Figuring out the keys to Happiness!! Plus GIVEAWAY!!! :)

I've mentioned a million times before how I'm an over thinker and a worrier, I've also talked about how I love all things happy and like to spread positivity and be a bubbly, smiley person. These things, however, sometimes don't go well together, they tend to get muddled up and clash at times and I end up in a ball on the couch watching Chuck or Seinfeld and cuddling my husband. (Chocolate in hand/cup of tea) You see, I have a hard time focusing on the now, it's not too bad if I'm busy, running errands, scrapbooking and chatting to people, in those situations I'm full of fun and life. It's when it's quiet and I have those moments by myself or when all the fun and excitement has settled, that my over thinking kicks in and I can find myself getting very sad and emotional. One of the biggest causes for that is my being 4000 miles away from my family and my twin sister, Kelly, now living in Florida. I can't fully express how much I miss them all and at times I tend to dwell on these things and it all becomes overwhelming and simply hurts. My mind runs away with me and I have to know they are ok or I simply just wish to hug them and get frustrated that I can't. I struggle to find that balance between adoring my life with my husband and wanting to be around my family.

So the reason for my discussing this, is that I am trying to focus on finding that balance, on having less of the emotional meltdowns and therefore improving my mental state. I feel that I need to do this in order to have a healthy mind and outlook. My husband is my comfort and rationalizer in these situations and encourages me to live in the moment and focus on what is in front of me now, as well as all the wonderful things around me. I admit that that isn't always easy, but I most definitely want to try my best to learn how to do that much better than I have been in the recent months.

Today I have complied a list of all the positives in my life. This is the list I am going to keep referring back to during my shaky times!!

1)When I am missing my family I get to look at the thousands of pictures I have round my house, I love to send them emails or voxer messages or sit down and write them a letter or put together little parcels to send them of things that I have collected, that made me think of them, while I was out and about. In addition, I get to set up Skype calls so I can see their faces or I can send my Mum a quick text and get her to ring me. I have so many ways to keep in touch that sometimes when I begin to miss them I need to take a deep breath and be grateful for the wonders of technology. Moreover, my husband is truly awesome and reminds me that whenever I feel that I need to see them, all I have to do is book tickets and jump on a plane and go do just that. Even though that can seem like a huge task, it actually really isn't, it makes me feel calm and the problem is somewhat solved. I do love my husband! :)

*On a side note, if you are a twin I would be so incredibly grateful to hear how you cope with growing up and having families of your own. Do you still make decisions based on what your twin does or have you learnt to have a little more of a separate life with your partners?*

2) I have an incredible family who I love more than anything on the planet and I am beyond blessed and happy that I can feel that love from 4000 miles away!! :)

3) I get to spend lots of time with the awesomest husband in the world, who accepts my Chuck obsession and even watches the show with me, who introduces me to cool American shows like Seinfeld and who keeps me motivated to do DDP Yoga and makes me laugh by doing it with me. (Just to name a few of my favourite activities)

4) I have a roof over my head, a cute roof that I get to share with my husband and make cozy.

5) I am able to grocery shop each week and make yummy food.

6) I have the means to be creative and scrapbook and make things anytime I wish. :)

7) I am fit and healthy.

8) I receive the goofiest pictures daily through voxer from both my sisters, that have me rolling on the floor laughing. Either that or we have the most random conversations through pictures we find.

9) I get daily updates on how my Nanna and Grandad are doing and I am extremely blessed to know that my Mum and my younger sister look after them every day and keep them happy and healthy! :)

10) I get to see my Mom and Dad in law this weekend as they are coming in town to visit...see... planes are great! :) 

11) I get to explore the world and meet awesome people, even chatting online to people who share the same interest always brightens my day.

12) Books exist!!! :) <3

13) I have pens and paper and pads galore and can write whenever I would like too/feel the need too! :)

Today I would absolutely LOVE to hear what makes you happy and what helps you to focus if sometimes things get a little overwhelming. (Whatever it may be for you) And because I would like to spread a little happiness I have two pairs of Tresor Paris earrings from Victoria Highfield to giveaway to two lucky winners! :)

All you have to do is comment below about something that makes you smile and I will pick two winners next Friday! :) (Guys/Boys/Men... I am working on some giveaways for you too, bare with me. :p )
Have a lovely weekend!
Love Lulu. xxx


  1. I have an awesome Cousin-in-law with a pretty sweet blog! =)


    1. Awww Chico that made me smile so big! Thank you! :) Hope you are doing well, miss you all so much and hope we can plan a trip to VA soon! :) Lots of love and huge hugs! xxxxx

  2. I'm not a twin, but I've lived away from my family for the last 12 years & moved 10 times! There are definitely times when I feel sorry for myself, but I try to remind myself that I've stretched & grown a lot, my marriage is strong because we spend time together, & I try to experience everything fun & exciting in each new place I live. I also think I appreciate time with my family more, because that time is so precious. Life is an adventure & you get to enjoy it or complain about it - the choice is yours. I still have yucky days, but a girls' night out to a new restaurant or shopping spot helps me refocus on my wonderfully blessed life :) I hope you'll visit us in Hawaii because this is our best adventure yet! I love reading your blog, yet another way to connect with family far away :) Love, Heather

    1. Aww Heather, thank you so much for your words, they really touched me and mean so much to me. You are so very right about experiencing life and choosing to enjoy it or complain and I am doing my best to work on enjoying it and seeing what's in front of me. I admit sometimes I find myself feeling sad and negative but i'm trying that extra bit harder now to realize when i'm doing that and to change my train of thought into positive. I got to speak with my Nanna and Grandad on Skype this morning, thanks to my awesome sister, and I loved every minute of seeing their faces, and you are also right in that I appreciate that tenfold due to not seeing them all he time. I would love to come and visit you all soon and I hope you are having a great time in Hawaii! Please give my love to everyone and I hope you have fun on your next shopping day or girlie night! :) Lots of love! Lucy xxxx

  3. I'm so sorry you miss your family so much. I can imagine it's hard... Mail cheers me up a lot. If you prepare a small and thoughtful surprise for someone it's a distraction and it also brings a lot of joy. I cheer myself up with #happymail and I love preparing it. I think the post office likes it a lot too :). Take care and I think it's great you've written such an honest post as there are a lot of people who have to miss someone they're close to. You've probably helped them a lot with your list. x

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words and taking the time to read my post! :) I love how you say Happy mail, I think I will call it that from now on, as I think that's lovely! :) I think your blog is wonderful and I enjoyed checking it out and adding a new blog to my reading list! :) Take care too! xx

  4. My family makes me smile! I also have four rescue dogs that provide constant giggles and fun for the whole family. It's amazing how they can love humans so much even after how horrible they were treated before they were rescued.

    1. Aww that's lovely that family makes you smile too and you are wonderful for rescuing 4 dogs, they sound amazing! :)
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing! :) x

    2. I might sound a bit corny, but what brings a huge smile to my face is hearing the key in door on a Friday night after my husband (of 5 months) returns home after working away for the week.

    3. Aww that's not corny, that's extremely sweet and lovely! :) I understand as my heart skips a beat every time I hear the car beep and know my husband is home from a days work! :) Thank you for sharing! x

    4. Hi Kristin, just a little reminder that you were a winner of a pair of the Tresor Paris earrings, I would love to get them sent to you! :) Please email me at and I can sort that out for you! :)