I want my Nerd HQ! :)

So, today I woke up late and had 30 minutes to get ready for work. If you are anything like me, and have a morning routine that includes having 10 minutes to sit down and enjoy a morning cup of coffee, well you can bet I was panicking. I jumped out of bed, flew into the bathroom and proceeded to wash and do makeup as fast as I could (thanks to Jaclyn Hill, I have a basic and everyday makeup routine down pat) and tried multi-tasking,  checking my phone for emails, voxer and you know, Instagram, Twitter and all the important stuff, while brushing my teeth. All of a sudden, my speediness was halted, as right there, in front of me, seen by my own two eyes, was THE email. THE email that one would never have imagined receiving. THE email that I couldn't quite believe that I got so lucky to have actually won. THAT email was my personalized selfie from non other than Zachary Levi!!!

Now, for those of you who have read my previous blogs, such as, 'I heart New York' you will know that I am a huge Zachary Levi fan. I adore the show Chuck, it is my absolute favourite and Tangled is the best Disney movie ever. For those of you who haven't watched Chuck, please go and look it up now, it is awesome and for those who don't know, Zachary Levi voices Flynn Ryder in Tangled. All in all, I like pretty much everything else Zach is in and adds his Nerdiness too! :) In addition I love all he does for Operation smile and for the people that support him.

I was lucky enough back in December to get the opportunity to go to New York and see him on Broadway in 'First Date' and meet him after, (check out 'I heart New York') and I have to say he is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. :) I like when people like to make others smile. I like when people set out to do good and inspire those around them and Zach is just one of those people! He simply inspires me and makes me smile! :)

Since 2011 Zachary Levi has been running Nerd HQ. A place where fans can go and enjoy video games, merchandise and comic books, as well as intimate panels with their favourite celebrities. The money from these events all go towards Operation Smile! :) This year Zach asked for the fans help in making this event happen. The fans weren't about to let Zach and such a wonderful cause down, so in turn, together, raised $336'784.00! :) During this process Zach and everyone at The Nerd Machine wanted to thank the fans for caring so much and helping, so they set up little incentives, the selfie above being one of them. It just made me happy to help and be a part of a good cause, which I'm sure was the reason why so many fans were eager and willing to help too, so I thought it was incredibly sweet that they still wanted to do this and treat everyone! :)

You can still check out the campaign page here to find out more about what they did! :)

For Zachary Levi's company and for cool merchandise, click here:

Thank you very much to everyone at The Nerd Machine and to Zach for making my day. I appreciate you for taking the time to read my email and allowing me to surprise my sisters and share this with them too! That meant the world to me! :) You guys are beyond awesome!

Christmas in New York! :)
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! :)
Keep smiling, be happy, live, love and inspire! :)
Love Lucy. xx

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