How to bedazzle a Pumpkin!

I've been super excited to blog today as I'm just in one of those bouncy happy moods and wanted to share my little smiles with you and see if I can pass them on. This past weekend was simply wonderful, one of those weekends where everything felt calm and paced and like it was just what I needed. I worked for a few hours on Saturday, got to see some of my friends over at OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) and spent tons of time with my husband; that involved running around town picking up lots of crafting goodies, watching Seinfeld, laughing a whole bunch and awesome cuddles. You simply can't beat that; I feel very blessed. We also had a blast decorating our apartment together for Halloween, so today I have some more decorations to show you that I hope you will like.

The first of my little projects was again inspired by Casey Holmes (YouTube beauty guru.)

Fall Candle Holder.

What you will need: Glass bowl, leaves, glue, tea light.

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The aim is to cover your glass bowl with the leaves to give it that Fall inspired look. I really struggled getting these leaves to stick to the glass even though the glue said that it can be used for glass, however I persevered and non of them have fallen off yet!

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Mine looked a tad messy when I finished attaching all the leaves and after letting it dry, so I ended up getting a bit of twine and using a pumpkin dish I had, as well as a few pieces of Fall tinsel that I twisted into circles, to help spruce it up a bit and make it look pretty.

crafts, fall, pumpkins

crafts, fall, candles, leaves,

Above is how it turned out! I think it worked OK and looks rather cute and rustic! :)

Chuck Pumpkin.

On to my second project and the one I am most excited to share! Eek!! :) I love working at Michaels and talking to the customers about the projects they are working on. The other day a lady was buying one of the fake white pumpkins, which I just love and think are incredibly cute, and she was buying this sticker made of jewels in the form of a letter 'J' to stick on the pumpkin. As soon as I saw it a light bulb went off in my mind and I knew what I wanted to do on my pumpkin this year. I liked the idea of getting one of the fake ones as sometimes the real ones get too messy and they always seem to mold and sag before Halloween is even upon us. So, yesterday, my husband and I had a little shopping spree at Michaels and I set to work! :) He hasn't decorated his little orange pumpkin yet...I will keep you posted! :p

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Can you guess? :p

nerd herd, chuck, pumpkin, halloween, crafts

I drew on my guide lightly in pencil. :)

pumpkin, nerd herd, chuck, crafts

And began...I was pretty impressed at how awesome my circle came out with doing it free hand! :p These little gems are Border embellishments from Jolee's boutique, so I had to cut them out individually.

nerd herd, crafts, pumpkin, chuck

And Ta Da!!! :) I smile a big cheesy smile every time I look at it! This was set to be my finished product. I felt it was simple and elegant but still extremely cool, but then I looked at it this morning and had an idea that I thought would make it better...

pumpkin, crafts, halloween, chuck, nerd herd,

nerd herd, pumpkin, chuck, crafts

YAY!!! :) It's my favourite thing ever! :)

I hope you all have fun carving or bedazzling your pumpkins and if you have pictures I would love to see! Leave a comment below or share through Twitter @LucyOsterfeld

Here's a little peak into our cozy apartment after our Halloween/Fall D├ęcor shopping spree! 

All the craft supplies were bought from Michaels, in addition to the fall garland and colourful sugar skull. The Witches Way sign and black lace came from the Dollar store and the Trick or Treat tin and pumpkin lanterns were from Target! :) 

Have a wonderful week!

Love Lucy xx


  1. That is so clever! I am not at all creative. I used to be, but years of... stuff kinda squashed it out of me. but I simply love the pumpkin!
    Angie x

    1. Aww thank you so much Angie, i'm glad you like it! :) I'm working part time at Michaels now so every day I get new ideas! :p xx