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Happy Saturday everyone! :)

I'm super excited as I finally got my laptop back from the Geek Squad, yay! :) So today's blog is just going to be a sort of up date on topics I have mentioned previously and how things may have turned out or just what's up! :)

1) The first subject I've been eager to mention is DDP Yoga. I talked, in a few blogs ago, about my husband and I wanting to try something new and looking into DDP Yoga. Well when we first received our DDP Yoga pack, we got straight into it for a solid 2 weeks and I felt really good. I was extremely happy with the purchase and loved having DDP as a kind of personal trainer. It's not like the yoga I had tried before, where I felt incredibly stressed the more the lady told me to breathe and feel all the power leaving my finger tips, unfortunately that one wasn't for me, with this one, I really like the way DDP explains everything and guides you. It's still very relaxing as you work on breathing techniques but it's hard too and you truly feel like you are getting a workout and using all your muscles. Here's the naughty bit, do you remember I also told you how consistency is simply not my friend most of the time? Yes, well, it did, I admit, rear it's ugly head again, of course. It tends to happen when I get really positive and promise myself I will exercise everyday etc. This time, however, it was due to the fact that I was going home, back to the UK, for 2 weeks. My husband and I did do a session the first week we were there as we took the c-d along with us, which is another bonus to this pack, you really can do it anywhere, but I then went about 2 and a half weeks without doing anything, I know, I know, eeek, what can I say? Lots to do and so little time! :p Really though, I didn't want to feel guilty as to me any extra 20 minutes I got spare when not visiting people or running around Liverpool getting my new passport, was spent with my Nanna and Grandad, younger sister, family and catching up with John Bishops Christmas Special...hey, that was important too! :p So anyway, let's fast forward to being back in Louisville and move past all that, no time for guilt trips, we are living life and being happy with our decisions! :) I'm back in KY and my husband and I are once again beginning our DDP Yoga journey. We are two sessions in and I feel so much better. After wrestling for 9 years, I often get pains in my lower back and this honestly helps stretch everything out which is probably one of my favourite things about it. I feel loose and like I am toning up, engaging every body part and working on my flexibility. I enjoy controlling my breathing and focusing on each move and feeling accomplished after. I would recommend this product to everyone! I love it! :)

2) I'm not usually one for face masks and lots of skin care products as I have watched my Mum do the same routine since I was a little girl. Over the years she has changed the odd face cream and body lotion but she keeps it simple. I've always just used whatever cream Mum bought and therefore Oil of Olay has been my go to for as long as I can remember. However, as I get older I do notice changes in my skin during different times of year and when the weather changes, so I have been listening and watching intently to Jaclyn Hill and picking up some tips from Nicole Guerriero and experimenting with the certain products here and there! In one of my previous beauty blogs I mentioned that I had bought the mask of Magnaminty from Lush, as that had been a popular product I was hearing lots about! I have been using it now for the past 4 weeks and I love it! I was skeptical at first as when I hear so many great things about a product I think wow and can't wait to try it and see the difference in my skin and then nothing happens and I don't feel or look any different. On the contrary, this product is awesome. For 10 minutes it feels slightly tingly, cool and oh so refreshing and when I remove it with warm water, my face feels smooth and clean and wonderfully awake. It was definitely a must after the long flight to home and back. A huge thumbs up for the Mask of Magnaminty. :)

3) I don't think I have talked about this before but I have been loving the Ombre hair look for the longest time (try reading that without breaking into song...thank you The Overtones :p) so the other day I just decided I was going to dye my own hair. Not something I thought I would ever think of doing after my Mum's friend Trisha (a hairdresser) scolded me for years when I bleached my hair blonde, (not actually me, a professional hairdresser) she wouldn't cut in or touch it until I finally caved in to dying it brown again. In all honesty, since then it has been lovely and healthy and I much prefer my brown hair. But, I had been wanting something different and didn't fancy going to a hair salon. I did my research and found the Loreal Paris, Wild Ombre hair kit and with my sister Kelly's help, dyed the ends of my hair. It's nothing really drastic but feels nice and fresh for Spring. I might even do it a little more when this starts to fade. :) Here's a pictures...Ok and three things about this picture: 1) I don't know if you can see the colour that well. 2) I am horrible at taking selfies and 3) I really am horrible at taking selfies...hence the goofy face! The smiley pictures were just...uh no! :p

4) In my last blog I raved about the little treasure I picked up that was "Little Beach Street Bakery" well after finishing that book and falling in love with the author Jenny Colgan, I got a copy of one of her other books "Meet me at the Cupcake Café" and once again I undoubtedly fell for this book. I could not put it down and read it in 3 days. Oh it was simply perfect. Her characters jump off the page and I adore them all. This one made me smile a lot and think of my Grandad and his passion for cooking, as Issy (the main character) and her Grampa Joe have similar interactions when talking about recipes. I ordered the follow up to this one and am eagerly awaiting its arrival! :) If you haven't read this before, please do so! :)
I hope you enjoy these little snip it's and up dates. I am getting back into the swing of being back in Kentucky, it's funny how 2 weeks away did feel like a long time. I feel rather lost without my younger sister around and my Nanna and Grandad 2 minutes round the corner but all is good and I'm feeling extremely blessed with life right now! I thank you for reading these blogs as I truly enjoy sitting down to write and share pictures with you! :)
Have a beautiful day! I'm off to do some DDP Yoga...let's try and beat the 2 week record! ;p
Love Lulu xx

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