A pop of colour!

So I went a little makeup crazy over the past couple of weeks as I have been feeling very inspired by the likes of Jaclyn Hill, Nicole Guerriero, Kandee Johnson and a new favourite of mine, the lovely Casey Holmes. So I thought, what the heck? I want to try some new looks and experiment a little. :) Without further a do, here are some of my recent makeup treats!

Mac- Myth!
I've always loved the nude/baby pink lip look and as a fan of Jaclyn Hill, I adore all the looks that she comes up with using these tones. I used to wear more of the baby pinkish nude back when I was wrestling, I actually used to wear that shade/tone a lot, I'm trying to remember exactly what brand and colour I was obsessed with, but I'm at a loss. I just know that since it broke I've not really had a go to lipstick or gloss and that was about 2 years ago! :p I am drawn to lip products though as I think it's the most simple of makeups and the easiest to apply, you swipe some on and you are good to go, this works for me as I don't like to wear a full face all the time. I had been doing my research and making notes of all the colours Jaclyn Hill mentioned and used in her video's, then I thought I would just have to make a visit to Macy's and try them out to get the perfect nude for me. I chose to treat myself to a Mac lipstick as I had heard so many great reviews on their formula's. The lady behind the counter was very sweet and helpful and I ended up going with 'Myth'. I love it! I have been wearing it on it's own and also with lip glosses over the top and I simply adore the shade, it's beautiful and more of a peachy nude to pinky nude, which I think is now my new obsession! :)
Maybelline- Blackest black eyeliner!
I was never too good at applying eyeliner and for the longest time my sister, Kelly, would have to apply it for me, gosh I remember the days of getting ready for shows and taking it in turns to do each others eyeliner, you best believe there were times when we would get mad at each other if we didn't like what the other one had done or they didn't get it just right! :p So over time I have learnt to do it myself, I still haven't mastered it quite yet but I am practicing. I'm not certain that the cat eye look suits me but I wanted to get better at experimenting. I picked this one up by Maybelline as I have again, heard so many great things about it, in that it is truly black and it's easy to apply. Fingers crossed! :p
Gerard cosmetics Lip-gloss- Rose Hill!
I couldn't resist! :) Jaclyn Hill concocted this beautiful gloss and once I saw it on her... I just had to get it! :p It is gorgeous and my favourite to wear over the Mac Myth I mentioned above. I don't usually wear a lot of red lipsticks or gloss, I love how red lips look on others but I don't feel like I can get away with it. I have quite red rosey pinky lips as it is and I just like how the baby pinks and nudes work for me and my skin tone too, however, although this gloss does go on quite red, I feel that it has enough of a pinky undertone that it's not too much and works out beautifully on the lips, that I can even wear it on it's own. I guess like it says, it's the perfect combination rosey gloss. :)

BH Cosmetics- Glamorous blush & Eyes on the 80's!
I first heard about BH Cosmetics when Nicole Guerriero did a tutorial using two of their palettes, not too long ago actually, they looked super vibrant and interesting and I was like oooh I have to go have a look at those! :p In addition, I had seen everyone using the Urban Decay Electric palette and adored all the looks that they were coming up with, but couldn't bring myself to spend that much on it. ($50) The BH Cosmetic ones looked just as awesome and bright and were a whole lot cheaper. ($9.95- $14.95) I had read a lot of good reviews and as Nicole Guerriero used the Eye's on the 80's palette in the aforementioned tutorial, I went a head and purchased that one. I'm a huge fan of the electric colours that pop, especially in blues and this palette has plenty of them, as well as pinks and greens and nudes. It basically has everything! Back when I was wrestling I had got to a point where all I used was blues, I felt the most comfortable in that colour and felt it suited my eyes. For a while now, I have been sticking to very simple makeup and thought I wouldn't have use for such bold colours anymore. I was wrong and starting to miss having a touch of fun every now and again. I learnt through Casey Holmes and Jaclyn Hill that you can still get away with wearing these colours, maybe not to the grocery store, but for a night out or even a dinner date, you can mix it up a little and make it look rather glamorous and quite pretty and elegant at the same time! :) A long with the Eyes on the 80's palette, I bought the Glamorous blush palette. I have been using the same blush every day and for every look and I thought it was about time I changed it up a bit. I have to say that I LOVE blush, I very rarely, if ever, leave the house without a touch on my cheeks. I have definitely over the years had some blush fails and if you ask any of my friends they will be sure to laugh and tell you of the times that I have looked like a Christmas elf, but I simply feel naked without it! :p I treated myself to this palette as I wanted to experiment with different tones and shades and be a little braver instead of always thinking I need to have a bright pink blush on at all times. As of late I am loving the more peach and coral shades and like that I can still wear my blush but be a little more toned down! :)
If you have any beauty favourites or recommendations I would love to hear about them in the comments below! :)
Have a beautiful day! :)
Love Lulu xx
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