Route 66 sneak peek! :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I got back from my Route 66 trip just last night and I can't wait to sit and write about all our adventures!! My sisters, Kelly and Jenny, our Dad and I had such an amazing time and got to see so much. With having been to so many different places it felt like we had been away for a lot longer than a week (two for them) but alas we are home now and although it was incredibly sad to go our separate ways, I was super excited to see Chris (my husband), he still gives me butterflies. :) So today is a catch up, clean and do laundry kind of day but I will be sorting through pictures and hopefully be writing in the next few days all about the trip.

In the meantime, here's a few little sneak peeks on what's to come... :)

Standing on the corner!!

Guess who got jelly legs?!! :p

Can you guess what this street is from? :)

Can you say... YUM?!!! :)

Hanging out on Route 66 in some awesome little drive ins! :)

Lots more to come but the laundry is calling my name! :p
Have a great day everyone!

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