst reason, like its cruel to parade twins around and treat them "the same" but honestly WHO CARES??. I still go out in public albeit voxering Lucy to show her every item in Target that I find cute, I get through conversations and find that it gives me a sense of empowerment if I come across as a complete goof (we all do silly things, embrace them) and I look back at pictures and smile at the two little otters looking back at me from the pram, to which I can't even tell which one is me. I don't care that I was dressed "the same" like a little sideshow. Why? Because my Mum and Dad had Tigers and what would be the point in treating them like dogs? ;) 
P.s. I'm not stating that everyone who's not a twin is a dog, dogs are awesome, I'm simply saying that everyone has something in them that is unique and that makes them that Tiger, EVERYONE, when you find out what it is, you embrace it with every part of you and should never be made to feel ashamed of it or like you should change. :)

Hope that makes sense and you enjoyed this little insight on being a twin! :)

Have a great day!
Love Kelly xx

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