This weeks findings and Route 66!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Apart from feeling a little under the weather and talking like there was a frog in my throat, my husband and I had a wonderful weekend. We spent lots of time together working on projects, being creative, cooking together, watching Chuck and tons of old school wrestling while even running a few errands in between, it was perfect. :)

Today, I am currently in the middle of packing, (I know :p) as bright and early tomorrow morning I head to Albuquerque to meet up with my sisters and my Dad. They have been on Route 66 for a week now and I am joining them for week two and the last leg of the journey. It will be the first time flying on my own so I am quite anxious, it's not too far to travel but I'm still hoping I get their in one piece! :p I'm not fond of this part of the journey process, the whole making sure everything is packed and that I'm not forgetting anything, in addition to the leaving my husband for a week part. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely can not wait to see my sisters and my Dad and I know once I'm with them I will be ok, but the saying bye to my husband is always a "no no" and I very much dislike it. However, let's steer away from me being a negative Nancy... I feel very blessed and fortunate to be going on this trip and I have a notebook and pen at the ready to record all my fun findings and experiences along the way! :) I won't be able to blog for the week but I will look forward to telling you all about the places I visit upon my return. The route in which I will be joining my family for is: Albuquerque, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I know I am missing one in between Albuquerque and The Grand Canyon but for the life of me I can not remember it! :p A few years back my sisters and Dad went to Los Angeles and we all fell in love with Santa Monica and are very excited about going back there. :) So stay tuned for my Route 66 travel log!! :)

Before I go I did want to leave you with some of my random thoughts and things from this past week! Please, as always, feel free to leave comments about anything that you fancy, I love to read your comments and thoughts too! :)

I've written before how I am an over thinker and an extremely sensitive and emotional person and this past week I feel like a bunch of things, out of my control, have been hitting me very hard. I always like to be cheery and positive but some of the things that have been in the news, videos or posts that I have seen on social media lately have just completely caught me off guard. The world can be such a beautiful place and at the same time be so cruel, violent and hideous. I sometimes just want to cry for all those in pain or who have to deal with all the horrible, disgusting people out there. I pray for all those in the midst of wars, fights and terror and pray that there will be light at the end! And please, for everyone who is blessed to live amongst the beauty, do your best each day to enjoy it and embrace it. Be kind to others, spread a smile, a hug, warmth. I know it might sound silly and small but I feel that we can change the world or even just someone's day, be it a family member or stranger, by choosing not to argue, not to fight, not to start conflict but to choose our battles, be joyful, spread laughter, be helpful and caring and simply just do our best day in and day out to be grateful and be good people. I found this poem on Pinterest and it made me smile.

This quote also seemed fitting with how I was feeling this week! Always be brave and remember that it is worth it! Fight the good fight!
In appreciating the beauty, I recently purchased 'Gossip in the grain.' by Ray LaMontagne. I couldn't believe my husband and I didn't already own it! :p What can I say? I knew most of the songs on there already but I love it. It's Ray and he can do no wrong in my eyes. He is beautiful and so are his words!
I saw this on Pinterest and was intrigued, so last night when my husband and I were curling up to watch wrestling, I thought I would have a go at making them.
They turned out pretty yummy, although I would say that I needed to add a touch more vanilla or sugar to make them a little sweeter. Although if you add the ice cream or cool whip you might be ok, as that will give you extra sweetness. (We didn't have any in :p) Ooh and just make sure you know how many watts your microwave is as I did 60 minutes to start and that was too long, so our Bruggies were a tad dry! :p Yummy if you are in the mood for dessert and don't fancy making a mess and whipping up a big batch of brownies. :) Thank you Pinterest!
I can't quite believe the amount of Halloween stuff I have seen popping up in stores already, it's months away!!!!! Alas, I couldn't resist joining in and got a head start on some Halloween cards! :p They will be available at soon! :)
Have a lovely, blessed and safe week!
Love Lulu. xx


  1. You should try microwave cake if you like microwave brownies. Hubby is forever asking me to make them for him.
    Angie x

    1. Ooh I might give that a try! Thank you Angie! :) I need to experiment as I made the brownies a little dry but they were fun to make when wanting a quick dessert! :)
      Have you seen Jaclyn Hill's new lipstick? :) What do you think?