Sun and Smiles! :)

I just love it when the sun is shining and it is bright outside, I can't help but smile and feel happy! :) So today I have been making the most of that positive feeling and as well as having a bit of a relaxing day off, I have attempted to get jobs done and stay productive! So far, I have ticked DDP Yoga off my 'To Do' list, done the cleaning and the hoovering and caught up on all bills, emails and some 'office' work for my husband, in addition to sneaking in a little Cosmopolitan reading too! :p I feel good and excited that Summer is here and am looking forward to all the adventures it will bring! :)

Here's to Summer and all things happy!!

Nothing beats a Summer morning when the sun shines bright through the curtains and the birds are chirping, it makes me feel at home, cozy and content! :) I love a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and cuddling up with my husband watching tv!

Books are one of my favourite things and I already have my books ready for some poolside reading. :) I recently remembered that I was half way through reading 'To Kill A Mockingbird', don't ask me how I forgot I was reading it, as I couldn't tell you! :p But I know I was enjoying it and I'm eager to pick up where I left off and find out what happens! :) Also, I am a huge Jack Kerouac fan and received 'Maggie Cassidy' for Christmas a year ago and still haven't got round to reading it, so this summer I can't wait to get lost in his writing again!
I treated myself the other day to a new bikini, I  blame working at Kohls! :p I adored the colours and pattern on this one and as soon as it was on sale, I couldn't help myself! I have been really good with my DDP yoga over the past couple of weeks, thanks to my husband, and this is giving me even more motivation to really stay consistent and focused and work hard for summer. I'm most definitely one for being proud and confident in your own skin, I say do what you enjoy and what makes you feel happy and healthy. This summer I am at a different place compared to the last 9 years, I am under no pressure to look a certain way but I am loving keeping fit and exercising still. DDP Yoga is my favourite right now, it helps with toning, my energy and my overall well being and I feel better than ever! :)
I have been spending a lot more time in the kitchen recently and I think that has lead so much to my positive mood and outlook. It makes me think of my Nanna and Grandad and really gives me that peaceful vibe. It truly is my happy place! :) My sister and I got together this past week and made our ice cream Red Velvet cupcakes, pictured above. We got incredibly giddy when they turned out so yummy and scrumptious. :)
I saw this quote today when it was pinned by Casey of Casey's Cupcakes, who by the way is beautiful and simply too cute, and it made me smile BIG!! :) I think that this is the perfect way to go forth and live life!
Happy Monday everyone! :) Be happy and well!
Please your summer favourites and adventures below! :)
Love Lulu! xx

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