Mini, mini fun haul!! :)

I have had a little break from blogging over the past week due to my sister and my brother in law visiting. I got to spend time with my Kelly (twin sister) for a whole week and hang out with Chris (my brother in law Chris) just like old times and it was an absolute blast. They left this morning and already I am missing them like crazy and the apartment is all quiet. But, I must not get sad as I hope to go and visit them soon and I am grateful for the week that's just passed! :)

When Kelly is around life just makes sense and I feel happy and have confidence in the world, I can't really explain it but that's just how it is. I've mentioned before that I often feel odd when I am out by myself, I simply don't know how to act and tend to hum and talk to myself and look a tad lost, well this week I was so excited that I could get out and go to the mall and do usual tasks and errands with Kelly by my side. Its always more fun getting to makeup shop with her actually with me, rather than having to ring her up or text her for her opinion and then struggle trying to explain, describe and justify my purchase through technology. :p In addition, I hadn't had a Starbucks and Target day since she moved to Florida as that's something we would do together and I was starting to crave Starbucks. This I got to do twice, one with just Kelly and me and the other with her Chris joining us, which is also one of my favourite things and something that the three of us used to do all the time! :) Kelly and I had plenty of tea and catch up hours and spent time making cards and doing our crafts together too, it was a lovely week and I can't wait till we buy those houses next door to each other so we can get back to seeing each other every day!! (Are you making notes husbands? :p )

Today I thought I would do a mini haul, mini as I have been trying really hard to be good lately and haven't been buying a whole bunch of stuff, but with Kelly by my side I got to have a bit of fun and get a few treats here and there. I also started a part time job at Michaels yesterday, so I thought I could get a goodie or two! :p

I had been wanting to try this face wash for the longest time now as I had heard so many great things about it. I have been using the St Ives face washes and think they are wonderful and make my face feel really fresh after, but I wanted to mix and match instead of using the same one day and night every day. So I went ahead and bought the little bottle just to try it out and see if it would work with my skin. I always get nervous when trying new face washes as I worry how my skin will react, however this one is amazing. I know Jaclyn Hill raves about it and I can see why, it smells lovely and fresh like a spa and it is super smooth and leaves my skin simply feeling really clean and awake. Its even gentle enough that if I'm wearing mascara I gently rub it over my eyes and it takes it all off. I will definitely be re purchasing this item, maybe even the bigger bottle! :p
I have really been loving the Fall trend of the darker, bold lip and I have been obsessing over Jaclyn Hill's new lipstick '1995' from Gerard Cosmetics lately. However, I didn't want to purchase '1995' without knowing if that colour would work for me. I went to Sephora and searched around for something not too expensive that I could experiment with and I found this Bite Beauty Duo lipstick. The Musk side you see here is that popular pinkish, brown, mauve colour and I have to say I love it. I have never purchased anything from Bite before but this lipstick is gorgeous and I love how it feels on my lips too. It's extremely creamy and goes on beautifully smooth and the colour lasts for ages on me. It's perfect, although I am now even more tempted to buy '1995'... :p
This is the other side to the duo I bought, Lychee. This one I love too, it lighter and a little more baby pinky but it's still so pretty. On my lips its slightly more sheer but I love the shine it has to it.
In keeping with my Fall lip obsession right now, Kelly treated me to this Mac lip liner in the shade 'Whirl' I know, I know, I have been watching way too much Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero, but in all honesty it is beautiful!! :) And I for one know it's a winner when Kelly says it looks nice too! :p I have never really used or bothered with lip liner until I saw these girls using them to not only outline their lips but to fill them in too, I thought it looked really elegant and simple and wanted to try it out. This liner stayed on my lips for hours and I just adore the colour. Thank you Kelly!!!! :)
I'm not very good when it comes to fashion and although I do love seeing the fashion change to fit the coming seasons, I still somehow always manage to get by with the same old clothes in my wardrobe. I have a few sweaters, tees, pairs of jeans and dresses and it suits me just fine, but every now and again I get the urge to change it up a bit and do a clothing overhaul and, well, it doesn't end up being the huge change that I imagine, really, put me in a pair of Pajama's and I'm all good! :p I remember saying to Kelly that I much prefer dresses to jeans but recently I have found myself fitting the t-shirt and jeans kind of girl category, except, let's be honest, t-shirts and leggings, jeans are just too tight and have too many buttons! I swear I do try! :p Kelly and I had a bit of fun in Target and found the perfect mix of style and comfort...

Last but not least for my mini shopping spree, I purchased this incredibly awesome Chuck poster (the poster in the black frame to the left.) and extremely awesome Chuck/Buymore Keychain. After mine and my sisters disappointment in not finding any Chuck merchandise at Warner Brothers studios, see , I went on a hunt to find some memorabilia for my Chuck/ Zachary Levi/ First Date corner and found that you could still get a bunch of cool things on Amazon! :) My sisters and I all now have matching key chains and posters! I love sitting by this corner, it's my favourite! :)
I hope you enjoy this random mini haul. I'm not a big spender but every now and again I enjoy my mini shopping sprees and finding cute and fun little items that make me smile! :)
Have a great day! Keep smiling! :)
Love Lulu xx


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