The Best things in life! :)

This past weekend I had a bit of a Pinterest spree, due to feeling a little bit under the weather and being curled up under blankets with a lack of energy, it was extremely convenient and kept me occupied. In addition, it was rather fun, scrolling through an abundance of Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston pictures, along with as many Tangled quotes as I could find! Apparently those are just some of the things that make me feel better when I'm feeling a tad sorry for myself! :p Who doesn't love Superhero's and Disney?!! Tangled is usually my go to movie when i'm sick and I had just watched 'Captain America The Winter Soldier' with my husband and my sister and was still reveling in it's awesomeness! :) With that being said, it brings me nicely to what I wanted to write about today. You know that feeling when something just makes you happy? When something just makes you smile? It can be anything big or small, from a person to an act to an object to a thing, like simply any thing? Well after reading a quote that Lauren Conrad had posted on Pinterest about the Best Things in Life, I thought I would share my Best Things in Life! I like to make lists like this every now and again as I think it's important to sometimes pause and remember to be thankful in life and really appreciate what you have or what is around you! It can even be the silliest and goofiest things that just make life fun and cozy and that much better! :) I decided to keep it to 10 Best things otherwise I would be writing forever! :p

My 10 Best things in Life! :)

1) Hugs/Cuddles!
Whether it be from my Mum and Dad, Mom and Dad, my grandparents, my friends, my husband, my Goddaughters, my brother and sisters, a hug makes me happy and content! I truly believe that a hug is something special. It has the ability to make you feel safe, loved, warm, cared for, appreciated and so much more, that you simply can't beat one!

2) My Nanna and Grandad!
Simply put I love them and they make everyday that much more amazing and wonderful! :)

3) Inside jokes with my sisters and Mum!
My family is everything to me and I treasure moments when my sisters and Mum are laughing and I love even more when we make each other laugh. We have a ton of quotes and pictures that if we simple say or show each other we will be crying with laughter within seconds.

4) Dancing to your favourite songs!
Being free and goofy and happy and letting yourself go, enough said! :)

5) My Husband! (And his family.)
He is my everything and everyday I wake up blessed to have him by my side! :) In addition he gave me the most incredible extended family I could have wished for!

6) Lazy evenings with my family!
More specifically I mean when we have all sat round the table together and had dinner, cleared up and sat chatting for hours, laughing with each other and then proceeded to sit in the living room to watch a movie or John Bishop and shared tons more laughs. No place to be but there with each other! Best days ever! :)

7) Sunshine!
There's nothing like the sun shining through your window to prepare you for the day ahead and make you feel positive!

8) Curling up with a good book!
I've talked about books a lot lately but I truly believe in the magic of getting lost in a book! They can expand your imagination, take you on journeys and adventures you never thought possible! :)

9) Letters in the mail!
To know someone is thinking about you no matter how far away and has taken time to show you/let you know! Priceless!

10) Pajama's!
My Dad always laughs at my sisters and I as he usually gets home from work around 6 ish and when he'd walk through the door we would more often than not be in our Pajama's. Moreover, if we all went out for a family meal or to an event, as soon as we walked through the door when we got home, we would have our pajama's on in a flash! I love my comfy, cozy pajama's and would happily wear them all the time if I could! :p

I would love to read about the things that make you happy and what you would consider the best things in life, as I mentioned earlier, there are so many wonderful things that can make you feel alive and grateful and these are just some of mine that I am beyond thankful for! :) Other's beyond my 10 included:

My brother in law. My brother in laws family! Zachary Levi! Fresh clean bed sheets. Smiling at strangers. Helping others. Cupcakes. Rapunzel. Cups of tea. Cold Pizza. Scrapbooks. Kind hearted people. Sharing. Passionate people! The Overtones. Harry Potter. Two families becoming one!

Hehe! :)

Have a fantastic day!
Love Lulu xx

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