Our Pink Castle! :)

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful morning. My apartment currently looks like a craft workshop as my husband and I have taken up tons of new hobbies and projects in the two days since we have been back from Florida...but more on those in another post in the coming days. :) Today I just wanted to catch up and share a few pictures with you from our recent St Pete trip to celebrate our 1 Year wedding anniversary/going on our belated honeymoon. In addition to that I wanted to set up a new page on my blog that I will hopefully get up in the next few hours, so bare with..., I couldn't resist, gosh I love Miranda! :p (British comedian, check out 'Is it just me?' post) while I get back to somewhat of my usual blogging routine. :)

It felt rather surreal to be back at our Pink Castle, I couldn't quite believe a year had gone by since we were there getting married. Chris and I absolutely adore it, it's simply stunning and beautiful and luxurious while at the same time so cozy and homely. The smell and everything about it just bought back so many happy memories of our wedding day and having all our family in one place together at the same time! It made my heart very happy! :)

Cocktails on the beach! The Don Cesar makes the yummiest drinks, this was my first of many Mango Tangos! Mmmmm delicious! :)
Curled up in our big fluffy bed eating gummy bears and watching 'Lets be cops'. Awesome movie, we both love Jake Johnson.
The Loews Don Cesar is home to Spa Oceana, where I got to spend a lovely morning being pampered, thanks to Chris surprising me and booking me in for a massage and manicure and pedicure. I went for a fall, purpley, brown colour for my nails that I just love. I have to say that I am on Miranda Harts side concerning massages, I simple can not relax and just feel a tad awkward. Plus i'm a chatterbox at the best of times and as you know will ramble away if I'm nervous or trying to break the silence, so when the man began the massage I wasn't sure whether to say 'that feels nice, ooh that peppermint cream smells nice, thank you, etc' or if it was ok and time to be silent and relax. Is it just me? :p
My sister and brother in law joined us on the Tuesday, it wouldn't be a Florida trip without seeing them, so we had a wonderful time relaxing by the pool and on the beach, chatting away, eating pizza and wings and just spending time together. I miss them so much now that we live in different places so it just made the trip even more awesome getting to see them! :)
Breakfast at Uncle Andy's! The Don, is home to the scrumptiousness that is Uncle Andy's ice cream parlour, which we tucked into when Chris and Kelly arrived. But on this morning we went with a muffin top (Top of the muffin to you...Seinfeld anyone? :) ) and some Starbucks coffee! :) 
Sharing a pool chair...as you do! :p I love her, stay tuned to the new addition to the blog coming soon (hopefully today) we like to come up with ideas when we are together and talk about anything and everything! :)
Pool side chilling! :) We had a lovely honeymoon/1 year anniversary and I have to say that the Loews Don Cesar is just a fantastic place. I love that it is so grand yet I never feel out of place or like I'm not dressed up enough. The staff and people there are all so friendly and helpful and you really just feel like you have stepped into your own little world. I most definitely recommend visiting and also checking our the St Pete/Passe Grille area, it's one of our favourite spots! :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Let me know if you have ever visited the Pink Castle or what your favourite vacation spots are in the comments below! :)
Love Lulu. xx

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