Hanging out in LA! :)

So technically after taking pictures and touching the 'end of the route' sign, we had completed Route 66. Our days of hunting for historic landmarks and 'the Mother Road' spots were over, so what to do?... The first port of call on mine and my sisters agenda was to visit Warner Brothers Studios and yes, you know why! :p Seven years ago we had taken the tour and thoroughly enjoyed it, they had Harry Potter props and sets, we got to see the 'Friends' set and we learnt about the studios and how a lot of TV shows and films were made, it was very cool. This time however, we were there for one thing and one thing only... 'Chuck'!!! :)

We had seen online videos of Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez taking over Warner Brothers tours and showing people around the 'Chuck' sets and it looked awesome, we knew they wouldn't be there and most likely a lot of the 'Chuck' sets would no longer be up (the show finished in 2012) but we were excited at the prospect of there still being props in the museum and maybe possibly the odd bit of set around. We asked around when we got there to see if it would be worth us doing, as we were disappointed at not finding any 'Chuck' merchandise in the store and met an awesome 'Chuck' fan called Steph when we went up to the ticket desk. When she saw Jen's tshirt, (Nerd HQ) she informed us that she loved 'Chuck' and that if we told our tour guide that we were fans of the show, they would point out where 'Chuck' was filmed. She even went to see if the tour guide who loved the show too was available. We were super excited when she told us that Orion's cabin was still there and that she had been a volunteer at the last three Nerd HQ events!! :)  Did I mentioned how awesome she was?!! :) Steph was incredibly helpful and it was an absolute blast to talk to her, she was so much fun and really friendly that I would have been happy had we just spent the afternoon talking to her, however, we booked our tickets and after two hours of wandering around a little and a delicious cafĂ© lunch, we headed into the movie room to begin our tour.

They started with a video package that introduced us to Warner Brothers and how it all came to be, that was extremely interesting, it's amazing to me how people can envision something so wonderful, like their imagination is simply huge and knows no boundaries that it can create something so cool. I loved seeing all the shows and movies that were filmed in these studios and learning about how the studio is like it's own little town. And I admit when Chuck, Casey and Sarah's faces popped on screen my sisters and I did indeed squeal with glee! (Don't judge us ;p)

Our tour guides name was Lisa and Lisa was AWESOME!! :) She pointed out Jen's t-shirt (good choice Jen ;) ) and stated that 'we are best friends already', we liked Lisa! :) A lot of things during the tour had changed since we were there seven years ago, (of course) as they are filming different shows there now. They still have the 'Friends' set up, but currently filming there is 'Ellen' 'The Mentalist' and 'Mike and Molly' to name a few, and the stage we got to go and look around hosted 'Pretty little liars'. Seven years ago they had just started filming 'Pushing Daisies' and they were also filming 'The Big Bang Theory' which is still going today. The museum is now full of Batman costumes and props, in addition, the room that held cars such as the Ford Anglia from Harry Potter, now has some menacing looking Bat mobiles in it's place.

Lisa pointed out every place where they filmed 'Chuck.' Each place was met with more squeals of excitement from the three of us! :) Let's take a little look shall we at what we found? :p

This is where they filmed Thailand in 'Chuck versus Phase Three' Season 4!

This is Orion's cabin!! :)

This is Jill's house when Chuck goes to win her back during his Stanford years, he hits ping pong balls at the window. 'Chuck versus The Ex' Season two! (They might have played that flashback in an earlier one, I can't quite remember?)

I want to say 'Chuck versus The Cliffhanger' Season 4, when Chuck is trying to get the antidote to Sarah. Lisa also said this building was used for scenes like the Chinese Embassy.

If I remember correctly they did most of their filming in stages 4, 10 and 17. I think Chucks apartment was 10 and The BuyMore was 17! (I should have made notes while Lisa was talking :p)

It was so cool to experience and picture the scenes as we went round. It's amazing the work that goes into creating these shows and movies and I absolutely loved learning about it! Thank you Lisa for being so great and accommodating to our Chuck needs, we had a blast!! :) Before we left the studios we got a message from Steph saying come back to the desk before we leave. We did so, to find that she had gone out to her car and picked us up Nerd HQ bracelets from this years Nerd HQ, I honestly couldn't say thank you enough, that was the sweetest thing ever and made our day. Thank you Steph for being so lovely and for chatting to us, I hope we get to see you at Nerd HQ 2015!! :)

The bracelet that Steph gave us and my new Converse. It was about time I got some Chuck's! :p

We spent the rest of the day checking out a car museum with our Dad, which again, I always love and then hanging out and catching up with our friend Ryan Nemeth. He took us round Gold's Gym and then we headed to 3rd street for food and a nice evening stroll down the promenade.

Our last day in LA was spent hanging out on the Santa Monica Pier, and talking to the guy at the Route 66 stall all about our trip, doing a bit of shopping and dining at an English pub we found, which was delicious. It was nice and relaxed, we drove to the Hollywood sign and down Hollywood Boulevard, where they were getting ready for the 'Sin City' premiere and we made sure to take one last walk along the pier when it got dark! :)

We had a fantastic trip and I absolutely, positively loved every minute of spending time with my Dad and sisters. I whole heartedly mean it when I say family is the most important thing in the world, they are the best and I love them to pieces.

Thank you Dad for driving non stop for two weeks and for taking us on this incredible adventure. Thank you Jen for being stubborn and not giving in until it happened... :p I kid! Thank you for making every minute so much fun and for being you. And thank you Kelly for just being you too! I love you all always!

Hope you enjoyed my account on Route 66! If you have any travel stories please feel free to share as I would love to read them! :)

Have a great day!



  1. Awesome trip!! soooo many pictures to scrapbook!! :p

  2. GREAT Post! One day I'll get to visit the lot in the meantime I just saw it through your pictures!

    1. Aww thank you! :) It's definitely worth a visit, you learn so much and find out a ton of cool things! :) You can also check before hand what shows are filming and tell your tour guide what shows you like and they will point out stuff to suit you, it's awesome! :) x