A whole lot of YUM!! :)

This past weekend I was a busy bee in the kitchen. My sister and I had planned a little get together on the Sunday, so I spent lots of time baking for our friends. As we hadn't done this in a little while, we wanted to whip up some treats that we hadn't made in what was starting to feel like forever as well as some new treats that we knew they would love!

So first up: Chocolate chip cookies! :)

A few years back I went through a faze of making cookies nearly once a week, as I was experimenting with getting them just right. My friend Jimmy's Mum, Sharon, is an awesome baker and would always give me lots of advice. Every time I baked cookies they would come out fluffy and cakey, even when I closed my eyes tight and made wishes for them to come out of the oven soft and chewy in the middle yet slightly crunchy round the edges, fluffy and cakey they would be. For weeks and weeks Sharon would be on the phone trying to figure out where I had gone wrong, I went away and would alter a step or an ingredient but to no avail. Until one day when we were talking, Sharon happened to mention the speed of the mixer, I replied with "Sharon, I don't use a mixer, I whisk and mix them together by hand." It was like a 'Eureka' moment for Sharon and she burst out laughing. Since then I use my kitchen aid whenever I am whipping up a batch of cookies (or a hand held electric mixer will work just as good) and they come out deliciously thin and soft and chewy every time, ok, so most of the time, sometimes it's just one of those days! :p My favourite cookie recipe is the Ghirardelli cookie recipe that you can find on the packaging of their chocolate chips. Sharon got me hooked on that one and they are simply to die for, however, this past weekend, I tired and tested Lauren Conrad's perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, that can be found here http://laurenconrad.com/blog/2014/05/recipe-box-the-perfect-chocolate-chip-cookie/ and I have to say...YUM!! :)

You can't have a party without: Cupcakes! :)

Our friends are now accustomed to there always being cupcakes around whenever Kelly and I are around and over the past 5 years of us being in Kentucky they have had the job of guinea pig for all our cupcake creations and inventions, most of which, I'm happy to say, have been a success. For Sunday, I made an almond cupcake with a strawberry center and almond frosting and it was a hit. My friends make me giggle and can sometimes act like big kids, finding a surprise in the middle of their cupcake lead to some wonderful reactions from them and plenty of smiley moments for me! :) I will post this recipe in a future blog! :)

Something new and tasty: Oreo cake batter dip!

Kelly and I had seen this recipe on Pinterest and with one look at each other, we knew we must make it. We threw it together before the party, as it's really quick and easy to make and that way it was nice and fresh for every one too. The oohs and ahh's from our friends when we explained what it was had us smiling from ear to ear and then to see them devour it and hear them express how much they loved it was beyond satisfying. We dipped in animal crackers, they spread it on cookies or just ate it on it's own and it was simply heaven in a bite! :) YUMMY!!

All you've got to do is:

Mix one packet of cream cheese, one 8oz tub of cool whip, 1 stick of butter, 1 packet of crushed Oreo's, 3 tablespoons of yellow cake mix, 1 tablespoon of vanilla, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and a whole bunch of sprinkles together and dig in!! :)

I think you've heard me say Yum enough for today, so I wish you all a beautiful day and have fun baking! :)

Love Lulu xx 

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