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I've been on a little hiatus over the past few days , which I will explain in blogs to come, but while I was able to grab a few minutes and sit down to write I just thought I would share with you something happy and positive and that could add to making your Sunday nice and relaxing, for after all, like Grandad says "Music makes everyone happy."

I previously mentioned that I was going to see Ray LaMontagne in concert and that I was beyond excited, well, that was last Saturday and it was absolutely incredible. :) You may know from "Just because I walk like Obie Wan Kenobie" that my music taste has varied over the years, I've enjoyed everything from S Club 7 to The Doors and I still have quite the variety on my IPod, but I would have to say that Ray LaMontagne is my ultimate favourite. From the moment I first heard him I was blown away and captivated by the raw emotion in his songs, the stories he sang and his amazing voice. My husband and I would talk through his songs and send them back and forth to each other when we had to spend time apart and now those songs bring me so much comfort and happiness that I can't get enough of them. My husband and I went on to having plenty of Ray songs played at our wedding and that further cemented those songs as being incredibly special to me. I was so happy that we finally got to see him live and I thoroughly enjoyed every beautiful minute he was on the stage. Furthermore, I think I had goose bumps the whole entire time Ray was playing and singing, he was just mesmerizing. The artists and musicians that accompanied him too were beyond awesome and added to me being left in complete awe at just how talented some people truly are. :)

If you haven't listened to Ray before I would highly recommend that you do! :) His new album Supernova is wonderful and has more of a psychedelic, poppy edge to it than the others, but it is simply brilliant.
My top three from the album:
Drive In

I can't pick a favourite Ray album as all of them are equally magic, but here I have complied a list of some that I can't stop listening to, which is near enough all of them :p and the songs that I love. :)
'Trouble' I adore the songs:
Hold you in my arms
Forever my friend
Hannah and pretty much all of them on there! :p

In addition 'God willin' & the creek don't rise' is phenomenal, with songs such as:
New York City's killing me
Beg, Steal or Borrow
For the summer
Like Rock & Roll and Radio

Another fantastic album to pick up is 'Till the sun turns black' for the likes of:
Can I stay
Be here now
Gone away with me
You can bring me flowers

I can't forget 'Gossip in the grain' as I love:
You are the best thing
Let it be me
I still care for you.

Furthermore, from 'Acres of land' please check out:
Thinkin about you
Skinny Dippin
Get me a buzz
Hobo Blues

I know I am missing some, so if you like Ray and have other favourites please feel free to comment below and I will check them out! :) Also, I would love to hear about your number one artists and people that make you smile! :)

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Love Lulu. xx

My husband, Chris, and I excited for Ray! :)

At the show! I loved the colours and set up! :)
Amazing and simply beautiful! :)

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