I want my Nerd HQ...baking edition!

In sort of, kind of, (well it's Zachary Levi so it works.) keeping with the 'Chuck' theme of this weeks posts, I wanted to wish everyone going to Nerd HQ a wonderful and awesome next few days.

Every time I see posts, tweets and pictures I very much wish I was there, but I can't complain as this year has been full of trips and adventures already, with more to come before the year is out, and for that I am very blessed and grateful. However, I would absolutely love to experience Nerd HQ one day and think that will be top priority for next years holiday. I will most definitely look forward to planning with my sisters, just thinking about it makes me excited.

If you haven't heard of Nerd HQ or The Nerd Machine (the company behind Nerd HQ) before, please check out my previous post 'I want my Nerd HQ' and check out The Nerd Machine website too, to read all about who they are and what they do! :)

You can also follow them on Twitter @thenerdmachine as well as @operationsmile to which Zachary Levi is an ambassador for and where the proceeds from Nerd HQ's panels, signings and photo booths go towards. As you can see, it is an amazing event and I simply love all that it stands for.

As you know, I did a little baking this week, experimenting in the kitchen with my icing and fondant skills, and I made some Nerd Herd cookies. Well, to hone my skills I thought I would try something a little harder and get a bit more practice...so I set out to make The Nerd Machine logo...eeek. In no way is he perfect but I love him and he makes me smile.

You will need: 

Sugar cookie mix
Red food colouring
White icing pen
Black icing pen
Blue fondant

What to do:

Whip up the cookie mix as directed on the packet and don't forget to add the red food colouring.

Then you will need to shape and mold the cookie dough to your desired shape. (I forgot to take pictures of the process this time, silly me! :p )

Bake as directed and leave to cool completely.

Once your cookies are cool, you can begin decorating. I had to have a picture next to me so I could copy and see where everything went.

cookies, food bloggers, nerd hq, nerd machine, baking

These were my little attempts at drawing him and planning what to do but I also had a picture on my phone in colour that I kept referring too! :)

baking, nerd hq, nerd machine, cookies,

And here's my guy all done! :) Yay!

nerd machine, nerd hq, chuck, cookies, baking

I decided I wanted to have a go at drawing the logo underneath, again it's not perfect but it was lots of fun drawing and colouring in. I realized that you are never to old for colouring, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Having a little play around with the logo, as you can see I added the actual logo in the top left corner. My version needs a whole lot more practice but it was so much fun to try making him and I hope you like it.

To everyone at Nerd HQ, have a fantastic few days, enjoy it and raise loads of money for Operation Smile. To everyone who's not there, have a wonderful day whatever you are getting up to! :)

Love Lucy. xx


  1. Yay!! You are awsome, I love these too! Very much enjoying your chuck and nerd machine themed baking!! :) xxx

  2. This is AWESOME!
    Greta x