Ombre obsession! :)

I'm a huge fan of Lauren Conrad. I think she is beautiful, simply classy and a great inspiration. I enjoy visiting her website daily and picking up everything from fashion tips, to recipes, to party ideas and one thing that makes work go by quickly is walking past her clothing range and putting outfits together in my head. :p In the recent months of researching more of what she has accomplished since her days on 'The Hills' I've really come to admire her business savvy and in a world where  celebrity 'role models' can be somewhat questionable, the fact that she has remained elegant and sophisticated and sweet, well it just makes me smile! :)

This week over on there was a blog on two different types of Ombre cakes, and being rather obsessed with Ombre myself at the moment, I wrote it on the top of my 'must make' list and knew I had to try this recipe out! I've mentioned in my previous blogs that I am on a mission to get back to being more creative, so I therefore planned and prepped and didn't want to leave it too long before I got stuck into this one! :)

I don't venture into the world of cakes too often, cupcakes yes, they are small and relatively easy to make, depending on what kind you are making, but crumb coating and stacking layers and praying that the cake comes out of the cake pan in one piece, that's something I struggle with! This was going to be my mission however, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and experiment with something new. And honestly I was extremely happy and surprised with the outcome. :)

To make this cake yourself, check out for the tips and tricks and another way in which you can do the Ombre cake! :)

To make the cake I tried out this simple vanilla cake from Martha Stewart, but you are welcome to use your favorite cake recipe if you have one! :) If you do make the cake below, Here are just a few notes on what I did:
I used lactose free 2 % milk instead of whole milk. Again this is something that my husband and I have been experimenting with. It's not that we are completely going non-dairy or (as with the summer bars) gluten free, but switching the odd ingredient that sometimes causes problems or discomfort, helps. We both don't do well with milk, so this was something I wanted to test in cakes! It worked absolutely fine and didn't change the taste much, if at all! :)

I added a few more drops of Vanilla! You know I like to do this and just recently I thought about the reasoning behind it. My sister and I always use Kroger vanilla, the imitation stuff, I would love to use natural vanilla but really it is just too expensive (one day :) ) therefore if a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of vanilla we always add 2 or 3 and wonder why the recipe calls for such a little bit. Then it occurred to me that natural vanilla must have a stronger flavor. If anyone knows this to be true I would love to hear more about it and if my reasoning is correct. Ooh and if you are using the lovely natural good stuff, then maybe don't add more! :p

Without further ado, here's how my cake turned out!

Mixing the different colours! I went with Pink Ombre instead of Mint this time as my Mum chose it over the phone! :)

First time crumb coating a cake! :)
Ok so I know it is leaning but I love it and am learning how to stack! :)

You can sort of see inside but I had to cut just a small piece for my husband and I to try! :p

Ta da!!! :)
Thank you Lauren Conrad and Team LC for the inspiration. I adore checking out the website and am going to be making it a point to try out more of your recipes and party ideas this summer! :)
Have a beautiful day everyone!
Love Lulu. xx

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