Yoga, friends, makeup and getting Don Cesar'd! :p

I hope everyone is having a great week so far, I thought today I would just do a little update blog, as  I had a few fun things to share as far as makeup, crafts and life goes and I thought it would all fit together nicely! :)

So let's jump right in!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile now, you will know that a couple of months back my husband and I bought DDP Yoga to try out, see post here: I explained how I am really bad with consistency and needless to say a few months later I wrote in an update blog that I had started to slack a bit, due to a home visit. However, by Summer I was back on track and feeling proud of myself, but I don't think I have done an update since then. Dun dun duuuun...yep I admit I am just awful, no excuses, consistency has been whooping my butt again and I have found myself not sticking to my plan. Thank goodness for my husband, as he honestly keeps me motivated and helps me to do a session here and there. I had been struggling with my back last week so decided to push myself and join him in a 38 minute session and, honestly, afterwards I felt so much better. I do love that it's easy to jump back into and that DDP makes it tons of fun to get through a 38 minute workout and not hate every minute, I still highly recommend it as it's one of my favourite ways to get in a workout. I am going to try my best to get some more sessions in, in a week, I know it's super beneficial and I have to keep thinking about how great I feel after! :) If you have tips on how to stay focused when it comes to keeping fit, please do let me know! :) On a side note though, I do have to mention that I really do love working out, it's not like I hate it and have to force myself to do it, it's more that I get distracted by a million other projects and things that it always just gets pushed to the bottom! Simple solution I know, is to not let it drop to the bottom of the 'To Do list' but what can I say??...I love curling up to read or scrapbook that little bit more! ;)

During the winter months I love creams and lotions to keep my skin nice and hydrated, I usually stick to the Dove creams that don't smell too strongly, just simple and fresh, but when Jaclyn Hill mentioned this one in a recent haul, I thought ooh that sounds delicious and like something I would love! I picked it up two weeks a go at Sephora and have been using it everyday since. I wouldn't usually spend $17 on a body cream but this one is awesome, I love the smell, it's sweet but not too overpowering that it becomes sickly and it makes my skin feel lovely and soft and hydrated! :) Thank you Jaclyn! :)
I mentioned one or two posts back that I started a part time job and Michaels, the craft store, and I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying it! :) Everyday I come home with new ideas and projects that I want to try. I love asking the customers what they are working on or making and some of them are so incredibly creative that I simply want to try my hand at everything. One of the first things I made this month, after seeing some pretty Pumpkin decorations at work, was my own pumpkin that you can see here: as well as a bunch of Fall décor. Well the other day I was looking through Pinterest and saw some really cute felt decorations and lots of people had been buying felt at Michaels, so I thought I must get some and see what I can concoct. Above are just a few of things I managed to make over the past two days! :) I love how this month has been a really creative month in my household, from designing ring jackets with my husband, to bedazzling pumpkins and making heart garlands out of felt, I just love being inspired and getting crafty! :) Check out for coupons, classes and more! :)
After using up all my Urban Decay Naked foundation, I ended up picking up the Loreal True match foundation, after hearing many great things about it, however, after using it for a few months I can't say that I liked it, for me personally it felt really heavy and cakey. I started to mix it a little bit with my Maybelline BB cream just so I didn't have to use so much on my face and mixing it with that meant I could get a decent coverage without it being too thick, but still it just felt a tad icky. My friend Kacie had mentioned that Sephora do samples of foundations so you can test them out first before buying them, I hadn't known this before and was so happy when she told me as I always hate to buy one and then find out it doesn't work for me. When my sister Kelly was in town, we went along to Sephora and had a lovely lady help us pick the right ones for us to sample. (above) I am loving the Nars sheer glow and Makeup Forever ones, if you are like me and have fair to medium skin, with yellow undertones and you get oily on and around your nose, then I highly recommend these two foundations. I have been experimenting with them for work and just during the days and they keep me surprisingly matte for most of the day. I love the feel of them both, they are extremely lightweight and smooth on the face and give a gorgeous coverage. I have been using the Makeup forever one a little bit more over the past week as I think my tan is starting to fade and the Nars one is slightly darker. I wasn't too fond of the Tarte Amazonian clay for me.
Speaking of my friend Kacie and makeup, yesterday we met up for a little girlie time at the mall. You know when you are just in the need for a good catch up with a wonderful friend and when you say bye at the end you feel happy and in elevated spirits? Well that was yesterday, I met Kacie through OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) when her sister Kaila was wrestling there and she is just awesome, both of them are awesome and they have the most amazing, lovely family. They always make me smile as they remind me of my family in how close they all are (Kacie and Kaila are two of five girls :) ) and how important family is to them! :) Anyhow, Kacie and I spent a few hours swatching tons of makeup at Sephora and wandering around pretty shops and drinking Starbucks while chatting away about life, jobs and Jaclyn Hill! :p Upon parting ways Kacie gave me a little gift bag to which I opened when I got home, I kid you not words failed me...I know that's hard to believe but they truly did! :p I have had the Lorac pro palette on my wish list for a while now and I had been rambling about makeup brushes and Jaclyn Hill lipstick during our outing, so when I opened the bag to find a dupe of 1995, blending brushes and the Lorac Palette I was overwhelmed. Kacie had recently bought the new Lorac palette and had wanted to give this one a good home, the fact that she would pass it on it to me really meant the world to me. And I just have to add that it's not about the gifts and things themselves, however awesome they are and however excited I am to use them, ;) it's the fact that, that was such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. Also, I'm a very sentimental person, so the fact that I have a makeup palette that belonged to someone else and was passed down to me actually makes me happy and makes the palette more than makeup and extra special. Thank you Kacie for making me smile and for thinking of me! I now promise to get better at my eye makeup and make good use of it! :)
In my last post I talked about how last weekend, my husband, Chris, and I were celebrating our one year wedding anniversary, (I still have plenty of cake left) well, this weekend we are heading back to St Petersburg for a little weekend getaway at the Don Cesar. I get butterflies just thinking about staying there again and still can't believe that it was a year ago since we got married there. I won't be blogging for a few days but I wish everyone a fantastic weekend, be happy, be blessed and be creative! :)
Love Lulu. xx



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