Have a little patience!!!

Today started with me feeling all happy and independent. I woke up at 5am to take my sister and brother in law to the airport and I managed not to get lost and get myself back home. I then carried out my usual morning routine, I put the coffee pot on, got breakfast ready and lunch prepared and checked emails, twitter, Facebook, etc! :p Then due to being able to keep my sister and brother in laws car, my husband set off to work at 7:15 leaving me to somewhat leisurely do my makeup and get ready for work as I didn't have to leave till around 8:15. On a normal work day my husband drops me off at Kelly's (my sister) apartment on his way to work and we walk to Kohls from there a little later. This morning I enjoyed taking my time but set out early to put petrol (gas) in the car. Now, I know I have talked in previous blogs (What's it like being a twin?) about how what seems normal for any other 26 year old doesn't quite fit my norm, well this was one of those moments, albeit I have done this on my own a few times now, but never the less, driving to the petrol station on my own and filling up the car still made me feel good and accomplished and I had to smile and pat myself on the back. That was until I came to pull out of the gas station and I made the mistake of being too hesitant. This lead to 'oh my gosh that car was going to let me out' and 'now there are cars coming the other way' and 'oh crap I shouldn't have hesitated as now I'm blocking traffic' and 'I can't reverse as someone just pulled up behind me' and 'did he have right of way?' Yes I experienced all those thoughts in a matter of seconds! :p I'm sure everyone knows what it feels like to experience a bad driver, road rage or to wonder what on earth that person is doing and think why are they even allowed on the road, as I know I have had my fair share of frustrating moments. For instance, when someone doesn't use their indicator or is driving carelessly, but as the guy, who was so kind as to stop and let me out, proceeded to yell at me out of his window, I thought to myself  'really? Was there any need for that?' admittedly as I mumbled the word 'ass' (yes, I know. :p) This whole scene made me think of my Mum, not because she's a crazy driver but rather because she is a calm driver and always gives people the benefit of the doubt. She doesn't like yelling or screaming at someone if they keep changing lanes or if they try and get in at the end of the queue, she says you never know, they could be lost or nervous, just passed their test or really need to be somewhere. This morning I made an honest to goodness mistake, I didn't pull out to block traffic for my own amusement and I didn't mean to delay the man, who was allowing me to go first, for my sheer entertainment, so having them shake their heads and look at me in the disgust, well, it simply hurt.

The reason I am rambling and wanted to tell you my thoroughly interesting story is because it made me think, Mother knows best. You've got to admit she has a point. Whether it's on the roads or just in your every day to day activities, try and have a little more patience (Take That anyone? :p) Remember that the looks and words you give to people have will have an effect on their day and their mood. No matter how small you think it is or not important it seemed to you, it will matter to them.

Had the man smiled and guided me out, had the women smiled and held her hand up with an understanding wave, I may not have felt so down trodden and stupid. Something as small as that turned my positive morning into a negative one and admittedly it took a bit of time to shake. This may sound silly as I am aware that life isn't always rainbows and sprinkles, but I truly believe that if you are conscious of how you treat people and set out to only speak with a kind heart and we pay attention to the tiny details of our every day actions and act with nothing but love, then the world can only get that one step closer to sunshine and lollipops. :)

Have a beautiful evening!
Love Lulu xx

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