Friday Favourites!!

Happy Friday everyone! :)

While I'm still feeling a little under the weather, I thought today could be a Friday Favourites kind of day. Just something that could help bring some sunshine to the day (it's raining and dark out too) as flicking through Pinterest when curled up on the couch often makes me smile and fills me with inspiration and happiness. On a side note, I think pictures are my favourite thing, I love anything to do with pictures. If you notice I always like to include them in my blog, I have a gazillion photo frames round the house, I adore scrapbooking and Instagram is probably my favourite app! (What's yours?)

So on that note, here are some of my favourites from the past few pictures! :p

Scrapbooking always cheers me up. I love looking at past adventures and trips I have taken with my husband. :) All of my scrapbooking essentials are from either Michaels or
I'm still daydreaming about seeing Ray live in Cincinnati and then at Forecastle. Such amazing experiences. I came across this picture on Pinterest and just really liked it! For information on Ray's upcoming dates and meet and greet (!!!!!!!!!!!!) opportunities go to:
Jeffster!!! Need I say more???!
I recently purchased my sister one of these bikes so she could enjoy the Florida sun. I got Kelly the turquoise colour but I love this one in pink too! There's just something about these bikes that make me think adventure and endless possibilities.
One of my favourite quotes I came across this week! :)

I thoroughly enjoy watching Jaclyn Hill's tutorials, I always come away feeling that bit more confident and motivated. Plus she is goofy and I love that! I think this picture was from her Instagram @jaclynhill but I found it on Pinterest! :) Do check her out, she's gorgeous!

Another beautiful lady who I simply adore, Yvonne Strahovski. I have mentioned her constantly the past couple of weeks but I can't help it, she is simply wonderful! For those of you who may not know of her she has starred in Chuck, Dexter, 24: Live Another Day and I, Frankenstein, among others!
I've been having so much fun sitting down and creating cards since opening up Sweet Is Always In Style on Etsy. The thing I like the most is coming up with an idea and then making it and sharing it with my sisters and you. You can see our creations here:
What are some of your favourite things from this past week? Please share either pictures or stories in the comments below, as I'd love to read about them or see the pictures that make you smile! :)
Also you can follow me on Twitter @LucyOsterfeld and share your favourites with me there.
In addition to Pinterest, where you can find me under Lucy Osterfeld! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love Lulu xx


  1. Lovely post, one of my favourite things this week would definitely be the song Rude by Magic I just find it so catchy.

  2. Aww thank you Jess and thank you for sharing one of your favourites! I will have to check out that song! :)