Success, dreams, wrestling and the future! :)

Last November I was asked the same questions over and over again, "Are you sure you want to leave?" "Do you really think it is the right time to take a break now?" and one of the more reoccurring ones "Why?" The answers were pretty much always the same and rather simple too; "Yes." "Yes." and "It just feels right."

Blessed for the awesome opportunities and my wrestling story! :)

Wrestling had been my life for 14 years. After becoming a fan at 12 years of age and getting into the business at 15/16, along with my sister Kelly, it was our whole worlds, our absolute everything. We were focused, trained hard and worked to always better ourselves, move forward, progress. We wanted to be the best that we could be. However, although determined, we liked to have fun and not overthink where our wrestling journey would take us. We had tryouts and busted our butts, but it meant just as much getting through drills at Rip Rogers class and accomplishing tasks that he set, as it did stepping foot in a WWE ring. We loved 'getting it' and the excitement when 'it' started to click. We adored getting to do the wrestling that we had a passion for, when working together with the boys and Rip on a Saturday and Sunday at his training sessions. Simply put, we couldn't always explain it or pin point why we loved wrestling, we just did. I remember when we got chosen for TNA's British Bootcamp reality TV show, all of a sudden we were getting asked so many questions about why we wanted to do this and why we should win, and honestly, it was so hard to answer those questions in a way that would make TV interesting and in a way that would make the people watching at home really feel the emotion to their very core of why we wanted it so much. You see, Kelly and I aren't the type of people who stand a top of a mountain and scream to the world "Look at me, look at what I'm sacrificing, look at what we are doing," we are not the kind of people that will tell you we deserve something and confidently speak up about what we want, it's just not in our nature. We are the people that simply put, 'get on with it.' :)

For 9 years we got on with wrestling, it wasn't about being a star, setting out to be a bitch to get to the top or knocking others down so we could shine, no way, it was about the wrestling. I've mentioned before (see "Now that's what I call wrestling...) how watching Mr Perfect matches can give me goose bumps or how Bruno Sammartino can have me glued to the TV for hours, well that is what is was all about. Those 9 years were about wanting to do what we saw The Hardy Boyz do and not really paying attention to those who laughed in our faces. It was about having a dream and somewhat naively setting out to do it without a care in the world! :)

It's been 7 months since I stopped wrestling and now the questions have changed. "Do you miss it?" "When are you coming back?" "Do you think you made the right decision?" And again, the answers are relatively simple; "Yes and No." "Never say never" and "Yes." :) It goes back to the answer "It just feels right" above, I knew how I felt each and every time I stepped in the ring. I could feel the passion in my veins and the love of what I was doing. I'd hope the people could feel it too as they watched and therefore, when it started to fade a little and it wasn't what it used to be, I simply couldn't fake it. It felt right to step away and focus on other things that were and have been occupying my brain. I do miss wrestling, but at the same time I now thoroughly enjoy being that fan again, not having to worry about business and just allowing myself to watch it and get lost in it. I get excited watching the likes of Paige and Emma and smile thinking about the times we wrestled each other. Knowing how hard it is to be away from family and all the hard work that it takes to do what they do, I admire them so much and think they are incredible and just want to shout "You go girl." every time I see them. Seeing them work and how much they love it does inspire me too, so much so that I do have to say never say never as far as getting back into it. There's always unfinished business and goals I wish to accomplish. There's always so much to learn and improve upon that sometimes you can't resist, so watch this space. For now though I am loving life and all the new adventures it is taking me on! :)

Today I woke up feeling blessed and wanted to share a little of my wrestling story and thoughts with you. In addition, while writing this, so many thoughts went through my brain when thinking about different parts of my wrestling career that I thought it was important to mention, so here goes; please always be true to who you are and never be in competition with others. Be happy for others and their successes and be motivated to move forward and challenge yourself to be better for you and no one else! Don't let others define what success is, you decide, you make that decision. Don't think about the destination but enjoy the journey and above all else and no matter what...ALWAYS DREAM BIG! :)

Have a beautiful day! :)

Love Lucy!



  1. Great post, Lucy. <3
    There will always be days where you will think "did I make the right decision?", but if you are happy with your life, the answer will always be a resounding yes!

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog ~