Happy 1st November! :)

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! :) This year with working at Michaels I got to enjoy hearing about what customers were doing and see them pick up things for their costumes, some people are just so creative, but I admit that I'm not one for the zombies or scary aspect of it or the incredible need to be a sexy version of Hermione, and that's just one example, :p and I didn't really have any costume ideas this year, so Halloween was rather quiet and Chris and I didn't do too much, I like the pumpkins and the candy and was more than happy with our plan to stay in with a yummy pot roast, watch TV and give out candy to the cute kids! :) We only got one group of about 8 Trick or Treaters, so this morning has been spent nibbling at the leftover Kit Kats!! p In addition to drinking coffee and learning new crafts on the sewing machine. :)

With Halloween now behind us I get even more excited as we count down to Christmas. There's so much to look forward to with the likes of Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, Christmas Shopping, Christmas markets, home visits and Gingerbread everything, so to add to that list of favourites to come, here are some random Saturday favourites! :p


Seinfeld! :)
I can't get enough of this show. My husband introduced me to it a little while back and I LOVE it. On these cold Fall nights I love nothing more than coming home after work, making a delicious warm dinner and curling up with my husband to watch a few episodes. Kramer is my absolute favourite, he is simply fantastic! :)

Crafts! :)
With working at Michaels I have been coming home each day with tons of new ideas of things to make, my project list just keeps getting longer and longer. It's definitely been the season of learning new skills and getting creative in my house and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! :) Michaels has tons of awesome holiday treats and crafts and I am trying to make and learn new things every week! Look at this cute chalk board holiday countdown plate...how cute is it?! And so simple to make, I will be having a go at making one this coming week! :)
Chestnuts! :)
Just this morning I had a Skype conversation with my Grandad and he was telling that they had already started making his Chestnut pastries. We grew up on his scrumptious Chestnut treats and I told him to save me some! :p I will be on the hunt for these in Kroger so I can see if I can whip up Grandad's recipe by myself this year. I also just love chestnuts roasted in the oven, I like to crack and peel them and eat them just as they are. They remind me of childhood and are simply delicious! :)
Casey Holmes.
I have been LOVING the beautiful Casey Holmes lately, she has been one of my favourites to watch on YouTube. Her makeup and outfits are always just spot on and I adore how sweet, fun and down to earth she is. Her videos always make me smile and I have been picking up so many tips and trips when it comes to clothes and makeup from her. :) This is one of the looks I have been loving and need try myself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWAHTwfCe3k&list=UUxj0QizmFhx7kVKSArHBCTA
Books! :)
I hope you have been enjoying the new Book Club added to the blog recently. I will be updating it shortly with some more recommendations as I have been tucked into books a lot this past month and can't get enough. Again it is simply one of my favourite things chatting to my Mum and sisters about the books we are reading. Currently Mum is reading one of my recommendations as is Kelly! More on those over on the book page soon though! :) http://lululocket.blogspot.com/p/books-are-always-in-style.html Ooh I also have had many a fan girl moments in the past week with getting to talk to both Lindsey Kelk and Kristan Higgins on Twitter. They are just lovely and I think it's so sweet that they take the time to talk to people who enjoy their work, it makes me happy being able to tell them just how amazing they are too! :) Lindsey Kelk also followed me on Twitter and Instagram...just saying...eek, I love her and she is awesome! :)
I hope you enjoyed my favourites for today and that you are having a wonderful weekend! I'd love to hear what things you have been loving this past month in the comments below! :)
Love Lulu. xx





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