Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree...

So I have to admit that yesterday, the 20th November 2014, I put up and decorated a Christmas tree...yes Dad I know, I know, it may seem way too early but I just couldn't resist! :p My Dad will be laughing at me right now and rolling his eyes, in fact I just sent him a voxer of my lovely Christmas d├ęcor and I am eagerly waiting his reply! :p He doesn't like to decorate until at least a week into December and for 25 years I was the same. However, if you can remember me telling you last year and also I think I may have mentioned it in my recent Christmas DIY post, I had caved in to my husband wanting to decorate after Thanksgiving and that had been a first for me. Well this year, I have set a new record in my family and Christmas is well and truly underway in my apartment! :) But before I show you my cute Christmas corner (that will be in a post to come) I thought I would share with you some more of my Christmas treats and DIY! :)

I'm excited to announce that I will be at The Flea Off, Holiday Bazaar in Louisville on Sunday 7th December, from 12-6pm, along with my friend Sarah. I have been busy making lots of crafts for the event and am so happy that we got a spot. If you are in the area, you should come by and say hello. It will be my first craft fair and I can't wait to see what is in store and get some ideas from other crafters too! :) Sarah will be reading Cards, so our booth will be lots of fun! :)

But back to some of the crafts that will be available! :)

Christmas Canvas!
I adore everything burlap, it just looks so rustic and pretty but has a cozy element to it too. I saw these burlap canvas's at work and just had to pick them up. They came in a pack of 4 squares and were around for the Fall season, sadly I don't think we have any in stock at the moment. But I'm sure with a regular square canvas and some burlap wrap, you could make your own! :) All I did here was hot glue the buttons into the shape of a Christmas tree, added brown felt at the bottom for the tree basket/box and put a silver star button at the top for our shining star. The buttons I picked up from Jo-Anne's fabrics as they have quite the button selection and the star came in a little Christmas baking button pack from Michaels! :)
'Milk for Santa' Bottles!
These bottles I had purchased from www.shopsweetlulu.com sometime last year and I had been stumped on what to do with them. I think I was saving them for my kids parties one day! :p But upon looking at all the Christmas straws I seemed to have collected and the ribbon that I couldn't resist buying from work, I came up with this little idea. It kind of went with my thinking of kids theme and I thought it would be really cute! :) I punched out the label from red cardstock, using my flowery punch, I then wrote 'Milk for...' in a regular black pen, I then placed a chalk sticker underneath and wrote 'Santa' in chalk. I liked this idea as I thought doing this with a chalk sticker meant that these could be used for kids parties where you can simply wipe off the chalk and write whatever name you like, they can then be used as party favours. For these though, I liked writing Santa and thought it could be used on Christmas Eve when the kids leave out the mince pies and milk. :) To finish it, I used my Christmas ribbon to make a bow and attach the straw!
Candy Land Center piece! :)
This was so much fun to put together! I had the idea at work one day when I came across these adorable candy cane sticks and colourful decorations. I wanted to make something that was bright and cheery and Christmassy but a little different! :) First into my glass fish bowl went the Styrofoam (you will have to cut this in half to make it fit) and fake snow. Then I simply positioned and repositioned all my decorative pieces into the Styrofoam until I was happy with how it looked! My husband says it looks like something from Dr. Seuss! :)

I hope you like all these craft ideas and again I would love to read about your own ideas and Christmas decorations and themes in the comments below! :)
You can buy all the things you need for these crafts at www.Michaels.com or in a Michaels Store near you. The odd bits and pieces came from JoAnne's Fabrics and as mentioned above 'Shop Sweet Lulu'  or you can come by The Flea Off, Holiday Bazaar in Louisville on Sunday 7th, from 12-6pm and buy them already made! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love Lulu xx

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