Is it just me?....

I finally got round to reading 'Is it just me?' by Miranda Hart the other day, it took me one and a half days to read, as I couldn't put it down. I don't know why it's taken me this long to read it as it came highly recommended by both my sisters. In fact, when Kelly read the book I observed her deep in concentration, head buried and focused, quietly giggling with tears rolling down her face before erupting with laughter every few minutes. That would then be followed by the statement "I'm not spoiling it for you, this is just one bit but it's so funny." and she would proceed to read aloud a paragraph of this delightful tale that she simply just had to share with me herself. :p 'It's not truly spoiling it, you still get to read it and enjoy it.' she would protest after about the tenth time she did this. I have to say a year later and nothing was ruined, I remembered little parts but through sheer joy and the way in which Miranda writes I could read it over and over and be entertained and surprised each time. It's just 'such fun' to read...see what I did there? ;)

If you don't know who Miranda Hart is, she is a British comedian/Comedy actress and she is wonderful. You must, must, must look her up, go on, now, hop (or should I say gallop) to it!!! Google, Hulu, YouTube, DVD's, the good old TV, search until you find her!! :) She stars in her own TV show titled 'Miranda' and this year embarked on, I think, her first arena tour. My sisters and I and my husband went to see her "My, What I call, Live show." when we went back home in March and she was simply awesome. Her comedy is right up our alley (not so much my husband but he still enjoyed it). Miranda deals with the wonders of daily life and being a 'so called' grown up, she talks about life's daily embarrassments and every day awkward situations and she will have you laughing out loud non stop.

Her book 'Is it just me?' takes you further into her world. It's written as though she is talking to her 18 old self (Little Miranda) warning her of all that she will deal with in life and where it takes her. It's a guide for the reader and Little M to help them embrace what life throws at them and the most important, I feel, embracing who you are. :) I couldn't help smiling the whole way through this book as Miranda talks about family Christmas's and Beauty routines, office jobs and boys, she has such a charming way of telling the truth and giving her opinion, yet it's very light hearted but will make you think all the same. I love her outlook and how she isn't afraid to have fun and be goofy, there's something extremely heartwarming about the fact that she doesn't do well in serious/adult/professional/social situations. She's the person that will make a joke, she's the person that isn't always put together and she's the person that doesn't always know quite what's going on. And in all this, it sure comes across like she's the one having the most fun, she's the one most comfortable with who she is and she's the one that is doing it right. :)

One of the main reasons why I adore this book is that I wasn't expecting it to necessarily be a guide for me, I was really just reading it as I love Miranda and wanted to see what the book was all about. However, I found that I picked it up at just the right time. You see, I'm a shy person, I'm an anxious person, a nervous person and somewhat of a socially awkward person. Most of the time when I'm around people I know, I'm fine, I like being bouncy and happy and you wouldn't necessarily know I struggled with things like that. It might seem strange when I talk about jobs, such as when I worked at Kohls and now Michaels, like it's a big deal that I am stepping out the house and into the real world, but it's because I overthink and worry about not being able to do things or if I'm going to be good at it. I think about tasks like answering phones and dealing with people and it honestly scares me. Therefore it feels like an accomplishment to me. So when reading how Miranda deals with life I suddenly had this overwhelming happiness as to the question that she asks throughout this 'Miranual' 'Is it just me?' We often go through life thinking that we are the only person feeling certain emotions or we are the only person who gets flustered and frazzled in a given situation, but as Miranda bravely puts forth embarrassing stories and tales of things that have happened to her and how she reacted to those things, I have to smile realizing it's not just me! It's not just me that talks 1000 mile per hour when I get nervous. It's not just me that rambles and talks in circles when I feel anxious. It's not just me that turns bright red and gets sweaty when I'm not quite sure of the answer to a question a customer asks. It's not just me that freaks out when the phone rings and muddles up a simple sentence when I answer it. It's not just me that suddenly speaks gobble de gook when my mind jumps to say too many things at once in a desire to make sure the person knows I'm trying to do my best to help. And if it really is just me, well, like Miranda would say 'Eh, Life!' I'm me and there's not much I can do about it. I'm goofy, I ramble and I'm sometimes socially inept, but I wouldn't want to be anyone else!! :) 

And with that long ramble! :p I implore you to go and read 'Is it just me?' and watch Miranda Hart. I encourage you to gallop (Miranda will explain) and not take life or yourself to seriously. Be yourself and have fun. If someone looks at you funny, just smile, laugh, stare right back at them, whatever you do, never apologize or feel embarrassed to be you! :)

This book was a delight to read and has such a positive vibe to it. It's beautiful and inspiring and I had goose bumps at the end when it was time for Big Miranda to tell Little Miranda what dreams had come true and how she is still alive and sashaying. :) There's going to be bumps and falls, can't look someone in the face, did I just say that?, I can't believe I just did that moments a long the way and those moments are what make you YOU and are what make you AWESOME!!! :)

Have a great day! :)

Love Lulu. xx

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  1. Love love love this one! :) very well written! ♡