Today is an awesome and exciting day for my husband as his podcast 'The Chris Silvio Show' has reached it's 30 episode! Yay! :)

It's been amazing to see the show progress and incredibly inspiring. As you know, I am a huge believer in dreaming big and making things happen, so to be there from the beginning in him deciding he wanted to put this show together and to see how it has developed and improved, has been more than wonderful! :) I also must mention that it has been lovely seeing him do this together with his friend and the producer of The Chris Silvio Show, the beautiful Ben Kirk. Ben is fantastic and works so very hard to get the show out to you guys each and every week and without him it wouldn't be possible!! And did I mention he just kicks ass?! :)

Furthermore, I have loved being present and listening in to all the shows, a lot of the guys that have been a apart of it are my friends, however, sitting down to really listen to their stories and to hear stories that I have never heard before has been an absolute pleasure and something that I feel extremely grateful for. They are some truly incredible people and big inspirations to me! :)

This past week I wanted to do something special to mark the 30th episode spectacular and this is what I came up with... A Tie Dye Cake to represent the one and only Psychedelic Superstar! :)

Yes...Chris Silvio tried his hand at baking! Now, my husband is a phenomenal cook, but I have never experienced his dessert making skills or witnessed him baking, so I was rather looking forward to doing this with him! In addition, I had wanted to try the Duff Goldman cake mixes for a while as they are just so tempting and eye catching (I very rarely use mixes) and I thought this would be the perfect occasion! :)

I have to say, Chris did a great job, he followed instructions and really got into it and I think he even enjoyed himself a long the way. I have to admit, the mix made it pretty simple and all the colours made it feel like we were big kids painting, so really what was not to like and enjoy about whipping up this cake? :p Maybe I can get Chris in the kitchen concocting cupcakes with me more in future! :)

Below are some pictures of our bright and Psychedelic masterpiece, as well as 5 questions with the Psychedelic Superstar himself! :)

Guess who's is who?! :p

The finished product! :)

Yummy! :)

5 Questions with Chris Silvio!

1) Favourite book:
I'm a big fan of Kerouac and the Beat Generation writers. 'On The Road' is one of those books that kind of changes your perspective on life and what is possible. It certainly did mine. My buddy Dave and I used to talk about hitting the road like Sal and Dean. We had some fun trips as a result.

2) Favourite Summer activity:
I love the water. Growing up in RVA, I spent a lot of time on the James River, swimming, playing guitar and writing. These days I dig the beach. So answer...the beach!!

3) Favourite character in the TV Show 'Chuck':
Sarah Walker, need I explain more? Vik Sahay's character Lester is always a good laugh too.

4) Favourite wrestler/wrestling match:
I could never narrow it down to one favourite. It's kind of like music, it depends on my mood. Top 3: Bret Hart, Randy Savage and Terry Funk, in no particular order. Don't know if there's a favourite match but I've seen Savage/Steamboat from WM3 more times than I'd like to admit. Funk/Flair New York Knockout too.

5) Favourite bands/artists:
Growing up, The Doors, I really connected with Jim Morrison and admired his creativity. I really like a huge variety. This week I listened to Nas Illmatic and Lana Del Ray's new album. Right now I really connect to Townes Van  Zandt's music.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone and let me know in the comments below who your favourite guest on The Chris Silvio Show has been or if you have mixed up one of Duff's cake mixes!! :)

Love Lulu xx

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