Photoshoot fun! :)

As you may have read in some of my previous blogs, back in March, my sister Kelly and I got to go back home to England for 2 weeks! :) It was amazing and we had the most fantastic time with our family and I enjoyed every minute of showing my husband around my hometown of Stockport! See 'I solemnly swear I'm up to no good.' and 'Home sweet home.' for all my stories and adventures from the trip! In addition to all the fun we had at The Overtones tour and the Warner Brother's studio tour, we got to have a very girlie day and join forces with our wonderful  friends Abi Lawrence, who I have mentioned a lot in my makeup blogs, and Kayleigh Plant. For the past few years they have been behind most of the promotional pictures that we used for our wrestling careers and we adore working with them! Sometimes it's fun to look back at all the shoots and see how much we have grown up and how our tastes have changed and evolved. I thought today I would show you a few of the behind the scenes shots we captured and how some of the pictures turned out! :)

The great thing about this shoot was that we got to go back to basics, have a more natural look and be ourselves. Furthermore, our younger sister Jenny joined us, as well as our brother, and we were able to take some family portraits to surprise our Mum and Dad with. :)

If you like these pictures, please check out Abi here:
and Kayleigh here:

Abi using YSL Touche Eclat foundation!! Yes, it is now on my wish list! :p

Abi always knows how to get our hair nice and big and wavy, I really should practice more! ;)

Being goofy and playing around in the mirror! :)
Of course there was room for a few behind the scenes selfies! :p
Love these shots from Kayleigh, she knows what colours match and our best angles! :)

One of my favourites! Sneak peek, love my brother and sisters so much! <3 I adore how Kayleigh captured us all smiling and happy together!  
As I mentioned how much my sister and I have grown throughout the years, here's a little picture of our first shoot with Abi and Kayleigh, so you can see the difference yourself! :) 

Then and...
Now! :)
A huge thank you to Abi and Kayleigh for always doing such an awesome job, for making us feel so comfortable and allowing us to be ourselves! :) 
Hope you are all having a beautiful day!
Keep smiling and be well!

Love Lulu! xx

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