50 Facts about me! :)

Happy 1st August! :)

So, I suddenly realized it was Friday and I had only blogged once this week, where has the time gone?  But also, that I hadn't thought about what I was going to write about next. I was searching around online and looking for some inspiration when I came across different bloggers writing 50 fun facts about themselves. I immediately thought that this would be challenging for me to do for two reasons, one: I wondered if I could actually come up with 50 facts about me and two: I wondered if I could actually come up with interesting facts about me. I was ready for the challenge though as I often enjoy sitting down and thinking about stuff like this as it sort of forces me to learn to love the things about myself and to not think of myself as boring, to which I automatically did above when wondering if I could do it! :p I'm going to stop rambling now and jump right in:

1) I'm half Italian.

2) I'm the oldest of 4 siblings.

3) I dislocated my left elbow doing non handed cartwheels at gymnastics when I was 10. I still can't straighten my arm all the way.

4) My favourite food is anything and everything my Nanna and Grandad make, but top of the list: their pasta with milk and breaded mussels.

5) I did Trampolining for 8 years and competed in competitions all over the UK.

6) I took swimming lessons my entire childhood and even completed a rookie life guarding course.

7) I love to travel but at the same time Im a homebody.

8) I LOVE pajama days and just being in my pajamas or sweatpants, anything comfy.

9) I played guitar throughout primary school and wish I had kept it up.

10) My favourite Disney movie of all time is Tangled.

11) I would happily walk around barefoot or in socks everywhere.

12) Being curled up on the couch with my family watching British TV shows is one of my absolute favourite places to be/things to do.

13) I love British TV shows: Graham Norton, Miranda, This Morning, Ant and Dec, A League of Their Own and anything with John Bishop.

14) I don't do horror movies or movies with gruesome bits in it. They are just not my cup of tea.

15) My favourite opponent and person to wrestle was/is CJ Lane or my sister.

16) I love making things and being crafty.

17) I prefer classic cars to modern day cars. My favourites being a red 1963 split window Corvette Stingray and a Red 1957 Cadillac Eldorado.

18) The best job I ever had was being a Teaching Assistant and Nursery Nurse.

19) I believe in love and treating people the way you want to be treated. I hate bullying of any kind and I don't like to use the word hate often.

20) My first crush was Jonathon Taylor Thomas.

21) My favourite colour is Blue. (Like my Nanna Knott)

22) I love floaty dresses and flats.

23) My most treasured possession is my Teddy Bear that I got when I was christened. He went everywhere with me when I was a kid, even to watch me do gymnastics and trampolining. He lives in a little bed in my bedroom.

24) My favourite animal is a Grizzly Brown Bear.

25) I married my bestest friend, who is also one of my biggest inspirations in life! :)

26) I am terrified of spiders and going too far out into the sea.

27) I love scrapbooking and looking at pictures.

28) My apartment is covered in picture frames and posters of mine and my husbands favourite musicians and people.

29) I don't like peanuts or melon.

30) My best Christmas present ever was when my sisters got me tickets to New York and the Broadway show First Date. It was a complete surprise, I knew nothing and it was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing ever. It was also my first Christmas away from home....but I met Zachary Levi. :p (I also have a kickass family on my husbands side so Christmas was still wonderful, it was just hard at first to think I wasn't going to be home.)

31) Mine and my husbands wedding officiant also officiated the wedding of Macho Man Randy Savage! :)

32) I once played a zombie in an indie horror movie.

33) I have severely sprained both my ankles, my left in the middle of a wrestling match for Allstar wrestling about 6 years ago and my right during a training class at OVW last year.

34) My middle name is Christina.

35) My favourite flowers are Freesia's, which are my Mum's favourite too! :)

36) I love to love things, smile and be happy and look for inspiration in everything!

37) I am incredibly sentimental.

38) I love to read. 'On the road' by Jack Kerouac is my favourite book but I am also a HUGE Harry Potter fan. It's the best! :)

39) I have a twin sister. We are not identical although people like to think we are! :p

40) My favourite subject in school was English. I didn't like Maths and Science.

41) Some of my favourite wrestlers include: Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bruno Sammartino, Mr. Perfect and Bret Hart.

42) My favourite artist is Ray LaMontagne. I adore him!!

43) The only pets I've ever had were Goldfish my sisters and I used to win at car shows.

44) I love to write letters, send postcards and parcels to people.

45) I always have cold feet! :p

46) I have to watch the Santa Clause movies, The Holiday and Elf at Christmas time otherwise Christmas is just not the same! :p

47) I passed my driving test on my third try!

48) I don't like confrontation.

49) My favourite flavor cupcake is carrot cake. (hmm well anything chocolate too...I can't pick.)

50) I appreciate and am grateful for every single person who reads this and keeps up to date with my blog! :) You are awesome!!!! :)

Hope you enjoy these little random facts and please feel free to share your facts in the comments below as id love to read them! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Love Lulu. xx


  1. I loooooved JTT. He was so adorable!
    Angie x

  2. I can't remember my google email so tis me...Kelly! :p

    Here's 20 of mine so I don't ramble:

    1) I love writing lists! :p
    2) I sucked my thumb for the longest time even as a teenager occasionally as it comforted me.
    3) My first job after collage is probably one of my proudest accomplishments.
    4) My Favourite tv show is Chuck....really? ;p
    5) I LOVE books and have read around 40 books in the last 2 years.
    6) I've never broken any bones *touch wood*
    7) My favourite thing ever is Harry Potter, the books, movies...everything.
    8) Rupert Grint is 2nd favourite actor ever..the first being.....Zachary Levi!
    9) As babies my sister and I would eat Lemons.
    10) My middle name is also my mums name...Louisa!
    11) Watching Home Improvement with my family is one of many fond childhood memories.
    12) Christmas is my favourite season...it makes me smile just thinking about it! :)
    13) I was a Rainbow, Brownie and a Guide.
    14) If I get a dog, I would like a German Shepherd.
    15) My husband is 2 days older than me.
    16) I did Synchronized swimming for about a year when I was in high school.
    17) My first concert was Gareth Gates.
    18) My favourite Manchester United player is Ryan Giggs.
    19) I am half Italian and wouldn't change it for the world.
    20) My favourite book from my childhood is The Magic Faraway Tree.


  3. This is fun, I need to do this as well! :D

  4. Great blog, enjoyed reading it. You do give me idea of writing another blog.

  5. Thank you all for your comments, I loved reading them! :) I'm happy you enjoyed this little blog and Kelly I loved reading yours! :p Meg it would be cool if you did one too! :) Angie, we were addicted to Home Improvement and just about every movie he was in! :p xx